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Final Strike / Issen Ninja Guide by Millenium

1. Why a Ninja ?

Hello now you might ask yourself why I should choose a Ninja if there are several other great characters to play. I can tell you the Ninja is really nice class and has huge amount of skill in its repertoire to choose from.
You can either blast them away with Throwing Shuriken, Kunai's or even a Huuma Shuriken at your enemy, or you can blast them away with the Ninjutsu arts like a mage. You can even dish out fast damage and enormous damage meleeing your enemies to death.

This guide though mainly focuses on the Final Strike / Issen Skill Tree build.

It is quite hard for beginner to go along with such a Build but it might get your attention that it is a really “fun” build to play.


2.How to level the Final Strike / Issen Ninja and the Status and Skill Points

Well you start off as Novice with Base and Job level 1 but don't matter you will get strong eventually soon.

First off choosing your character style and the basic stats you have to choose.
Str 9 , Agi 9 , Vit 1 , Int 1, Dex 9 and Luk 1

You will start in the customized Novice Ground of FeelRO which is quite good since you get a lot for starting your journey. Anyway get your gears and go kill some stuff..
Invest your first level ups in Dexterity upto 20 or 30 so you have much less trouble hitting your enemies. And then focus your points onto Strenght which will raise your attack power.

You have reached job level 10 and ( put all you points into the Basic Skill, well no choice there you don't have anything else ). Now you are able to change into the Ninja Class. The Job Changer will do the trick for you, he is in the area where you started out.

Congratulations on your new Job.

Now to gain some Job Levels abuse those Novice Potions you have got while killing Poporing's they are your best choice for now.. You can easily do Base level 40 in a short time here.
While your job level raises start off with putting 5 points Ninpou Training to unlock the Soul Skill which is also raised to 5. This Skill will give 5 to Strenght and 5 to Intelligence while it is active. You should be at Job level 11 here From now on you will get your first attacking abilities after a few more job lvls. Get Reverse Tatami then get Mist Slash to 5 to unlock shadow jump which is a must have (if you dont have a hiding accessory). Afterwards .get Shadow Slash your main attacking skill with Mist Slash.

From here you should have in the order you should have skilled:
Ninpou Training 5
Soul 5
Reverse Tatami 1
Mist Slash 5
Shadow Jump 1
Shadow Slash 5

Now if you have some decent amounts of strenght and maybe got a friend (acolyte class) you can go and kill some Increase Soils / Mi Gao's at Louyang it should be easy enough if you got a fire weapon. The exp is great. Anyway as you level get your strenght upto atleast 80 before you go onto your next stat to push which would be : Vitality. Vitality ? Why not agi to dodge stuff ? You might ask. The answer is simple your skills will dodge for you with a perfect rate at anything for physical attacks, and Vitality is needed for more hp which will raise your Final Strike.

Now more on to the skills.

For your protection you should push Shadow Jump up to 5 to unlock Cast-off Ciceda Shell which will dodge up to 3 attacks and lets you backslide. After that you should get Throwing Mastery to 7 to unlock your Final Strike !!! Push it up to 10 you will see difference. Now work your way against mobs with Mist Slash and Shadow Slash until you can safely kill it off with Final Strike. Now for some more to dd to your defensive skills. Push Illusionary Shadow up to 10 and get some Shadow Orbs from the Ninja Guild.You will have another 5 times perfect dodge to physical attacks but be aware you won't backslide with it .

Your Skills should be in the order when skilled :

Ninpou Training 5
Soul 5
Reverse Tatami 1
Mist Slash 5
Shadow Jump 1
Shadow Slash 5

Shadow Jump 5
Cast-off Ciceda Shell 5
Throwing Mastery 7
Final Strike 10
Illusionary Shadow 10

Which will bring you to job lvl 59 meaning you got 11 more skill points to use
You could use those points on Ninpou Training to increase your sp regen. Leaves you with 6 more points Another good option would be push Mist Slash up to 10. and the last point well up to you really.

@ lvl 99 try to reach these stats with bonus

110 or 120 strenght
1+? agility
85-90 vitality
24 int for sp recovery and higher may sp
50 dex for hitting with mist slash
1+? luk .

To reach level 99 you can technically take everything down you think you can manage
It shouldn't be that hard if you are used to your Ninja now.


3 Equipment

I will not include any donation gear because it might not be accessable to all.

Headgear Upper :

Apple of Archer
Magni's Cap

Headgear Middle :
Evil Wing Ears or Angel Wing Ears both are good and give 1 def and 1 str

Headgear Lower :
What ever you fancy

Probably a Coat or an Odin's Blessing with peco peco card to raise your max hp.

Stone Buckler with either thiefbug egg or andre egg card to raise your hp

Garment :
Muffler with Raydric Card or Vali's Manteau

Vidar's Boots to raise your max hp / sp


Before lvl 90
1x Ring
Clip or Belt with Smokie Card to enable hiding you will benefit a lot of it

After lvl 90
1x Ring of Muscle
1x Ring with Smokie Card to enable hiding you will benefit a lot of it

For Slashing either an elemental damascus or carded race/element main gauche
And for final strike a double race/elemental double size main gauche

Dontaion Gears:
Upper :
The Viking Helm is pretty much the best you can go for with this build the +4 to all stats gives you alot of more variety to your base stat points.

Middle :
Sunglasses / Elven Ears of Red Bull quite easy to understand why your Final Strike inreases by having more HP and +7% more hp and +3 Vit is nice.

