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Universal AD Creator Guide


Lighthalzen. One of the most sought after episodes in Ragnarok Online, especially for Alchemists who turned into Biochemists. In this episode it is believed to be the shining moment for the once underrated class, based on experience by the author. Mainly for two reasons, Acid Bomb and the Homunculus. But in this guide we will concentrate on Acid Bomb, a skill that requires a lot of patience and effort to see noticeable efficacy. Basically this guide aims to help aspiring Acid Bomb Biochemists to have at least a basic guide regarding the usage of the skill, the proper equipment and of course leveling and some encouragement.

This Guide contains the following:

I. Things to consider before proceeding..
II. The skill... what makes it so special and sought after.
III. The High Merchant Days.. the stat distribution.
IV. The different prototype builds:
Linna Deianara- Basic Wizard Build
Carina Mystillia- Modified Wizard Build
Mina Mierhea- Resilience Factor Build
Carleslie Aleissa- Speedthrower Build
Helia Valkyrie- The Dreamer�s Gift
V. Gearing Up
VI. What skill to tag up with Acid Bomb? (the FCP-SP Dilemma)
VII. What homunculus to get along?
VIII. Utilizing Scrolls and Status Cards
IX. A Lecture Regarding Ailments
X. Gear Switching and PvP Scenarios
XI. MVP Strategies
XII. Acid Bomb Biochemist- A Scenario in Siege
XIII. Final Words
XIIII. Credits

I. Things to consider before proceeding..

Before doing anything please keep in mind that a Biochemists� life was never easy. Many things should be considered. Try to answer this simple test honestly:
1. Do you have enough funds to support the character?
2. Do you have enough patience to level such class?
3. Do you have enough endurance from criticisms and such?
If you answered yes to all three, maybe you can be an effective Biochemist-player. Answer number one. Acid Bomb Biochemists need more funding than a Hunter or a Knight. On average, before starting an Acid Bomb Biochemists you must have these as the basics. A bit costly but you�ll need them:

At least 1 Ceremonial Sword-preferably Fireblende, since more earth-property monsters are accessible in the entirety of your leveling life, from Savages to Stings. Getting an Ice Falchion would expand your leveling options to fire-property monsters.

Basic overupgraded equipments-overupgraded gears of about +7 refinement are highly recommended. It gives noticeable defense though as not as expensive as +8s or +9s. Its defense bonus is good enough in field battle.

A Booster-I did not refer it as a tank, because basically you�ll need someone who will boost your attacking capabilities and not just gathering monsters and wait for years until you actually kill them. A booster is recommended at the younger levels of your High Merchant, at the time your hands are still weak and cannot fight well.

A Bazerald-Note: if you think you have enough INT then don�t get one. This dagger gives INT+5 bonus. That�s around 100-1200 more damage to your Acid Demonstration. But for one thing, this small weapon is very expensive. If you cannot get one, you can stick to an NPC Haedonggum which gives INT+3. Its best bonus, the INT+5 and its Fire Property, making its damage ignore Immune garment.

Answer number two. On the younger levels of the AB Biochemists, they can�t kill as fast as a Lord Knight or an Assassin Cross. They don�t have buffs like a Champion aside from Crazy Uproar which doesn�t even give noticeable effect since you�ll have low STR. Is not as good as Offensive Professors or Wizards in terms of magical skills since we are very limited to Auto-Cast and Manual-Cast of Lv3 Bolts. Discouraging? No. The right word here is challenging. Besides, an alchemist life is always full of challenges. And we�ll overcome that if we could see alternatives to find a shortcut in the burden in leveling.

Answer number three. Of all the past episodes after Juno, alchemist class never became a threat to other classes except Acid Terror. We don�t have high powered skills like EF Monks and yet what do we have? Good sprites for vending. That was before. Now, the alchemist population starts to swell up because of the skill listed above. And this would be the spirit lifting for the Creators� underrating-marinated esteem.

