Monday, October 12, 2009

Satan Morroc Quest


Base Level: 80
Items: Live Coal × 30, Glacial Heart × 50


Base Experience: 2,000,000
Access to fight Injured Satan Morroc!

1. Speak with one of the Continental Guard at one of the following places and he will ask for your help:
- prontera 164, 304
- payon 200, 113
- alberta 128, 64
- geffen 128, 90
- aldebaran 136, 129

Reduced: 79% of original size [ 801 x 421 ] - Click to view full image

2. At the destroyed Morocc city, talk to the Continental Officer (176, 103), and state that you want to volunteer.
He will send you to Chief Balrog.

3. Chief Balrog is slightly to the left in Morroc (159, 113).

Tell him that you want to join the Continental Guard.

He'll keep telling you no, but you must persist.

Eventually, he'll ask you to bring him 30 Live Coal followed by 50 Glacial Heart.

Once you harrassed him long enough and give him the items, you recieve a Continental Guard Paper.

4. Leave Morroc through the East exit (3 o'clock portal in town) to moc_fild20.

Talk to the Continental Guard (38, 174), and choose "Enter the field to investigate".

You must be in a party of 2 or more people.
They do not have to be with you and are not warped with you.

5. Head for the big hole in the middle and talk to the Time Space Gap (Group of Evil)

@ (moc_fild21 171, 227).

6. Satan Morocc must now be defeated!

The Time space gap changes once this is done.

Additional Rewards

Each party member must click on it to receive Skin of Morocc.
Return to Chief Balrog to exchange the skin for an item.

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