Saturday, May 2, 2009

About Def and Mdef

Common misconceptions about def and mdef

Most people, especially when they are new to RO tend to be dazzled by defense and magic defense. They wonder why there are two types of defense, the left and the right one. Of course, most people know that we get the left one from armors and cards while the right one is from either our vit or int but they do not truly know how the computation goes. They tend to wonder why Overupgraded items are so expensive because they believe that defense given by armors are just 1 DEFENSE. WRONG!!

The left defense and magic defense really lower damage by PERCENTAGE. here is the computation...

Armor/card Mdef * 1 = % of magic damage lowered.
Armor/ card def * 2/3 = % of damage lowered.

So basically, if you get 100 mdef SG, Jupitel and other magic attacks MISS and won't hit you at at all! For defense, I heard that about 125 defense does it and makes your enemies damage into 1. But, if you ask me why someone hasn't done it yet well let me say that it's IMPOSSIBLE unless there are custom items involved. A frigg set Prof or paladin may get about 80-90 mdef meaning that only 10%-20% of the magic damage hits them but getting 100 mdef is impossible. As for defense, I have never really tried going further that 70 defense but trust me, with cranial, immune and a poopoo hat and maybe with assump an EDP sinX would damage you about 50-100 ONLY per hit. Sucks but this is the truth about defense. Btw, the right def and magic defense damage by points to support the left def and mdef. Angelus affects only the right mdef in case you want to check.

Well, this is all for now, stay tune here for more tips and tricks at Ragnarok Job Guides.

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