II. The skill.. What makes it so special and sought after?

Acid Bomb (Active Skill), LV 10
Skill Pre-requisites: Bomb LV 5, Acid Terror LV 5
Item Requirements: 1 Flame Bottle and 1 Acid Bottle
Target: Single Enemy
Element: Neutral (modifiable; not as another element but the immune reduction factor)
Cast Time: 1sec. can be reduced by DEX, Suffragium and Poem of Bragi.
After Cast Delay: 1sec. fixed irregardless of DEX but can be reduced by Poem of Bragi.
SP Taken: Fixed to 30.

Skill Description: Uses both flame bottle and acid bottle at the same time, to cause explosion. Of course, this skill uses 1 Flame Bottle and Acid Bottle. Skill level dictates how many times you hit in a row, for maximum of 10 consecutive hits. If this skill is used on a character instead of a monster, it deals only 50% of overall damage. Damage is increased by increasing your INT. Also, damage is increased if enemy's VIT is high.

Lv1 +1% chance to break weapon/armor; hits 1x
Lv2 +2% chance to break weapon/armor; hits 2x
Lv3 +3% chance to break weapon/armor; hits 3x
Lv4 +4% chance to break weapon/armor; hits 4x
Lv5 +5% chance to break weapon/armor; hits 5x
Lv6 +6% chance to break weapon/armor; hits 6x
Lv7 +7% chance to break weapon/armor; hits 7x
Lv8 +8% chance to break weapon/armor; hits 8x
Lv9 +9% chance to break weapon/armor; hits 9x
Lv10 +10% chance to break weapon/armor; hits 10x

According to a correspondent feedback, Acid Bomb is like a Double Spiral Pierce with Meltdown effect in terms of effectiveness. True indeed. Its damage relies on two major factors, the Biochemist�s INT and the target�s VIT. Almost a perfect MVP skill especially to those bosses who posses high VIT like Lord of Death (120VIT) and Orc Lord (149VIT). Despite its halved effect to players, it can easily deal massive damage when used on a suitable target. It can also be used to those characters that have average VIT but with low HP multiplier, this means that even if they only receive say 3000-5000, they are left with low HP. Plus it gives a good chance of breaking their weapon or armor. You can deal massive damage even if your Biochemist is butt naked. This is a skill imbued with a power within.

Acid Bomb features:
-ranged skill
-low after cast delay; spammability is moderate
-combines offensive and destructive capabilities
-ignores Defender (Crusader) and Energy Coat (Magician)
-in case the target is Ghostring Armor equipped, there is a good chance of breaking it within few throws, making his primary defense to melt

Acid Demonstration�s limitations:
-Pneuma (Acolyte/Priest/Monk), since it is a ranged skill
-Wall of Fog (Professor), a skill that makes skills to miss or fail by high chance
-stocks, you may become to engrossed using the skill to everyone you won�t notice you may run out of bottles
-player, true enough that the greatest limitation of the skill or any skill in general is the handler or the player of the character

III. The High Merchant days... how to level.

One tip. Wait for a modified experience and get your booster to maximize the leveling time. Since you�ll need the get the highest possible experience from your effort. It is strongly suggested but if is not possible, at least get a booster. Please bear in mind that boosters for AB High Merchants are not considered leisure, it is a need.

Depending on your preference after you turn into a High Novice, start allocating points to your fancy. For Acid Bomb Biochemist, you could start like this:

Lv1 High Novice (INT Path)

HP: 54
SP: 16

Lv13/1 High Merchant (INT Path)

HP: 185
SP: 82

Lv1 High Novice (DEX Path)

HP: 54
SP: 14

Lv13/1 High Merchant (DEX Path)

HP: 185
SP: 67

10DEX would be enough to hit basic monsters like Poporing. You could invest on INT first if you want to max it first or you could first establish your DEX since it will facilitate your melee attack damage output for the meantime. By the time you reach Lv13 you could work it out in Byalan Dungeon Lv1-2, just make sure to bring any Wind-element weapon preferably dagger type since it will give you an edge in ASPD. You can spam Cart Revolution just make sure you have a heavy cart to attain decent amount of damage to monsters. If modified experience is available you could stay here until you reach about Lv40 just spam Cart Revolution.

