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Woe Professor Guide by Hallucinogen

I'll make a guide based mostly in WoE, not leveling. I will post some things about leveling, but this won't be my intention, because leveling here is easy.

Also, do NEVER, go as a bolter prof to WoE, support can do much more better things. Bolter Profs suck.


Talk to the npcs in the beggining, get some items, equip those and kill porings etc...

Go to some map with porings, below Prontera for example and get firebolt level 3 or 4.
After that, go to Einbroch city and 1 map up and firebolt a metaling. You wont 1-shot it but it's fine, do the firebolt, walk away its range until it is not aggressive anymore and do the same thing over and over until it is dead.

When you are a bit higher level, do geographers on the same map.

Sage : Level until level 80 in seals, you will get that fast. After that, go to stings and firebolt them, as you will need 2x glove(1) if you don't have the money to buy them.

If you like trying something new, I like getting autocast build and try ice dungeon. It is kinda expensive at the beggining, as you will have to marry your linker and if likely, have a swordfish card geared on. If so, just get 99 int, 99 agi, kaahi yourself with your linker and sage link. Use autocast and hit some ice titans. You don't need dex, as the autocast does NOT need to hit something to be activated.


High Novice : Prontera and 1 map down, kill everything untill you get the level to get to high mage.

High Mage : same as normal mage.

Professor : Same as sage, but if you are rich get leech from thors, it is fast. Anyways, you can go bolter prof to level, but ONLY for that.

Skill Description

I've decided that I will put only skills that are usefull for WoE.

Health Conversion

Converts 10% of your HP into SP. The higher the skill level the more effective the conversion will be. The conversion rate is 1:1 modified by SkillLV, so a 2000 HP Professor with Health Conversion LV 3 would gain 2000*10%=200 SP plus 30%, total 260 SP.

Level Description
1 10% More Effective
2 20% More Effective
3 30% More Effective
4 40% More Effective
5 50% More Effective

Soul Burn

This skill will burn all SP the target has, thus damaging it with its own SP. Since this damage is done to the mental system, it will be decreased by the target's MDEF. If you fail this skill, YOUR SP will be drained, and you will damage yourself. The damage is equal to twice the removed SP.

Level Description
1 40% Success Rate
2 50% Success Rate
3 60% Success Rate
4 70% Success Rate
5 70% Success Rate, Damage=2x SP

Soul Change

Exchange SP of the target with your SP. With this exchange it's not possible for any of the partners to exceed their Maximum SP. If you use this on a monster, you regain 3% of your SP. You can't use this skill on a monster again that already had Soul Change. You can use this skill in Siege Mode (WoE).

Mind Breaker

Attack the mind of the enemy to cause mental breakdown. This decreases enemy's MDEF, but it ups their MATK. Success chance is 55%+5*SkillLV%. This is basically Provoke for Magicians.
Level Description
1 MATK +20%, MDEF -12%, 60% success
2 MATK +40%, MDEF -24%, 65% success
3 MATK +60%, MDEF -36%, 70% success
4 MATK +80%, MDEF -48%, 75% success
5 MATK +100%, MDEF -60%, 80% success


Summon a spider web on a 3x3 target area to make any victim that step on it unable to move (like the Hunter skill Ankle Snare), also reduces the victim's Flee Rate by half. If this web is hit by any fire elemental skill, then the web will burn away, and cause 2x more damage than the skill itself alone would have done. You can only catch one enemy with each cast and you can not have more than 3 webs active at the same time.

