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Weapon Card Modifier Guide

Ever wonder which cards to slot into a weapon? Do you ask, "Why does this combination do more than that one, even though it seems like it would do less damage?"

Hopefully this short guide will answer those questions, and give you a better understanding of how card slotting works.

The Basics
There are three types of damage modifier cards:

Race damage cards: Cards that increase damage depending on the race of the targeted monster (ex. Hydra, Goblin, etc.)
Element damage cards: Cards that increase damage depending on the element of the targeted monster (ex. Vadon, Kaho, etc.)
Size damage cards: Cards that increase damage depending on the size of the targeted monster (ex. Minorous, Desert Wolf, etc.)

Slotting cards of the same type will add. For example, four Hydra cards in a Composite Bow [4] will formulate like this:

1.00 +.20 +.20 +.20 +.20 = 1.80, assuming the target is demi-human.

However, slotting different types of cards will multiply. For example, the target is a Hill Wind, a Double Windy Double Clamorous Composite Bow [4] will formulate like this:

(1.00 +.20 +.20)x(1.00 +.20 +.20) = 1.96, assuming the target is a Hill Wind.

My "Specialty" Weapon
Nowadays, people like to invest in a weapon that is used for killing a certain monster. A common weapon people use would be the "PvP Weapon", for attacking other players.

What cards I recommend to maximize damage:

Player versus player cards:
Three Hydra Cards, One Skel Worker Card. Why? (1.00 +.20 +.20 +.20)x(1.00 +.15) = 1.84 + 5 attack damage *Recommended
Two Hydras, Two Skel Workers = 1.82 +10 damage *Less damage
Four Hydras = 1.80 *Less damage

Player versus "specific monster here" cards:
Two Race type cards, One Element type and One Size type card. Why? (1.00 +.20 +.20)x(1.00 +.20)x(1.00 +.15) = 1.932 rounded to 1.93 + 5 attack damage *Recommended, Race and Element are interchangeable
Four Element or Race type cards = 1.8 *Less damage
Three Element or Race type cards, one Size type card = 1.84 + 5 damage *Less damage

My "Versatile" Weapon
Besides "Specialty" weapons, some people choose to invest in a multi-purpose weapon. It's weaker than a "Specialty" type, but it allows for easy adaptation to different situations, and depending on the cards, may be significantly cheaper.

What cards I recommend for situational damage:

Player versus player cards:
Four Hydra Cards for a 1.00 +.20 +.20 +.20 +.20 = 1.8 calculation
Four Skel Worker Cards for a 1.00 +.15 +.15 +.15 +.15 = 1.6 + 20 attack damage calculation

Player versus monster cards:
Four Race type cards for a 1.00 +.20 +.20 +.20 +.20 = 1.8 calculation
Four Element type cards for a 1.00 +.20 +.20 +.20 +.20 = 1.8 calculation
Four Size type cards for a 1.00 +.15 +.15 +.15 +.15 = 1.6 +20 attack damage calculation

Either of these three card stacks allow for easy adaptation when hunting in a specific location that has a dominant race, element or size type of monster.

An ideal weapon to use in a map like Magma Dungeon Level 1 would be a Quadruple Flammable Composite Bow[4], as all monsters in that map are fire type elemental monsters.

The above only applies for One-handed sword, mace, staff, bow, instrument, whip, book, katar, gun and shuriken class weapons. For two-hand sword, spear, axe, and knuckle class weapons, Double Double of card types is best (by a very small amount)

Player Sizes:
Normal: Medium
Baby: Small

*Pecopecos do not change a character's size to large

This guide is only a guide. Please do realize that this guide does not apply to every situation.
Choice of cards are limited only to the player's economic state. Other cards may be used in place, but may lead to changes in damage.
All percentages are in whole numbers (1 = 100%), and does not include any other bonuses.

This guide was done by drakkhul.

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