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High Wizard Guide [kai]

So let’s get started:
    1. Storage of my dreams
    2. RO know how?
    a) WoE
    b) PvP
    c) You vs. The PvP-Room.

    3. Stats
    4. Credits, Thanks and things nobody cares about
Items – storage of my dreams
Since everything in RO is about items we gonna handle them first

It’s pretty simple if it’s about HP-rec
Ygg Berries/Seeds> Mastela Fruits > Slim White Potions > White Potions > Rest
Depending on your budged you should buy these things. It’s a little different if you are going to buy ranked slim whites, because they are a little bit better then Mastela Fruits. In most cases you should just stick with (ranked) slims and whites – Berries, Seeds and Mastela should be used for special / important moments. For SP-Rec you should just use Blue Pots or Honeys, though I think it’s wasted weight, which could be used for slims or gems instead. Royal Jellies are something delicious too because they are something like a combination of White Potions, Blue Potions and Panaceas, though I dislike their weight too. Dex-Food & Int-Food (+3, +8, +9[dex], +8, +7[int] are the most 'easiest' to farm) are always a nice addon, the same goes for Box of Gloom and Box of Sunlight. However these things are a little bit heavy (weight) so you shouldn't take too much with you.


    Yellow Gems (Ganbantein Blue+Yellow Gem)
    Blue Gems (Safety Wall, Fire Pillar)
    Red Gems (Stonecurse)

Top Headgears

    Apple of Archer - +3dex, 0 def - PvM, PvP, WoE
    Drooping Kitty - 1 def, 15 mdef, 30% Curse Resi - WoE, PvP
    Feather Beret - 1 def, -10% dmg DemiHuman - WoE/PvP
    Frigg's Circlet - +2int, +50 SP, 3 def, 10 mdef, - PvM, WoE

Middle/Lower Headgears

    Opera Mask - 2 def
    Gangster Mask - lower Headgear 15% Resistence against Silence
    Flu Mask / R.Leaf / R.Flower

Prefable Silk Robes (3def, 10 mdef)

    Dokke Silk PvP / WoE
    Ifrit Formal (Aqua is fine too though.. but Ifrit is just better) PvP / WoE
    Unfrozen Silk - WoE/PvP – IMPORTANT you should wear it ALL THE TIME during WoE
    Deadly Silk – PvP/WoE/PvM
    Hard Formal- PvM
    Evil Formal – PvM


    Survivor’s Manteau - 10vit, 0 def, +3% resis against neutral per refine - WoE / PvP / PvM
    Marse Wool Scarf - 3 def, 4 mdef, 30% less dmg from water, should/can be combined with Unfrozen Silk – WoE
    Jakk / Hode / Dustiness-Wool Scarf – 30% less dmg from Fire / Earth / Wind, especially usefull in PvP, even against Sniper/Hunter


    High Quality Sandals of Wanderer - 2 def, 10 mdef, +1vit, +10% HP - WoE / PvP
    Fledged High Quality Sandals - 2 def, 10 mdef, +8% HP/SP - PvM / WoE / PvP
    Megalith High Quality Sandals - (max +5) 2 def, 17 mdef - WoE against heavy Precast
    Tidal Shoes of Wanderer / Fledged / Megalith

Valkyrja's Shield > Orleans' Plate > Guard

    Cranial - 30% less dmg DemiHuman - WoE / PvP / PvM
    From Hell - 30% less dmg Demons – PvM
    And every else card with -%dmg from something, which might be useful for you - like Alice Card for example


    Nimble Gloves (+ Phen Glove) - +8 dex etc. PvM / PvP / WoE
    Orleans Gloves if possible.. haha if you can obtain these you are really lucky
    Four Leaf Rosaries - 5% (10%) less dmg from ranged


