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Assassin Cross

An elite group of Assassins who are taught a secret technique: poisoning themselves to strengthen their body. More agile than the normal Assassins, these are very powerful with their splash damaging Meteor Assault and Soul Destroyer (Soul Breaker) which is both based on the INT and STR stats of the player.

Why play SinX?
When Assassin first came to RO, many people liked the Assassin class because they are so cool and they tend to make fun of monsters in RO by seeing a "Miss" sign everywhere. Another is because they have a unique ability to Crit most of the time, they are the ones you find irritating making rough noise anywhere with their insane crits. After a few months time Assassin class became weak "In a sense that the players understand that RO is not about 99AGI!" and for the past years Assassin class became the weakest class ever, I even defeated one whose level is 98 while I'm only 85(Crusader), even Priests tend to beat off Sin class wif HolyLight/Phen combo. Even in WOE Sin class tend to die easily not being able to reach EMP, the only use for them is to critlock in spawn areas under their own precasts. Is there even a future for Sin class? After sometime there have been speculations of new upgrade classes, this is where SinX trully shines. Not anymore a bully type class like before. SinX skills totally amused me combined with the conventional Sin skills make a nice set of armaments for players to choose from. The destiny of Assassin class begins here...

Biggest mistakes/misconceptions made by players:

a.) All SinX are AGI/LUK characters:
"With the addition of SoulBreaker and Enchant Deadly Poison it opened up other types of builds for SinX other than AGI and LUK builds, ofcourse AGI and LUK builds are still good combined with EDP and the conventional skills of Sin. The popular builds of today are Soul Breaker builds (SBk/SBr) and Sonic Blow builds (SB) others are Hybrid SinX."

b.) Assassin class of today considered overpowered?
"In our country where advanced classes are not yet out, there has been a speculation that SinX class is an overpowered class because of the new skills, I personally disagree with it, other advance skills of other jobs tend to be quite powerful and Top Tier skills like SBk of SinX has a certain disadvantage like the 2.8 secs LAG which could be your downfall not to mention that you can't use skills in that 2.8 secs. EDP skill a costly skill to maintain in terms of money (Rich players ignore this)."

c.) Assassin X must use katar?
"With the addition of new skills and the upgrade of certain skills like Venom Splasher etc. Assassins are not restricted in using katars, more variations for dual daggers are now for grabs even 1 hand swords are now being used by SinX (Sbk class)."

d.) The best type and build for Assassin X please.
"I hate reading posts asking for best builds or types of Assassin. The thought of there being a "best build" is a misconception in itself. There is no such thing as a "best build". The "best build" you can get is a build that you have created for yourself that suits your playing style."

Common Builds:

The most popular portion of any FAQ/Guide, most readers tend to bypass other portions of the guide and go straight to this section. All builds are with Job 70 bonus and equips. These are my own builds, feel free to use this as a guide but please don't copy it exactly, remember the best build is the one you have created yourself.

My Critical All Rounder SinX build:
[quote]Personally I call this my all rounder SinX build, can do almost everything but does not specialize in a certain way. Combine this with a priest and you can now WOE/PvP efficiently. I think 176 atkspd is the minimum atkspd to critlock in WOE. Can also use Sonic Blow combined with EDP and change to STR gears for optimum damage.

174.0 atkspd w/ awakes 176.5 atkspd w/agiup and bless

Str 79 + 11 = 90
Agi 70 + 20 = 90 (w/ angel helm, matyr, 2x brooch[1] and thievescloth[1])
Vit 57 + 3 = 60
Dex 20 + 10 = 30
Luk 61 + 9 = 70
Int 2 + 0 = 2

Must have skills for this build
Thief Skills: Improve Dodge, Double Attack, Hiding, Envenom, Detoxify the rest is up to you
SinX Skills: EDP, Adv Mastery, Katar Mastery, Cloaking, Enchant Poison, Sonic Blow, Grim Tooth, Venom Dust[/quote]