Lv64/50 High Merchant (INT Path with Job Bonus)

HP: 1675
SP: 504

The goal here is to max INT at the lowest possible and tolerable stat. When properly equipped, the DEF would be tolerable enough and easily reach this state.

Lv64/50 High Merchant (Split DEX Path with Job Bonus)

HP: 1675
SP: 403

It is split in INT and DEX so that when the time for the High Merchant to become a Biochemist, he can already inflict decent damage with elemental bolts and Acid Bomb. 75DEX halves the cast time for spells, thus shortening leveling period.

IV. The Different Prototype Builds
The following prototypes are just guides to determine your actual Acid Bomb Biochemist build preference. Included in each prototype are statistics in character and brewing efficiency. Also included here are the equipments included to the build so you can see how it summed up in such numbers. Lastly are the basic features of the build and even the chances or probabilities in case you want your Creator to have a homunculus. Calculations are calculated as of April2006 and maybe subject to slight changes in value.

Biochemist Job Lv70 Stat Bonus
STR+4 AGI+6 VIT+3 INT+7 DEX+14 LUK+11

Linna Deianara- The Basic Wizard Frame Biochemist


Stat-Modifying Equipment:
Nimble Earring

HP: 8730
SP: 1050
HIT: 205
Weight Limit [with Lv5 Enlarge Weight Limit]: 4180
MATK: 332-548
Acid Bomb Cast Time: 0.26sec

Brewing Statistics [Lv10 Learning Potion; Lv10 Pharmacy]:
Normal Red, Yellow and White Potion: 91.75%
Blue Potion: 66.75%
Slim Red, Yellow and White Potion: 61.75%
Alcohol: 81.75%
Acid, Flame, Mine and Maneater Bottle: 71.75%
Coating Bottle: 61.75%
Anodyne and Aloevera: 76.75%
Homunculus Embryo: 61.75%
-chance of getting an Amistr: 9.8%
-chance of getting Filir: 5.3%
-chance of getting Vanilmirth: 40.1%
-chance of getting Lif: 44.6%

-basic abilities of Wizard; high MATK and fast casting
-good brewing success percentage

Mina Mierhea- Resilient Wizard Frame Biochemist


Stat-Modifying Equipment:

HP: 9977
SP: 1056
HIT: 189
Weight Limit [with Lv5 Enlarge Weight Limit]: 4480
MATK: 333-549
Acid Bomb Cast Time: 0.40sec

Brewing Statistics [Lv10 Learning Potion; Lv10 Pharmacy]:
Normal Red, Yellow and White Potion: 90.5%
Blue Potion: 65.50%
Slim Red, Yellow and White Potion: 60.5%
Alcohol: 80.5%
Acid, Flame, Mine and Maneater Bottle: 70.5%
Coating Bottle: 60.5%
Anodyne and Aloevera: 75.5%
Homunculus Embryo: 60.5%
-chance of getting an Amistr: 14.2%
-chance of getting Filir: 7.8%
-chance of getting Vanilmirth: 35.7%
-chance of getting Lif: 42.1%

-explores the typical wizard offense but retaining defensive aptitude
-decent restoration rating of Potion Pitcher/Slim Pitcher

Carleslie Aleissa- The Speedthrower Biochemist


Stat Modifying Equipment:
Apple O Archer
Nimble Glove

HP: 8730
SP: 963
HIT: 219
Weight Limit [with Lv5 Enlarge Weight Limit]: 5080
MATK: 234-414
Acid Bomb Cast Time: 0.19sec

Brewing Statistics [Lv10 Learning Potion; Lv10 Pharmacy]:
Normal Red, Yellow and White Potion: 91.80%
Blue Potion: 66.80%
Slim Red, Yellow and White Potion: 61.80%
Alcohol: 81.80%
Acid, Flame, Mine and Maneater Bottle: 71.80%
Coating Bottle: 61.80%
Anodyne and Aloevera: 76.80%
Homunculus Embryo: 61.80%
-chance of getting an Amistr: 14.0%
-chance of getting Filir: 9.6%
-chance of getting Vanilmirth: 35.9%
-chance of getting Lif: 40.3%