Anything you like I prefer the romantic leaf

As for the Cards most godly would be
2x Pharaoh Card so you can really spam Final Strike without having to worry about SP shortage
Archangeling Cards which would be another 600 HP.
Not so godly but still nice would be:
Grand Peco Card : Grants you even more Vit and Def if quipped together with a Peco Peco Card.

Any other Cards in thought ?

I know the equips you want to use may differ but with this I had the most pleasure while using my Ninja and with the stuff you got 2 complete sets which is also nice.

4. PvP Tactics
Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Ninja (Ninjutsu Style)

You only have one Chance to kill him . This would be by eliminating his Ciceda Shell and Final StrIke him without him having to take down your hp. If you cant do it your simply dead.

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Assassin Cross

If you have use your hiding clip/ring to hide and Shadow Slash him till he lost 5k+ to be sure your Final Strike takes him down. Use Reverse Tatami to perfect dodge Soul Breaker, Cast-off Cideda Shell and Illusionary Shadow to perfect dodge every other attack.

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. High Wizard

You will have problems against this. Stone Curse and Freeze(if you dont have a Marc) will be your worst Enemies. Try again with Hide+Shadow Slash and when you think you can safely kill him with Final Strike go for it.

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Professor

Your real nightmare in pvp if you want to try just hide+shadow slash him over and over again. If he is good he will never let allow you to use Final Strike because Dispell takes off your Soul and evading Skills. If you can Final Strike him after about 7k+ (Because they have a hell of reducement)Damage do it Try always to be out of Range of Stone Curse.

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Champion

He will not hurt you at any given time you simply dodge everything of him
just Hide+Shadow Slash him and eventually when he forgets to heal go for it Final Strike!

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. High Priest

If you go for the 100 vit you have nothing to Fear but you won't possible take this one down just ignore him or Mist&Shadow Slash them. Do not use Final Strike against a High Priest except you know that it will take him down.

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Paladin

Just a no. get away from them and never ever Final Strike them it will definately kill you.

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Lord Knight

Here Again he won't do much damage to you since you can evade all of his attacks with your skills. Mist (or Hide)& Shadow Slash him while always keeping Cast-off Ciceda Shell on to dodge and slide back.
If he goes Berserk just let him and go on with Mist (or Hide) & Shadow Slash them till you know that Parry(if they use a Two Hand Sword) is off. After a while Try to Final Strike him if it doesn't kill him just more & more Shadow Slashes.

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Stalker

If you are lucky you'll kill him before he can strip you but if he strips you don't be nervous just Hide and Shadow Slash him till you htink Final Strike will take him down.

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Sniper

Use Reverse Tatami to avoid all his ranged attacks eventually he will ignore you. After that try Hide & Shadow Slash and then Final Strike him.

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Gypsy & Bard

They won't damage you because you are or are really close to Stun Resistence and maybe you got Marc card to be Freeze Resistant. Hide & Shadow Slash them and yet again if you think he has low enough HP for Final Strike go for it =).

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Creator

If he wants to Acid Demo you let him Reverse Tatami is a complete defense against it. Just let him spam his reserves on you. If he has a Vanil mirth run you wont avoid his high magic attacks.

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Whitesmith

They can be a pain but it shouldn't be too hard. Yet again try to always keep up Cast-off Ciceda Shell and Shadow Slash him he won't hurt you that way just don't yourself be caught in a Corner if that happens you most likely dead your last chance there is a Final Strike to get out of the Corner. If he still isn't dead repeat with Shadow Slashing.

Ninja(Final Strike) vs. Gunslinger

They are easy to kill they have very low hp even with 99+ vit just reverse tatami hide + shadow slash him and then Final Strike. He should be down I never saw a Gunslinger who survived.


5. Notes about Final Strike or the most loved FAQ's

Well here are sime FAQ's about Final Strike

Question : After Final Strike am I dead with just 1 HP ?

Answer : Reducing your HP to 1 after each Use does'nt mean you are dead. You geout enough evasion skills to work around it. Only exception would reflection gear or reflection skills like Orc Lord, High Orc, Valk Manteau, Shield Reflection and Reject Sword.

Question: What Element is used for Final Strike ?

Answer : Final Strike is always Neutral and you have no way to bypass it.

Question: How much damage is possible with Final Strike ?

Answer : If you look at the Screenshot below that is an amount anyone can achieve it is by far not everything . At my Knowledge without any godly Card like Tao Gunka about 26k should be possible.

Question : How to dodge Final Strike ?

Answer : Well as it being a physical melee attack, Safety Wall would nullify it, also Cast-off Ciceda Shell or Kaupe from a Soul Linker are ways to dodge it. The Good Thing it is hard to predict when a Ninja is going to use Final Strike and since it is instant damage using the mentioned skills is already to late.

Question : Why a double race / double size main gauche and not triple bloody boned ?

Answer : Well this answer is simple. The weapon size modifer is 75% on medium with a dagger you will gain more by using 2 skeleton workers as using just 1. Well that means if you have no permanent Blacksmith/Whitesmith that always got Weapon Perction on on you.

Any more Questions Feel free to ask =)



This Screen is with no good weapon for high orcs hence the low damage =P

Thank you for reading I will add some pictures aswell later on when I have time for it.

Any constructive critism is welcome .

Started 11th of February 2008
Completed 19th of March 2008 lol I slacked a lot -...-

©2008 by Millenium

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