    Survivor's Rod[1] - +3 dex, 15% matk, +400 HP (in combination with surv.manteau +300hp, -5% matk +1% each refine of the rod) - PvP/WoE/PvM
    Survivor's Rod[1] - +3 int, 15% matk, +400 HP (in combination with surv.manteau +300hp, -5% matk +1% each refine of the rod) - PvP/WoE/PvM
    Staff of Piercing - +4 int, 15% matk, -10% mdef of the target (-% mdef goes with the refine rate) - PvM/WoE/PvP
    Staff of Lich's Skull[2] - +1 int, +1 dex, +20% matk, chance to curse enemy whenever taking phys. damage (In case you'll refine it to +9; +3% matk, +300 sp) - PvM/WoE/PvP
    Staff of Destruction[1] - +3 int, +10 agi, +25% matk, reduces casting time of amp. magic by 50%(!) (refinement in multiples of 2 (+2, +4, +6, +8, +10) increases MATK by 1%) - PvP/WoE/PvM

Know How

War of Emperium..
To make something sure:
Even if you skilled 150 int, in WoE there won’t be many people who’ll die easily by your casts, because every spell in woe deals 40% less dmg.


    Quagmire – obviously isn’t it?
    Meteor Storm - 30% stun, area damage, high damage, it stacks with more MS
    Storm Gust - freeze, area damage, middle-good damage
    Fire Pillar - you can plant them like some kind of landmines, if someone walks in they’ll be hit-stunned for a short duration - pretty useful and the damage isn’t too bad either

In my opinion the most important spells for a defense. Btw. MS should be only used in bragi (if there’s one) without it can’t show it’s true nature!

In WoE everything is about damage reducing and mdef, however as a Wizard you can’t afford to loose dex. If the dex is the low, your casts will be too slow, so everyone will just run away. If you are going to precast with more Wizards then just you, please talk with them, it’s not necessary to cast more then 2 SG’s it’s much more better to cast MS.

Open Battle
The usual scenario in castles before entering the EMP-room.
Important spells: Quagmire, Storm Gust 1/10, Jupiter Thunder, Safety Wall.
Please watch out while using quagmire - you can easily piss of your own teammates with it… haha love it though. Your job is to slow down the enemies and disable them; don’t die while doing that.

Precast Breaking
Let’s just hope there will be an Paladin who casts Devotion on you.
Your best friend will be quagmire and ganbantein. Quagmire will slow down the precast, and ganbantein will remove the Landprotector, if there’s one (3*3 cells). An well placed Storm Gust can prevent the precasting for like 5 seconds, these 5 seconds are important. It’s easy, freeze, stonecurse and disable as much as you can, that’s what you gotta do.

In pvp there’s a bunch of problems, I’ll list them here

Active-Dmg-Dealer-Skill / Stun Melee

    Assassin Cross
    Sword LK’s


    Quag / FW
    Quag / SW

Active-Dmg-Dealer-Skill / Stun Ranged

    Scream-Gypsies (dex)


    Once again, VIT


    GC-Paladins (never saw one on feelro though)

Well there are things you can’t do anything about, for exampel dispell.
That’s how it is

    Switch Armors! Magic Damage is always one big „piece“ of damage, so if you used the wrong armor you will be probably dead after the most lexed spells.
    “Mad Movement Skillz!” (yeh, like walking out of sg’s castrange, you know?!)


    Clowns with Frostjoke
    Wizards FD(SG) + JT
    Profs with FD + LB


    Marc Card

Imbalanced Stuff

    Shield-Palas (semi-supportive with heal etc. way too imba in 1on1 ;p)


    Vit against status-alliment-pikes (SPEAR-BOOM / swords)
    FW/JT/Quag is okay, however they have one ranged-attack
    Well even the best wizard can loose against those

It’s a Whitesmith, duh

    Whitesmith, ofcourse, heh?


    Quag, Quag, Quag all the time!
    SW is fine too, especially with QUAG + JT
    FW/JT/Quag is fine too
    Combinate those two above -> best
    Vit! Hammerfall and Carttermination is deadly


    Champ who’s going to asura your priest~


    Kill it, fast please
    JT! (hueaha)

So let’s resume what we wizards need in PvP!

    vit & dex..
    JT, Quag, SC and SW(FW) are the most important “defense” skills
    “Mad Movement Skills” don’t ask me about it, I don’t have them either o_O
    Switch Armors
    Switch Garments

If you want to kill someone else you should consider some things

    SG10 needs atleast 130 dex, if possible more, otherwise your cast will be too long
    SG10, JT10(4), FB10 are your friends !
    Priest -> Victory
    If you play against other classes, and they have a priest as ally it’ll be hard for you, though you can just SC him and kill the other one. G_G
    Never JT a Sniper if you aren’t sure he’ll die, otherwise you’ll face GHEY-snipe-action (double strafe, double strafe etc)

You (and hopefully your priest) vs PvP-Room
Yes playing vs the whole PvP-Room can be kind of “fun” though it’s only possible to succeed if there’s sitting a bunch of “newbs”.
It’s almost impossible, if the PvP-Room figured out how to play PvP.