-one of the fastest Acid Bomb casters in the prototype list
-above average brewing prowess
-better weight limit enables more potion carrying capacity without sacrificing much offensive capability

Carina Mystillia- The Siege Worthy Secondary Offense Biochemist


HP: 11848
SP: 1044
HIT: 159
Weight Limit [with Lv5 Enlarge Weight Limit]: 4180
MATK: 331-547
Acid Bomb Cast Time: 0.60sec

Brewing Statistics [Lv10 Learning Potion; Lv10 Pharmacy]:
Normal Red, Yellow and White Potion: 87.3%
Blue Potion: 62.3%
Slim Red, Yellow and White Potion: 57.3%
Alcohol: 77.3%
Acid, Flame, Mine and Maneater Bottle: 67.3%
Coating Bottle: 57.3%
Anodyne and Aloevera: 72.3%
Homunculus Embryo: 57.3%
-chance of getting an Amistr: 18.2%
-chance of getting Filir: 6.3%
-chance of getting Vanilmirth: 31.7%
-chance of getting Lif: 43.6%

-high potency of Potion Pitcher/Slim Pitcher to self
-decent cast time of Acid Bomb
-high resilience factor to ailments
-acceptable brewing success percentage

Helia Valkyrie- A Dreamer�s Gift


Stat Modifying Equipment:
+9 Headgear with Carat Card
Erudite Sunglasses
Ghost Lord�s Clothes
Buckler of Deaf
High Level Boots
Nimble Earring
Nimble Earring

HP: 10151
SP: 1355
HIT: 249
Weight Limit [with Lv5 Enlarge Weight Limit]: 4030
MATK: 369-597
Acid Bomb Cast Time: 0.00sec (instant cast)

Brewing Statistics [Lv10 Learning Potion; Lv10 Pharmacy]:
Normal Red, Yellow and White Potion: 95.95%
Blue Potion: 70.95%
Slim Red, Yellow and White Potion: 65.95%
Alcohol: 85.95%
Acid, Flame, Mine and Maneater Bottle: 75.95%
Coating Bottle: 65.95%
Anodyne and Aloevera: 80.95%
Homunculus Embryo: 65.95%
-chance of getting an Amistr: 10.9%
-chance of getting Filir: 5.9%
-chance of getting Vanilmirth: 39.0%
-chance of getting Lif: 44.0%

-very lethal build, as long as properly equipped
-when tagged with a proper skill build, can serve as Offensive, Supportive and Defensive all at the same time
-despite low VIT, cannot be killed easily because of gears

V. Gearing Up
This is a list of equipments in three categories; Enhancement of Damage, Decrement of Cast Time, and Reduction of Force. On Decrement of Cast time, as of April 2006 Acid Bomb is 1sec cast time and is fixed whatever your DEX stat is. So it may help in brewing in case that won�t be changed, which is supposedly reduced by DEX.

Enhancement of Damage [Sample Gears and Cards that Intensify Acid Bomb Damage, basically gears that add INT to your stat]
Mistress Crown [INT+2 SP+150]
Crown [INT+2]
Carat Card [INT+2; SP+150 if headgear is upgraded above +8]
Elder Willow Card [INT+2]
Evil Snake Lord [INT+3]

Lord�s Cloth [INT+1]
Evil Druid Card [INT+1; Makes armor of Undead Property]
Baby Desert Wolf Card [INT+1]

Bazerald [INT+5; Fire Property]
NPC Haedonggum [INT+3]
Forged Haedonggum [INT+3; with Elemental Property]
Excalibur [INT+5]
Andre Larva Card [INT+1]
Byellongum [INT+2]

Amon Ra Card [INT+1]

No Slot Earring [INT+2]
Slotted Earring [INT+1]
Celebrant Mitten [INT+1]
Brisingamen [INT+6]

