Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunglasses Quest

I honestly wonder why when we search the internet for a sunglasses[1] guide we tent to fail to find one that quick. I also wonder why ratemyserver didn't add a sunnies quest in their quest database for some reason. Well, a lot of people are now benefiting from the quest while others lose zenny. Why? people who know the quest sell the sunglasses [1] for a ridiculous amount and claiming that it is hard to make when in fact it is so easy!

What you need are:
1 1 carat diamond
50 feathers
1 sunglasses[0]

first you have to talk to a girl named Sunglasses trader in alberta (89, 193) and give her:

50 feathers
1 carat diamond

after you give her the feather she gives you the location of the Maseph the actual sunglasses maker at moc_fild09(210,128). Now give the sunglasses to Maseph and 500k and bingo you now have sunglasses slotted!

You can now proceed to Maseph to create the sunglasses [1] without going to the sunglasses trader in Alberta anymore.

You just need to come to her with the following:
50 feathers
1 sunglasses

That's all, more guides to come here in Ragnarok Job guides!

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