My Extreme Critical SinX build:
[quote]I made this for EMP breaking in WOE and Critlocking purposes. With 90 LUK and 40 VIT it is enough to withstand Status effects. Infiltrator can be abused because of the 90 LUK.

has 177.0 atkspd w/ awakes 179.5 atkspd w/agiup and bless

STR: 49 + 11 = 60
AGI: 91 + 19 = 110 (w/ 2x BOC, matyr, thievescloth[1])
VIT: 37 + 3 = 40
INT: 1
DEX: 10 + 10 = 20
LUK: 82 + 8 = 90
9 stat pts left

Must have skills for this build
Thief Skills: Improve Dodge, Double Attack, Hiding, Envenom, Detoxify the rest is up to you
SinX Skills: EDP, Adv Mastery, Katar Mastery, Cloaking, Enchant Poison, Venom Dust[/quote]

My Soul Breaker Hybrid SinX build:
[quote]This is the build that I'm going to use when SinX comes out on our server, because I can't afford to EDP all the time I decided to use Soul Breaker as my mainstay and use EDP + Sonic Blow in tough situations especially in WOE.

STR: 81 + 9 = 90 (100 STR wif 2x ROM SGH/Sphinx/Adu Cap + Picky/EvilEars)
AGI: 1 + 15 = 16
VIT: 57 + 3 = 60
INT: 90 + 10 = 100 (2x earring, Eru Cap, 1 Handeno and 1 Evil Druid)
DEX: 35 + 10 = 45
LUK: 2 + 8 = 10
1 stat pt left

Must have skills for this build
Thief Skills: Improve Dodge, Double Attack, Hiding, Envenom, Detoxify the rest is up to you
SinX Skills: EDP, Adv Mastery, Katar Mastery, Cloaking, Enchant Poison, Soul Breaker, Sonic Blow, Venom Dust[/quote]

My Sonic Blow build SinX build:
[quote]This is my dream SinX build but it's very hard to train and is very expensive, it constantly uses EDP as it's mainstay as well as SP items. A very powerful build combined with very high STR and High DEX expect insane damage out of it.

STR: 99 + 21 = 120 (w/ 2x ROM, SGH, and EvilEars 130 STR w/ Bless)
AGI: 1 + 15 = 16
VIT: 71 + 3 = 74 (to ensure survivability and high % gain from pots)
INT: 1
DEX: 70 + 10 = 80 (Can exchange ROM's with NG and other DEX gears + Bless for 100 DEX)
LUK: 2 + 8 = 10

Must have skills for this build
Thief Skills: Improve Dodge, Double Attack, Hiding, Envenom, Detoxify the rest is up to you
SinX Skills: EDP, Adv Mastery, Katar Mastery, Cloaking, Enchant Poison, Sonic Blow, Venom Dust, Grim Tooth

Actually equipment is your own personal preference or what you can afford. These are only my suggestions.[/quote]

For AGI/Critical SinX
[quote]Head: PooPoo/Angel Helm/Masquarade/Devil Ears
Body: Marc/Dokebi/Ghostring/Pasana/Evil Druid/PecoPeco ChainMail/Thieves Cloth
Robe: Whisper/Raydric/Ragamuffin Manteau
Shoe: Verit/Matyr Boots
Shield: Thara Buckler (when rushing to EMP or under heavy precast)
Weapon: Infiltrator, Hydra/SS/OrcSkel Carded Jurs
Accessories: BOC, ROC, ROM

Robe shuffle. This only works for agi major hybrids, like the one suggested in this guide. You start off with a whisper manteau. When your opponent takes out a mummy weapon (pretty noticable due to the low damage), switch to a raydric manteau.[/quote]

For Soul Breaker SinX
[quote]Head: PooPoo/Elder Willow Cap/Masquarade/Devil Ears/Adurate Cap/SGH
Body: Marc/Dokebi/Ghostring/Pasana/Evil Druid/PecoPeco ChainMail
Robe: Raydric/Ragamuffin Manteau
Shoe: Sohee/Verit Boots
Shield: Thara Buckler
Weapon: Infiltrator, Andre/Mummy/Status Carded Blades/Handenogums/Knives
Accessories: ROM, EOM, Earrings[/quote]

