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SuperNovice Secret's/Faq's. By koji.

Introdution / SuperNovice Basics:

Here I will explain the basic's of the super novice class.

The super novice class retains all the "novice" hp/sp/vit/int and all other stats modifiers meaning your hp/sp will lvl the same way a novice does witch is about 10-20 hp per lvl and 1-5 sp per lvl, Points in the stat vit will also gain low hp same with sp, you'll gain less attack speed with agi but not by much.

When you change to super novice you'll get nearly every skill from these first classes: Swordsman, Thief, Mage, Acolyte, Archer, Merchant. You will also be able to get to job lvl 99 to make use of so many skills.

Super novices can ONLY! use equipment that novices can use, If the item description says "Every class" or "Novice / Super novice" then you can use them, Everything else in the game you cannot use under normal circumstances *Refer to HAX section below for more details*

Leveling guide:

Now the super novice can be extremely hard to level if you do not have the right information, so below I will list a few ways to lvl up:

Novice: lvl's 1-45.
We start off as a lvl 1 Novice in prontera, you will have a knife and a cotton shirt unequip them and sell to the beginners merchant (The one that looks like a novice) and with your zenny buy the 1 zenny each novice items, put them on and head to the warp girl and go to payon dungon youll stay there till about level 30. On your stats evenly raise str/agi/dex with all your lvl's when your lvl 30 sell your loot and by a few concentration potions and meats then head to the warp girl and go to orc dungon, you'll be staying here till lvl 45. Once you are lvl 45 head to prontera of alberta and change jobs to super novice then head back to orc dungon and get your first 20 skill points.

Special note: Super Novice equipment
There is good novice armor out there that can be brought easly from NPC's, here I'll list some of these and where to get them;

Novice Breastplate [1]
Type: Armor
Buy: 89000z
Weight: 50
Defense: 4
Required Lvl: 10
Slot: 1
Applicable Jobs: Novice (& Super novice)
Description A piece of armor that covers the chest of a Novice. +2000 Max HP
Location: Prontera novice npc

Novice Manteau [1]
Type: Garment
Buy: 50000z
Weight: 50
Defense: 2
Required Lvl: 40
Slot: 1
Applicable Jobs: Novice (& Super novice)
Description: A cute, durable and lightweight manteau for beginning adventurers.
Reduce 10% of Neutral Property damage.
Location: Lighthalzen, Beginner's Merchant

Novice Shoes [1]
Type: Footgear
Buy: 35000z
Weight: 50
Defense 2:
Required Lvl: 40
Slot: 1
Applicable Jobs: Novice (& Super novice)
Description: A pair of shoes made exclusively for brand new adventurers.
Maximum HP + 5%
Location: Lighthalzen, Beginner's Merchant

Novice Shield [1]
Type: Shield
Buy: 5000z
Weight: 100
Defense: 3
Required Lvl: 40
Slot: 1
Applicable Jobs: Novice (& Super novice)
Description: A cute shield made out of a special metal for Novices.
Add a 20% resistance against property attacks (All except Neutral).
Location: Lighthalzen, Beginner's Merchant

Super Novice Hat
Type: Upper Headgear
Buy: 8500z
Weight :40
Defense: 4
Required Lvl: 40
Slot: 0
Applicable Jobs: Novice (& Super novice)
Description: A hat that happens to match the Super Novice costume... absolutely perfectly!
All Stats + 1
Location: Lighthalzen, Beginner's Merchant

Map of Lighthalzen

SuperNovice: lvl's 45-70.
Your now a super novice with at lest 20 skill points you'll want to head for prontera and reset your stats, Put all your stats in int type /int+ 99 for fast stating. We now need the skill soul strike, get lvl 4 napalm beat and soul strike will become available get lvl 10 of soul strike and your set to start lvling. Head to prison (rob anne the stylest in the prontera job change room to get there) you'll also want a few hundred meats and grape juice. From hear on lvling is pretty simple till about 70 just use soul strike on the zombies run and refill hp/sp as necessary and use all stats points on int, you can also start to get other skills like Increased sp recovery and blessing to help you out wile lvling. Remember prison is a KILL STEAL map so feel free to steal/attack other peoples monsters Grin .

SuperNovice: lvl's 70-90.
Your now about lvl 70 and prison is getting broing and quite easy, so you are going to change stats and head out to high orcs. First reset stats and skills, you'll want even dex and int and the following skills: lvl 10 owl's eye(dex + 10), lvl 10 improve concentration(raises dex based on your base dex), lvl 10 blessing(+10 to Int/Str/Dex) and lastly lvl 10 cold bolt(Ice attack), If you have skill points left over then get at lest lvl 5 Fire bolt or max increase sp recovery. now your set to go to high orcs, head to orc dungon and go outside and west/left to the portal (thats the high orc map) Once there use all your buffs and start killing hight orcs with lvl 10 cold bolt (if you 1 shot kill high orcs then lower the lvl of cold bolt to just over 1 shot kill damage that way you have less of a cast time) Use fire bolt on orc archers/worriors/ladys.