Item required : 1 Cobweb

Land Protector

Shields an area from all area spells. Any skills that target the ground do not deal damage or do their effect. Skills such as Storm Gust, Hammer Fall, Fire Wall, etc. will do nothing. Also removes any area spells already placed in the area. Requires 1 Yellow Gemstone and 1 Blue Gemstone to use.
Level Description
1 7x7 Area
2 7x7 Area
3 9x9 Area
4 9x9 Area
5 11x11 Area

Item required : 1 Yellow Gemstone, 1 Blue Gemstone


Cancel all magical effects on target. Chance of success based on skill level and enemy MDEF with a base chance of 50%+10*SkillLV%. Requires 1 Yellow Gemstone to use.
Level Description
1 60% Base Success Rate
2 70% Base Success Rate
3 80% Base Success Rate
4 90% Base Success Rate
5 100% Base Success Rate

Item required : 1 Yellow Gemstone


The next five Spells you cast have their casting time reduced by 1/2. This effect will last as long as you don't use spells, but will be dispelled upon your death. Multiple Memorize casts do not stack, recasting resets the counter to 5.

Wall of Fog

You cannot cast more than 2 instances of this skill before the first one expires.
Effect: Creates a wall of fog of 5 x 3 cells perpendicular to the caster (triple the area of the Wizards Ice Wall). Anyone attempting ranged attacks or ranged skills through or into but not OUT OF the fog. Those inside are blinded (Status effect: Blind) for 30 seconds. For non ground targeted spells, there's a 75% chance that it will miss completely. Ranged attacks have a -75% damage penalty, and -50 HIT penalty. The wall lasts for 20 seconds, and cannot be cast on top of Sage's other ground based skills such as Volcano, Land Protector, and Violent Gale, but you may cast this over Deluge. If this skill is cast over Deluge, it will last for 40 seconds. You can cast this on top of monsters and you can not have more than 2 Wall of Fog active at any time.

Heaven's Drive

Hits every enemy in a 5x5 cell area around the target cell with 1 Spike per SkillLV for 1*MATK damage each.


In the area of effect all Water elemental attacks are amplified and the Maximum HP of anyone who is wearing water armor (i.e. Swordfish carded) is increased. You can only have one area enchantment out. Waterball and Aqua Benedicta can be cast on a Deluge. Also note that using these skills on Deluge will deplete the cells of water in it. This skill (like the others) cannot be cast over one another or double cast on top of itself. Ice Wall cannot be cast on a Deluge. Requires 1 Yellow Gemstone to use.

Level Description
1 +10% DMG from Water Attacks / +5% Maximum HP for Water Armor
2 +14% DMG from Water Attacks / +9% Maximum HP for Water Armor
3 +17% DMG from Water Attacks / +12% Maximum HP for Water Armor
4 +19% DMG from Water Attacks / +14% Maximum HP for Water Armor
5 +20% DMG from Water Attacks / +15% Maximum HP for Water Armor

Violent Gale

In a Violent Gale, all Wind elemental attacks get amplified and the Flee Rate of Wind elemental players (i.e. Dokebi carded armor wearers) is increased. Also, Fire Wall lasts 150% longer in a Violent Gale. You can't cast Ice Wall on a Violent Gale. You can only have one area enchantment out. This skill (like the others) cannot be cast over one another or double cast on top of itself. Requires 1 Yellow Gemstone to use.

Level Description
1 +10% DMG for Wind Attacks / +3 Flee Rate for Wind Armor
2 +14% DMG for Wind Attacks / +6 Flee Rate for Wind Armor
3 +17% DMG for Wind Attacks / +8 Flee Rate for Wind Armor
4 +19% DMG for Wind Attacks / +12 Flee Rate for Wind Armor
5 +20% DMG for Wind Attacks / +15 Flee Rate for Wind Armor


This skill enchants an area and buffs up all Fire elemental attacks inside of it and the attacks of those who are Fire elemental, i.e. wearing Pasana carded armor. This skill (like the others) cannot be cast over one another or double cast on top of it. You can only have one area enchantment out. Ice Wall can't be cast on a Volcano. It will last SkillLV minutes. The skill level determines the % Fire elemental attacks get amplified, the amount of ATK Fire elemental armor wearers get. Requires 1 Yellow Gemstone to use.