Decrement of Cast Time [Sample Gears and Cards that shorten cast time of Acid Bomb, basically gears that add DEX to your stat]
Apple o Archer [DEX+3]
Mine Hat [DEX+2]

Rocker Card [DEX+1]

Drops Card [DEX+1]
Byellongum [DEX+2]
Mysteltain [DEX+3]
Mjolnir [DEX+40]

Amon Ra Card [DEX+1]

No Slot Glove [DEX+2]
Slotted Glove [DEX+1]
Wormtail Card ]DEX+2]
Zerom Card [DEX+3]

Reduction of Force [Sample Gears and Cards that reduce the damage of Acid Bomb in case if the opposing team has another AB Biochemist]
Poo poo Hat [10% reduction]

Ghostring Card [75% reduction]

Raydric Card [20% reduction]
Devilring Card [50% reduction]

Thara Frog Card [30% reduction]
Horn Card [30% reduction]

Long Mace [10% reduction; exclusive for Acolyte-class]

Alligator Clip [10% reduction]

VI. What skill to tag up with Acid Bomb? (The FCP-SP Dilemma)

Basically, Biochemists have three major potion skills. It is Acid Bomb, Full Chemical Protection and Slim Pitcher. Of course you would like to test the strength of Acid Bomb so you�ll get it. Now we are left in a dilemma in which of the two other skills are we going to get. To ease your confusion which skill to get here are some information regarding the other two skills.

Full Chemical Protection
Protects the target�s helmet, shield, weapon and armor all in one cast. Requires one coating bottle each skill use. Duration varies by skill level.

Lv1 120secs
Lv2 240secs
Lv3 360secs
Lv4 480secs
Lv5 600secs

To unlock Full Chemical Protection, you must have all Chemical Protection skills at Lv5. That means you need at least 21 skill points to get Lv1 FCP.

-prevents breaking of equipment from other class skills like Meltdown of Whitesmith and one of the effects of Tarot Card of Fate by Gypsies. Also it negates the breaking effect of Acid Bomb by the opposing Biochemist.
-prevents strip/divest from Rogues and Stalkers.
-reduces coating bottle consumption.

-lots of skill points to use just to get Lv1; needs more calculations and skill distribution in case a Biochemist wishes to get one.

Slim Pitcher
Use a Slim Potion to restore HP on party members in a 7x7 area where it is casted upon. Basically this works like a one-time Sanctuary with more restoration rating. Cast time is 1sec.

Lv1 110% effect; Red Slim Potion
Lv2 120% effect; Red Slim Potion
Lv3 130% effect; Red Slim Potion
Lv4 140% effect; Red Slim Potion
Lv5 150% effect; Yellow Slim Potion
Lv6 160% effect; Yellow Slim Potion
Lv7 170% effect; Yellow Slim Potion
Lv8 180% effect; Yellow Slim Potion
Lv9 190% effect; Yellow Slim Potion
Lv10 200% effect; White Slim Potion

How far can a Slim Pitch go? It can restore up to 6000-6500HP on a suitable party member like Sacrifice Paladins and up to 1200HP to High Wizards and other members.

-good for emergency restoration, or hot pursuits when breaking an opposing guilds defense
-catches up lost HP of party members in almost an instant

-very limited to just restoration of HP

VII. What Homunculus to get along with an Acid Bomb Biochemist

We won�t be discussing the Homunculus skills here. This guide is limited to possible tag with your Acid Bomb Biochemist as aligned to the possible percentage of the Homunculus you could get in case you want to create one.

Skills: Healing Touch, Emergency Evasion, Brain Surgery
Homunculus Type: Restoration- Supportive

Of all types of Homunculus, Lif fetched the highest chance in brewing because of the INT in the AB-Biochemists� stat. This green fairy specializes on healing its master or even other players. Sweet isn�t it? Every heal she gives cost a Red Slim Potion (yes, this is not ordinary Lv10 Heal that costs only SP). She is also rated fairly in terms of attacking capabilities that is why most Biochemists turn her down and chose another type because she is only limited to just healing and some movement buff.