You and your (one) priest, are going to face the whole room; means you must be able to deal with atleast 6+ people at the same time. Ofcourse using potions will easier things, but I think that will make it only boring - green potions are the exception.. for me atleast, haha.

You have to switch gear perfect and prober, otherwise you’ll just die.
I recommend Hit’n’Run as the tactic, that way you’ll provoke most people. Kill the “weak-targets” and keep running, while running you should be able to get an overview of the situation - and also you will escape the “stun-trap” (you know when 100 stun-characters keep hitting you). Like I said you have to switch gear 100% perfectly, otherwise you’ll only kiss the ground if there’s another Wizard. Quagmire is a lovely skill in such situations too – makes things easier to control the crowd, quag/FW/SG and some JT’s (if possible lexed) will clean out the most people. The remaining 2-4 people are the competent ones, which you aimed for. Enjoy!

In case you provoked the usual Wiz/Sniper/Priest-Party be careful. You have to guess right what kind of arrows the Sniper is using, if you do switch to the fitting armor. Most Snipers are stupid enough to keep spamming DS even if they only deal a little damage, if the Sniper is a smart one he’ll switch his arrows too, so you have to watch out for that. The thing is you have quag the sniper all the time, this way he’ll have to rebuff himself and due that he’ll be out of sp which makes him useless - that’s what we aimed for. Lexed / amplified JT will kill most Snipers one-hit, but only the most so you have to see how things will work out.

The rest of the game will be like usually 2vs2, but you have to keep in mind the sniper, because in like 30 seconds he’ll probably come back, full regenerated / buffed, and snipes you again (offscreen)

If the room is filled with only Wizards as a competition you may wanna switch to some mfdef gear, but don’t lower your dex. The perfect switching of the gear is required again. Most enemies will go for one freezes and the other one will spamm JT. Quag, SG 10/1, JT to finish them off is a fine counter

If there’s a smart Champ Asura/Snap (100+dex), Stalker (Fullstrip), Prof (LP, Spellbreak, Dispell) then its G_G for you! You can’t do anything about that. Though “Mad Movement Skillz” will help against everything expect the Champ. You know you have to walk unpredictable without any sense for the enemies, though your own priest knows where you are going~ If you want to you can level up things and try to hide in the sprite of the enemy priest so it will be harder to “aim” for you.

Stats… the question is what the question is?!


    every 5 int you’ll receive a max. matk bonus
    every 6 int you’ll receive a SP-Rec bonus (doesn’t matter though)
    every 7 int you’ll receive a min. matk bonus

So that means you should try to aim for one of these boni.

For example I’m using 93 int + 17 int (items) -> 120 int.
It’s up to you, because you have to calculate for yourself depending on your gear and your wish how much Int you wanna sacrifice for Vit. Some people are fine with 99/99/25 dex/int/vit on the other hand other people prefer to go with 99/~80int/~50-vit - you see you have to find out for yourself, though I wouldn’t go below of 80 int


WoE ((click me))

Based on this one you’ve to decide for yourself again, like you may prefer FW10, or LoV 10, Gravity Field, Napalm Vulcan etc.

The only things you always have to skill:

    Safety Wall 7 (or higher)
    Stonecurse 10
    Storm Gust 10
    Jupiter Thunder 10
    Sight 1
    Quagmire 1/2 (or higher, depends on what do you prefer)
    Magic Power / Amplify Magic Power 10
    Ganbantein 1

Credits, Thanks and things nobody cares about
Thanks to:
    Me, myself and I
    Every Creator who’s throwing AD at Zungarius ^_^
    Bleh, all my friends etc

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