For Sonic Blow SinX
[quote]Head: PooPoo/Masquarade/Devil Ears/Adurate Cap/SGH/AoA
Body: Marc/Dokebi/Ghostring/Pasana/Evil Druid/PecoPeco/Picky ChainMail
Robe: Raydric/Ragamuffin Manteau
Shoe: Matyr/Sohee/Verit Boots
Shield: Thara Buckler (when Rushing to EMP or under heavy precast)
Weapon: Infiltrator
Accessories: ROM, NG[/quote]

Assassin X WOE Rundown

Survivability - Superior to most classes like archer, mage, merchant and monk classes. Also the third highest HP modifier. Has a good selection of armors for quality defense. Also non SP reliant SinX can overweight themselves to carry maximum whites due to medium-high STR.

Firepower - EDP skill boosts SinX damage like hell, Sonic Blow can 1 Hit kill most classes except for Swordsman classes that have insane HP and some VIT freaked BS too. Soul Breaker another top tier skill that can 1 shot kill Mage and Hunter classes in PvP is also a fearsome skill. SBk users requires a bit of brains and strategy in order to be successful. Lastly Crit SinX can also use EDP and wiff their opponents with insane crit damage along with it's goddish atkspd.

Cost - EDP Reliant Sinx is very costly because EDP costs a lot depending on the demand in different servers. Armor costs the same as the swordsman class so I think it's a little costly compared to Acolyte, Mage and Archer class Equipments.

Versatility - I think Assassin X are pretty versatile. Need offensive firepower? Sonic Blow does the job. Need insane EMP breaker? Speed Critical SinX is the way to go. Need ranged damage? Soul Breaker is nice especially when in PvP. Want to be an MVP fast? EDP and SoulBreaker does the job too.

Carding Weapons
For different kinds of Sinx we also need different kinds of cards for different weapons to be effective in what we have to do. I will only state the most commonly used cards for such builds.


Soul Breaker SinX:
[quote]Weapon: Handenogum[2], Blade[4], Knife[4]
Cards: Andre, Mummy, Phreeroni and Status Cards

I have changed the old formula because it was proven that JayWorms formula was wrong. (Thanks to Sky and the others)

New Physics side formula
(ATK + (Specific cards(Andre) *10)

A Haendenogum with Andre Cards will always beat a Blade[4] with Andres when it comes to damage output except if the target has very low DEF like 10-20. The main use of Handenogum is the INT bonus which ignores DEF, usually pure Soul Breakers tend to use handenogum because they concenrate more on the Magic Atk side of SBk thus prefer the +3 INT.

Knife is used in the left hand because when calculating for the total atk the left hands weapon atk is not counted nor it's bonuses(+'s) you just need the [4]slots for more card advantage plus it's much cheaper and lighter to carry. Use [4]Knives + Status Cards and combo it with Envenom for a no miss status changer. Again a handenogum can also be used in the left hand for another +3 INT Bonus.[/quote]

Sonic Blow and Critical SinX:
[quote]Weapon: Jur[3], Knife[4], Blade[4]
cards: SS, Hydra, Mummy, Orc Skel, Phreeroni and Status Cards.

For best results use an Infiltrator if you are using Sonic Blow. A jur for SB build is just for Mummy Cards much better if you can afford a Phreeroni so you can go for a +10 Double Bloody Perfect Jur. For Critical builds if LUK is 60 use a 2 SS Hydra Jur for constant Crits. LUK 90 builds are open for Infiltrator or SS + 2 hydra jur for constant Crit + nice damage boost. Orc Skel for WOE and Status cards for knives[4] use Envenom for this.[/quote]
-Credits to Destiny-

For more guides and Tips and Tricks I hope you continue to visit Ragnarok Job Guides!

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