Second method: If you find high orcs still to hard or you cast time is to slow to kill then try replacing the skills owls eye and improve concentration with the skill safety wall (protects from melee damage) Tho you will have to by blue gemstones to use this skill, Stand in your safety wall and cast coldbolt/firebolt as needed.

SuperNovice: lvl's 90-99.
At lvl 90 and with basic dex gear you'll be able to get IC quite easily and we will need it for the mobbing ahead, It's time to start mobbing with magic and basically the only good mobbing skill magic supers have is thunderstorm, So you should have about job lvl 90-99 so you can use the angel buff to get +10 to all stats (refer to the Super powers section below) that will help with ic and magic damage. Now we want to be mobbing monsters that are weak against wind and give ok exp the two I like best are high orcs and seals for both you'll need the skill endure at lvl 10 so you can gather large mobs and basically all you need to do is practice your mobbing, it does not take to long to get used to it and you'll be killing large mobs in no time. Tip: use a pasana carded novice breast for high orcs (changes armor element to fire) and a swordfish carded breast for seals (changes armor element to water) those will help with the large damage attacks that orcs and seals do.

Thats it for my short lvling guide and I hope it will help's, I may add a melee lvling guide in future as well angel

Super IC (Instant Cast) Guide:
Instant cast or *IC* for short is a way to instantly cast magic and skills meaning no waiting for cast time and also not being interrupted my monsters attacks. To get IC you'll need 150 Dex and IC on a super novice is the easiest to get of all classes, so heres a little guide on getting IC:

Owl's eye lvl 10: +10 dex
Blessing lvl 10: +10 Str, Int, Dex
Improve concentration lvl 10: Raises Dex based on your *base dex* (the more base dex you have the more dex you get when using this skill)

Level / Job level:
You'll need to be at lest base lvl 80 and job lvl 99 to make use of IC and still have enough Int to do ok magic damage, If your job lvl 99 you'll have +5 permanent job bonus to all your stats.

Getting the angel buff:
You will need the super novices angel buff (+10 to all stats) to get ic easily, Refer to the Super Powers section below for info on how to get the buff.

End result:
With all the above skills, buffs and 99 base dex you will have +49 dex (148 dex) only 2 dex away from IC so you'll want any gear that raises dex to get IC which is not hard at all, I'll list a few of them in the next section.

Dex Equipment / Cards / Food:
Here's a list of Items / cards super novice can use to get some Dex.

Zerom Card, +3 Dex, Accessory
Rocker Card, +1 Dex, Armor
Drops Card, +1 Dex, Weapon
Sting Card, +4 Dex, Accessory
Stem worm Card, +5 Dex, Garmet
Gargoyle Card, +5 Dex, Shoes

Super novice hat / [1] +1 all sats, Upper headgear
Lord Kaho's horns, +20 Dex, Int, Str, Upper headgear
Celebration ring, +5 all stats, Accessory
Brysinggamen [1], +5 all stats, Accessory

With soul link and base lvl 90+:
Appel of archer, +3 Dex, Upper headgear
Mine Hat, +2 Dex
Model Training Hat, +2 Dex
Binoculars, +1 Dex, Middle headgear

Soul link and base lvl 96+:
Mjolnir[3], +40 Dex
Djinn[2], +40 Dex
Staff of magi[3], +10 dex
Evangilist[3], +20 dex
Mysteltainn, +3 Dex
Wizardry Staff, +2 Dex

NOTE: When a food is consumed, the player's stats will increase for 20 minutes.
Food effect is not stackable, only the highest level food will be in effect.
Certain food will also reover a percentage of your HP and/or SP

Honey Grape Juice, +1 Dex, lvl 1 food
Chocolate Mousse Cake, +2 Dex, lvl 2 food
Fruit Mix, +3 Dex, lvl 3 food
Cream Sandwich, + 4 Dex, lvl 4 food
Green Salad, +5 Dex, lvl 5 food
Peach Cake, +6 Dex, lvl 6 food
Soul Haunted Bread, +7 Dex, lvl 7 food
Special Toast, +8 Dex, lvl 8 food
Heavenly Fruit Juice, +9 Dex, lvl 9 food
Hwergelmir's Tonic, +10 dex, lvl 10 food

Thats the end of my small IC guide for super novices enjoy! and remember to decrease you base dex depending on what cards, equipment, food you use to always = 150 (theres no point in going higher than 150)

SuperNovice Secrets/Misc faqs.