Skills: Caprice, Change Instruction, Benediction of Chaos
Homunculus Type: Magical- Offensive

This jelly ranked second in the chance because like a typical Mage, this Homunculus relies on INT in order to acquire one. Branded as a well balanced Homunculus, Vanilmirth is gifted to possess offensive magical skills to aid him and his master in battle. No wonder in other servers most high leveled Homunculi are Vanilmirth. This is because of its well-balanced frame. Think of a mage with dodging capabilities of a thief and melee prowess of a swordsman.

Skills: Castling, Amistr Bulwark, Adamantium Skin
Homunculus Type: Physical- Defensive

The lamb that looks like a ball of cotton but is as tough as steel. This is Amistr. Boasting extra-hard frame and lots of HP, Amistr protects its master from harm. Basically the tank of the Biochemist-Homunculus relationship. Endures the pain monsters give to him as his master tear them apart one by one. And yes, Amistr is the only Homunculus that can help you survive ruthless attacks through Castling. Downside? MDEF.

Skills: Moonlight, Fleeting Move, Accelerated Flight
Homunculus Type: Physical- Offensive

This is basically the physical counterpart of Vanilmirth and the agile counterpart of Amistr. This little blue bird is stronger than its size. It basically works like the Hunters� falcon, but with better features. It has this skill called Moonlight that inflicts 660% ATK, that�s almost as good as a zennyless Mammonite. It works like the AB Biochemists� right arm, to inflict physical damages to the enemy.

VIII. Utilizing Scrolls and Status Cards
Frost Diver Scrolls

Having trouble taking down GR-equipped opponents? Want to inflict the highest possible damage to them? You could try using scrolls. Scrolls come from different enemies but for now we will concentrate on one particular spell, the Frost Diver.

First, let's analyze a GR-equipped target.
Element: Ghost1
Acid Bomb Damage: about 75% reduced

Now let's cast Frost Diver to him. Assuming he get's frozen, his status will be:
Element: Water1
Acid Bomb Damage: 100%

Frost Diver Scrolls come in Lv1 and Lv5. They work with a bit average difference in freeze chance. Casting time of Frost Diver is 0.8sec.

Lv1 Frost Diver
-110% MATK
-38% chance to Freeze
-3sec Frozen Time

Lv5 Frost Diver
-150% MATK
-50% chance to Freeze
-15sec Frozen Time

Stone Curse -inflicting cards: Dark Frame and Pest

It works like the principle of Frost Diver scroll. But this should be used with precaution, especially if many lethal skills are around like Extremity Fist. Dark Frame and Pest cards are compounded to Armor, and can be triggered when you recieve physical damage. So make sure you have some HP and potions to spare. And take not that AB is not a fire-property attack, so getting a target stoned just changes his element.

Stoned Opponent
Element: Earth1
AB Damage: 100%

Using the Mage-class description of a Lv10 Stone Curse:
Chance to Stone: 60%
The curse takes effect after a few seconds, and will reduce the targets HP by 1% every 5 seconds until only 1 HP remains. Cannot be cast on Boss and Undead monsters. The target`s level and LUK stat affects the Stone Curse status� duration.

IX. A Small Lecture about Ailments
In this chapter we will discuss about ailments and which stat is responsible for reducing the chance to get them, or better yet preventing the character to acquire such status ailment. I bet you won�t mind to carry some royal jellies in you�re cart.

