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Vit Spear Lord Knight Guide

Dang's Vit Spear Lord Knight Guide (Woe/PvP)

The vit spear lord knight has high vit and does much dmg
he is very good in woe and won't die easily
in mvp he can will be the tanker (so u will be the first one who get the loot Very Happy) this build also requires good equip and mostly uses spears (onehand and twohand), u should train with another build to lvl 99 before u take this build its only for mvp ( tank) Pvp and mainly Woe

Stats with equip and job bonus without buffs:

STR: 100 - 120
VIT: 80 - 100/ 60 - 80 (for more aspd to spamm Bowling Bash)
DEX: 70
INT: 12 - 36
AGI: no need to increase / 40- 60 (for Bowling Bash spamming)
LUK: no need to increase


as Swordman:
Bash Lv 10
HP Recovery Lv 10
Provoke Lv 10
Endure Lv 10
Magnum Break Lv 9
Moving Hp recovery (Quest Skill)
Fatal Blow (Quest Skill) (with this skill u can stunn ur enemy with bash very useful in combo with magnumbreak against highflee chars or just for stunning^^)
AutoBeserk (Quest Skill)

as Lord Knight:
Peco Riding LV 1 ( i like moving faster ^^ and +1000 weight for carrying pots!)
Cavalary Mastery Lv 5
Spear Mastery Lv 10
Pierce ( It is a very good skill u can use it against high flee chars)
Spear Boomerang Lv 5 ( good against Wiz To break their cast)
Spear Stab Lv 5
Brandish Spear Lv10
Spiral Pierce Lv 5 (u can use it to kill ppl in saftywalls)
Concentration Lv 5 ( very usefull skill ur dmg will be increase by 25% and ur hit will be increase by 50 but ur def will be lower by 25%)
Tension Relax Lv 1 ( also very usefull u will gain full hp in a short period without pots Razz)
Beserk Lv 1 (if u want to Razz)

u will have 21 skill points left
if u want to u could just get magnum break lv 5 and twohand mastery lv 5
then skill aura blade (will increase ur atk by 100 it works with 1 hand spears too) or u could skill Bowling Bash instead of Brandish Spear and Spiral Pierce (Twohand Sword mastery 1, Magnum Break 3, Two Hands Quicken 10 and Bowling Bash 10) if u have Bowling Bash u could add some agi instead of Vit for more aspd and use Beserk Potion
or u can skill whatever u want^^


Headgears: i prefer Sphinx Hat but there are many other good headgears too, like Poo Poo Hat, Corsair, Magnis Cap, Marionette Doll [1], Donate Helms and some more

Middle Headgear: Angel/ Evil Wing Ears, Sunglasses [1] or Donates

Lower Headgear: Iron Cain or Donates

Armor: Meteor Plate [1], Silk Robe [1] or Glitter Jacket [1] with Peco Peco, Marc, Evil Andruid Or Element Cards

Shield: Valk shield, Stone Buckler, Mirror Shield, etc with Thara Frog Card
or other -30%dmg cards

Hood: i prefer Woolscarf [1] in combo with Tidals shoes [1] with Raydric, Aliot( +2str and +5%hp) or other -20%dmg cards against elemental attacks or, for rich ppl, devilling card

Shoes: Tidals Shoes[1] in combo with Woolscarf [1] with Matyr Card or Green Ferus Card

Accessory: 2 Rings [1] with 2 Spore Cards or 2 Necklace [1] instead of the Rings [1]

Weapon: u can use Pikes [4] with +20% dmg cards, Ahlspiess ( ignores enemy's Defense And +20% dmg on Demi Human),
Hunting Spear [1] with hydra card ( it is the heaviest one hand spear, very useful for using spiral pierce),
Brionac ( Holy Spear +5% dmg on Boss monster),
Hellfire ( Fire Spear autocast fireball by 5% chance),
Brocca ( More Dmg on neutral monster or players without element armors and ignores Defense)
Elemental Spears,
and some more spears
u also can use Two Hand Swords if u going to skill Bowling Bash
Element Claymore, +10 Katana with 3 Orc Skeleton and 1 Desert Wolf Card ( for Emp breaking)

Here is a PvP/Woe Build with equip for example (without Buffs, with Job Bonus):

80+20 STR
87+13 VIT
61+9 DEX
34+2 INT
1+8 AGI
1+3 Vit

Max HP: 25927
Max SP: 520
HP Reg: 156
SP Reg: 12
Def: 49
MDef: 4
Hit: 169 (with concentration 219)
Aspd: 146.6 (without Beserk Potion)

Headgear:+5 Sphinx Hat
Middle Headgear: Evil Wing Ears
Lower Headgear: Iron Cain
Weapon: +10 Triple Bloody Pike
Shield: +7 Cranial Stone Buckler
Armor: +7 Meteor Plate of Ares
Hood: +7 Immune Wool Scarf
Shoes: +7 Tidals Shoes of Wanderer

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