Using the command "/doridori" restores HP/SP two times faster. You need to shake your head approximately 6 times in a 1.5-3s time period. This only applies to HP and SP recovered by the skills Increase HP Recovery & Increase SP Recovery

/doridori Example:

Guardian Angel:
A Super Novice has its own level up Angel. When leveling-up, this Guardian Angel is different from those of the other classes. The angel may cast a random skill from the following list, Kyrie Eleison, Magnificat, Gloria, Suffragium or Impositio Manus on the Super Novice. However if Mental Strength has occurred prior to the level up only Magnificant or KE will occur.

Angel Image:

I'm now lvl 100!!!! /jokes

Like a stone:
when a Super Novice's HP reaches 0 and has 99.0%-99.9% base EXP, their Guardian Angel may appear to refill HP and cast Mental Strength/Steal body (99 armor def, 0 vit def) on the Super Novice. This will not occur again until you relog or level another level.
Note: Since the recent anthem episode update steel body now works with a lvl 99 super novice with 99999999exp and also works in pvp and the rate is 100%, wile the steel body chance at 99.0 - 99.9 exp is much lower.

Woman!, Give me some stats!!:
A Super Novice wife will give +1 to all her hubbies stats when she uses the marriage skill Undying Love on her husband. Also, the husband's SP recovery will double. However, the wife's Stats will all be reduced by 1. This however only occurs randomly.

Heal plox:
A super novice wife will heal her husband for 2x the normal amount.

Super powers!!:
A job lvl 70 and over super novice can get +10 to all stats. The novice must be soul linked by a soul linker, the indicator that you have the buff is your lvl up angel will appear above your head tho this happens only rarely. The buff will dissapear if you die but not if you log off or change maps.
Before soul linkers the only way to get this buff and keep it was to get from a lvl 1 novice to a job lvl 70 super novice without a single death EVER!!

Super Novice Cart:
Super Novices get their own special cart, see the rental man in prontera for a cart. Super novice carts cannot be brought from kafra's.

Cart Image:

Super Fury:
When the Super Novice's EXP reaches increments of 10% such as, at 10.0%, 20.0% all the way to 90%. During these times the Super Novice can get a special Fury Status (critical rate +50).
To get this super fury type 7 lines of text and then type the following phrase's:

Guardian Angel, can you hear my voice? ^^;
My name is "your name here", and I'm a Super Novice~
Please help me~ T.T

"enter any random text for the last line" and you will have super fury.
Replace "Your name here" with you super novices name.
If you change maps or relog, you have to repeat all the steps but otherwise you can just repeat the 4 lines to get fury status again.
A good idea is to put the 4 lines of text in your shortcuts list "Alt+M" then you only have to press "alt + 1-0" to use it.
A lvl 99 super novice CAN!! use fury even tho he has no exp bar but the price you pay is gaining max overall exp, you need 99999999 exp witch is like going from 1-99 a second time. To look at your overall exp go to the character selection screen and look under EXP.

Fury Example:

A soul linked, lvl 90+ super novice can equip any upper, mid or lower headgear regardless of lvl requirements.
A soul linked, lvl 96+ super novice can use all lvl4 Mases, 1 handed swords, daggers, 1 handed axes, 1 handed staffs.
weapons and headgear will be UNEQUIPPED if the user: Dies and goes to save point, logs off, enters certain dungeons, warps to pvp.
Weapons and headgear will stay EQUIPPED if: the user dies and is resurrected, the soul link runs out, enters a warp portal, changes a map, uses lvl 2 teleport.
Headgears and Weapons made equip-able by the soul link will also remain equip-able even if broken.
Even some of anthems legendary Weapon SQI's can be used in soul link.

Soul link Image:

More HP please:
At lvl 99 a super novice gains a permanent +2000 extra HP.

/allstats+ 5 :
At job lvl 99 a super novice has gained a permanent +5 job bonus to every stat.

Jack of all trades:
Super novice can get to job lvl 99

I pitty the fool with 99 dex:
Super novice is the easiest class to get IC on (Instant Cast: Instantly cast magic, Cannot be interrupted), With the right equipment a super novice needs very little base dex to get IC, with no outside buffs or consumables needed, Using food items as little as 1 dex is needed.

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  1. "With the right equipment a super novice needs as little as 8 base dex to get IC, with no outside buffs or consumables needed, Using food items as little as 1 dex is needed."

    How do you do that? Please explain this in greater detail. Thank you.

  2. You can do that with the proper equipment, cards, and skills. As said, "no outside buffs" but you still have buffs you can use with you skills such as improve concentration, blessing, and owl's eye.

    Now, try adding us the buffs with all dex equipment and cards and you would be able to reach 150 dex with the guardian angel skill and when you have the job 80 stat bonus.


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