What happens: You�ll turn into a large oridecon . Your element will be Water1, unable to move, DEF is halved. Receives more damage from wind element attacks. Breaks on contact or after the duration wears off.
Stat responsible for immunity: MDEF

What happens: You�ll turn into a pillar of earth. Your element will be Earth1; unable to move DEF is halved. Receives more damage from fire-element attacks.
Stat responsible for immunity: MDEF

What happens: Screen will be purplish, and you�ll gradually lose HP until the duration wears off. While on Poison status there is a slight DEF reduction.
Stat responsible for immunity: VIT

What happens: Much serious than Poison, Bleeding cuts HP faster than Poison, it can deal as much as 600HP/tick to Wizards.
Stat responsible for immunity: STR and VIT

What happens: Grim Reaper shows up and gives a scarlet-like appearance to your character. There will be attack and movement speed reductions.
Stat responsible for immunity: VIT and LUK

What happens: You character will have limited vision.
Stat responsible for immunity: INT

What happens: zZ.. zZ.. zZ.. unable to do anything.
Stat responsible for immunity: INT

What happens: Twinkle twinkle little star� unable to do anything.
Stat responsible for immunity: VIT

What happens: /� unable to use skills.
Stat responsible for immunity: VIT

X. Gear Switching and PvP Scenarios
Below is a list of possible hindrances in pvp and how are we going to maneuver them to our advantage. Survivability is very important towards victory.

Does my Robe fit?
You can try basic gear switching in pvm. Most common gears that are switched are weapon and armor.

Weapon Switching
Basically we have two weapon types to be switched as an AB-Biochemist. Defensive and Offensive weapons.

Defensive Weapons:
-any weapon compounded with Fabre Cards [ex: Quadruple Vital Knife]
-increases resilience from massive attacks
-increases immunity against certain ailments

-additional VIT means more damage from Acid Bomb, Soul Destroyer with Ice Pick so be a good observant when switching to VIT-enhancing weapons

Offensive Weapons:
-any weapon that adds INT; or is naturally imbued with elemental properties to negate immune garment.

Armor Switching
As an AB-Biochemist you can also utilize the use of three armors. Defensive Armor, Status Armor and Immunity Armor.

Defensive Armors:
-armors that reduce damages received. Included in this category are Ghostring [which reduces physical damage received] and Angelring [reduces magical damage received]. Expanding the switching will be element-specific cards like Pasana [Fire], Dokkaebi [Wind] and Swordfish [Water].

Status Armor:
-armors that inflict specific ailments to an attacking opponent. The most effective are Garm [Freeze; Water1] and Dark Frame [Stone; Earth1]. It helps increase the damage you inflict to Ghostring- equipped players.

Immunity Armor:
-armor that protects you from a specific ailment like Marc Card [prevents Freeze status].

Ranged Skills as Threat

Soul Destroyer, Spiral Pierce
Very fast casting time, this is probably the nastiest skills available. What is its possible weakness? Its long after cast delay. And that after cast delay should be your triggering factor, If you can survive one Soul Destroyer or Spiral Pierce, the target is owned. Preventive measure? Get a Maya Purple Card to detect hidden enemies. Since Cloaking is the Assassin Cross primary defensive skill, disrupting it will mean easier winning. Freezing them or stoning, as discussed in Chapter VIII, however can defeat Lord Knights.

Spider Web
This skill is not necessarily a threat unless it is placed too close. It maybe just a trapping tactic but using it in conjunction with elemental bolts may prove lethal. How to break it? Use Demonstration close to the Spider Web and it will burn away.

XI. MVP Strategies (choosing a partner)
Basically, Acid Bomb Biochemists can hunt alone. But as the saying goes the more the merrier. Besides, it feels great when your party sees those 5-6 digits of yellow numbers on top of the Boss monsters� head. It is more visible than Extremity Fists damage, which passes away like a normal attack. Here�s a small list of possible partners, since Biochemists would receive supportive or defensive benefits from them.

High Priest
INT+10 from Lv10 Blessing, can Heal you, can reduce your cast time, can reduce the damage you receive by half. What else would you ask for. And oh, he can double your Acid Bomb damage too with Lex Aeterna. The best in tanking and buffing character. Biochemist and High Priest is the usual hunting party, and they can take down bosses pretty fast. When proper strategy is plotted, this tag can kill the boss in about 10secs. Yes, even less (Orc Lord usually survives a Biochemist+ High Priest party for 5-15secs).