Level Description
1 +10% DMG for Fire Attacks / +10 ATK for Fire armor wearer
2 +14% DMG for Fire Attacks / +20 ATK for Fire armor wearer
3 +17% DMG for Fire Attacks / +30 ATK for Fire armor wearer
4 +19% DMG for Fire Attacks / +40 ATK for Fire armor wearer
5 +20% DMG for Fire Attacks / +50 ATK for Fire armor wearer

Spell Breaker

This skill lets you cancel any skill with Cast Time (ANY skill). When an enemy spell is canceled, the target gets 2% of its Maximum HP as damage and the Sage absorbs a percentage of the SP used for the broken spell, also if the SkillLV is 5, the sage will also absorb half the Physical damage done to the target. The success rate of this skill against Bosses is 10%. If this Spell is cast on an other Sage that uses Magic Rod, Magic Rod is not broken and the Spell Breaker caster looses 20% SP.

Level Description
1 0% SP Absorbed
2 25% SP Absorbed
3 50% SP Absorbed
4 75% SP Absorbed
5 100% SP Absorbed, 1% HP Absorbed

Stone Curse

Has a (20% + 4%*SkillLV) chance of causing the Stone Curse effect to the targeted enemy. The Stone Curse effect changes the targets element into Earth 1, gives +25% MDEF and -50% Def and reduces the targets HP by 1% of Maximum HP every 5 seconds (cannot drop below 25% of Maximum HP). Boss monsters cannot be Stone Cursed. Lex Aeterna and Steal cannot be used on a Stone Cursed target. Range is 2!! cells. From LV 6 on it no longer uses up a Gemstone if it fails.

Level Description
1 24% Success Chance 25 SP
2 28% Success Chance 24 SP
3 32% Success Chance 23 SP
4 36% Success Chance 22 SP
5 40% Success Chance 21 SP
6 44% Success Chance 20 SP
7 48% Success Chance 19 SP
8 52% Success Chance 18 SP
9 56% Success Chance 17 SP
10 60% Success Chance 16 SP


Nullifies the Hide, Tunnel Drive and Cloaking effects within range.

Safety Wall

Creates a Safety Wall effect in 1 cell. The effect will protect anyone standing on that cell from 1+SkillLV Physical attacks. The attacks do not have to hit to count against the total number of protected hits. Multiple Safety Walls do not stack on one cell. Skills from monsters closer than 4 cells are considered as melee attacks.

Level Description
1 2 Protected Hits
2 3 Protected Hits
3 4 Protected Hits
4 5 Protected Hits
5 6 Protected Hits
6 7 Protected Hits
7 8 Protected Hits
8 9 Protected Hits
9 10 Protected Hitst
10 11 Protected Hits

Energy Coat

Reduces damage from Physical attacks (punching, weapons and skills using weapons) by draining SP. Damage reduction is better and SP lost is higher with higher SP.

Those are the WoE skills you'll be using.

I'll do some personal notes on the skills to clarify their use.

Health Conversion : When you have good vit, it'll swap a low amount of health to a huge amount of sp. Pretty good.

Soul Burn : I don't really enjoy this skill because I honestly have bad luck, as it can burn my own sp, but its good to do that on HWs, because they take good damage and dont have much str to carry sp pots.

Soul Change : Godly. If you soulburn someone and get your SP to 0, just use 1 strawberry/grape and use soul change with an enemy. You have alot of sp and he has nothing. Its also good to swap your friends SP when they need, as for example champs so they dont use many sp pots. But, do NOT do this in middle of a battle, tell your friends to get his own SP pots because you have much more important things to do in a battle.

Mind Break : Awesome. Use it on people that income your precast or leave your guild to pump your HWs mATK.

Spiderweb : Godly. Use it when dangerous people are coming near you or to stop whole lots of people entering precast. It is kind of self explanatory this skill. If you have a sinX who uses fire converters, you can 1-shot almost everything with this.