If you think you�re well armored and no priests are available to share your victory, you can get a Bard. A Bard?! Yes. For Poem of Bragi. Even though you won�t receive some stat increment, Poem of Bragi is a very lethal buff when a Biochemist would only utilize its purpose. Who doesn�t need an after-cast delay reducer? Benefits? How about a 0.5sec cast and 0.5sec after cast?

Lord Knight or Paladin
Basically for tank. Parry can block physical damages and protect you as you cast your skill. On the Paladin however, can buff you through Battle Chant, if you�re lucky you could get All Stats +20. That�s a big enhancement for your Biochemist.

Safety Wall, Wall of Fog, Land Protector. Three very defensive skills the Professor can add to the party. These skills provide physical and magical defense, which is very vital to every party especially when taking down Boss Monsters.

Hunting them down�

Just like a typical boss hunting, you must be prepared on everything. The stocks, offensive and restorative potions and of course the partner you�re going to be with. Hint. You watched the Matrix? Remember that girl who shoots at those squid-like monsters? She searched for the core and kept whispering.. �give me just one clear shot..� keep that in mind. Take good aim at your cursor, maintain proper distance and throw. Move few steps backward, aim and throw. It is actually easier than other classes because you won�t even touch the monster just to MVP, plus in case you are scratched? Pitch your HP back.

In case you�re lucky enough to have a Priest/High Priest along, wait for his Lex Aeterna, it shortens the battle duration and saves your bottles. Easy MVP. On MVPing Orc Lord for example his mob includes Orc Archers, in case he uses Pneuma, make sure he installed it correctly. Since Pneuma makes your Acid Bomb miss, take note of that.

Low VIT MVPs? Not a hassle, unless if you really want to MVP and contend with Champions. You need to be at fast pace to race them up. Mistress, which receives about 20000 on Acid Bomb, needs hurried Acid Bomb throws right before a Champion unleashes his Extremity Fist. Just tag it up with Lex Aeterna, throw. Fin.

XII. Acid Bomb Biochemist- A Scenario in Siege

Okay I know what you�re thinking. What would Acid Bomb Biochemists� role during siege. It will be called as Secondary Offensive- Secondary Supportive. Would it be as good as field damage? No. It has reduction just like other skills, more like a penalty of sorts. So what do we have? Hey don�t tell me you are already disappointed. Here is a comparison of damage on Acid Bomb and High Speed Cart Ram from our fellow merchant-class Whitesmith.

For example we have Bruno, he�s a Paladin (no offense for Paladin aficionados, since most of you guys are VIT based).

Lunaris, a Biochemist deals about 9000 damage to him in pvp using Acid Bomb. In pvp Acid Bomb has 50% damage reduction to players, if Bruno is not a player, it would have dealt 18000.

Solaris, a Whitesmith deals about say 5000 damage on average using High Speed Cart Ram. No penalty whatsoever.

In siege hours, if Bruno attacks Solaris and Lunaris� castle if reduction of say 40% is implemented. It would be:

Acid Bomb pvp Damage: 9000
Siege Damage [40% reduction]: 5400

High Speed Cart Ram pvp Damage: 5000
Siege Damage [40% reduction]: 3000

Even if melee skills are reduced by just 30%, Acid Bomb would still outdamage High Speed Cart Ram, meaning whatever the situation would be, just get your bottle and aim at the proper target.

Don�t go suicidal and go first in line. Its not healthy. Go behind a more suitable frontliner and pitch him in case he�s hit. Protect him with FCP or any of the Chemical Protection series you have. It his opponent is a VIT based, use Acid Bomb. If a Professor drains your SP, pitch some Blue Potions. Pneuma? Slam his face with your cart. Extremity Fist? Character select . Maybe there�s a good chance that you already threw him a Bomb because of your range advantage.

XIII. Final Words

No class is perfect; there are always weaknesses along the way. But we are provided with strengths to overcome those weaknesses, so use them well.

In real life, talents were gifts from God and were given to us. This makes us unique, but He never made someone who is weak and inferior. It is just us people who think we are weak and useless.

XIV. Credits

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