Land Protector : The skill that defines professors. When in field battles, put it underneath your guild IF you are being attacked by magic. If attacked by AD or grimtooth, remove it with deluge/gale/volcano so your priests can pneuma.
Remove other guild's loki's with this skill.
Remove other professors LPs with it, just cast once on the enemy's LP and deluge/gale/volcano.

Memorize : Half cast for 5 seconds. Godly. Use it when entering precasts to lay down LPs.

Dispell : Dispell everyone in your front. Dispell champions so they can't cast asura. Dispell every enemy, but beware, you can dispell your own allies. Only dispell them if they ask, as a berserked LK to remove it.

Safety Wall : Safety Wall your allies when they are going to get asura. Safety enemies when they want to cast pneuma because they are getting attacked by grimtooth/AD and they wont be able to cast pneuma. Safety Wall the emperium. Note, emperium HAS ONLY 1 CELL, not 4 as some think. To know which one it is, just cast sanctuary on it and see which cell is being healed, that one you must safety wall.

Energy Coat : Have it always on as it reduces damage taken, period.

Stone Curse : Only people with ED won't get stone cursed, but stone curse people with Ghostring card, as it will leave them earth element, easy to kill with asura, or fire converted SB.

Spell Break : For this one, you must have sharp eyes. Spell break enemies trying to use Land Protector, Storm Gust, Meteor Storm etc etc etc... But the thing you must be looking is to spell break Emergency Recall.

Violent Gale/Deluge/Volcano : Use this to cancel other LPs or your owns. To cancel enemy LP just use your LP over it and then cast one of the 3 skills mentioned above. If your precast is water property damage, use Deluge in your own HWs. If its Meteor Storm, use volcano as it increases fire damage properties.

Heaven's Drive : Use it to reveal hide etc etc... Godly

Sight : same as above, just sight is attached to ur body and has no cast time.

Wall of Fog (WoF) : Godly. Use it on your allies to prevent from AD/Grimtooth and other skills, as those have a high chance to fail. But beware, your own priests for example will sometimes fail on casting things on WoF, such as pneuma. If you don't need it, just cancel with an LP.

Gears for WoE :

Ulles with gibbet card or stalactic golem card, good for MS precasts, Or you could use F.beret

Sunglasses Nightmare or S.Golem Card

Lower Headgear

Valk Armor with marc and one with ED. Use marc to enter precast, as ED is undead property, and will take 150% damage from fire, aka Meteor Storm.

Tidal Shoes with Green Ferus or Verit, your choice

Wool Scarf with raydric card

Combat Knife - If you don't have one, go for fabre rod if you dont have much vit or drops rod for dex

Accesories : Those a quite a bunch. 2x Zerom Gloves for DEX, 2x Alligator Rosaries to enter precast, 1x Errende Ebecee rosary to cast pneuma, 1x Smokie rosary to hide.

A few extras

Garments :

Jakk card for fire resistance, example Meteor Storm

Dustiness card for wind resistance, example LoV or JT or Sonic Blow with wind scroll

Marse card for water resistance, example Storm Gust

Armor :

Pasana card for fire resistance, example Meteor Storm

Swordfish card for water resistance, example Storm Gust

Dokebi card for wind resistance, example LoV or JT or Sonic Blow with wind scroll

This extras really help you out in some situations. You should get them as soon as possible.

Skill Build :

About soulburn, if your guild is small, drop a few points on Land Protector and add more in SoulBurn, as you don't need much space to fit your guildies in LP

Stat Build : You have to play a bit around with it, do how you like.
A few bases are:

9x Dex
3~4x Str
7~8x Vit
2x Int

Just remember, always do matches of 10 with Dex

Usables :

Use box of gloom in field battles and before entering precasts, as it'll higher your dex.

Use dex foods, I really enjoy +8 DEX food, as it is so easy to hunt.

Vit foods are good, camp some hydros and use +10 vit foods.

Box of Sunlight is godly, use it if you have a few. Very good to catch guildleaders and sinXs sneaking by.

Took the skill description + pictures from RMS. Rest written by me.


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