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Homonculus Guide

What is a homunculus?

A Homunculus is a part of the Alchemist's skill tree, which summons a pet to fight for / with you. The pet's actions are controlled with an AI script, which can be customized.
While the homunculus looks and often acts just like a pet, it is not a pet. It will (depending on the AI script, see the AI section) be able to attack, use it's own tree of skills on the player or on target monsters and often act on it's own. A homunculus has it's own set of stats, hp, sp, etc. and can die.

How to create a homunculus:
First, you must be an alchemist or a biochemist/creator. No other class has access to a homunculus. Then you have to do the homunculus quest.
Step by step guide by Dominon:


First of all, warp to Lightalzen City, then go to the shopping building

Now that your in, take the stairs to your right, on the second floor take the stairs on the left side of that room and you should be in a room with a clown npc. Buy Geek Glasses and a Grandpa Beard from him and equip them (not sexy, I know)

Now you can @go lightalzen to get out of there. Go inside the building shown below this text and keep walking near the left wall until you reach a horizontal corridor, then keep walking through it and go up until you see a guy guarding a portal.

Talk to him and you should be moved near that portal, now go in the portal. You're now in a room with a guard telling you that there are intruders going into the lab these days and that you should keep your eyes open, simply ignore this message and keep walking to the exit located on the East wall of that room. Now that you're in the lab keep walking forward and on the right upper corner of the lab there's a NPC named Kellasus, talk to him several times until the same text appears twice.

Then talk to Skrajjad who's located south of you

and then to Keshibien who you should be able to see near the portal from where you came.

Now @go lightalzen and go to the hotel that is North of you. Go in the hotel and enter in the portal to your right, you should be in the bar area right now, talk to Broncher and go back to Kellasus and he'll ask you three questions. The 1st answer is Vaporize, 2nd is Embryo, 3rd is Homunculus Resurrection. You need to write them exactly as they appear here, capital letters are a critical aspect, if you write vaporize instead of Vaporize it WON'T work.

Now he'll say that he still can't teach you that. You need to go here and talk to his son, Koring. He'll be on the frist room to you're left.

After this just go back to Kellasus and talk to him, he'll finally teach you Bioethics and Call Homunculus. To summon your homunculus you just need to use the Call Homunculus skill with the Embryo in your inventory.

Note: You only need the embryo in your inventory the first time you summon him, after that the Embryo is consumed and you no longer need one in your inventory.

Embryo Creation

If you still don't know how to get an Homunculus, what you need to do is:

1. Do the quest
2. Go to Ostia shopping mall /prontera alchemist item npc and buy 1ea of the following items:
    Dew of Yggdrasil:

    Seed of Life:

    Glass Tube:

    Potion Creation Guide:

    Medicine Bowl:

3. Reset your stats to full dex/luk build for higher success rate
4. Use Pharmacy skill and create the Embryo
5. If the skill succeeded use Call Homunculus, if not repeat step 4

Different types of homunculus:

    The tank among the 4 types, A high lvl Ami can get more than 10k HP, and the incredible Vit growth makes pots extremely efficient. Good to act as a tank, but levelling may be slow until you get the 4th skill, at which point it will be the key levelling method for your Ami. Takes forever to get there though Razz Also not the fastest killer among the 4 types.
    If you don't like blobs and birdies, then this may be your cup of tea.


Castling, Active.

Instantaneously switch the location of the player and Amistr. The monsters that were attacking the player will now attack Amistr instead.

1: 20% chance of success.
2: 40% chance of success.
3: 60% chance of success.
4: 80% chance of success.
5: 100% chance of success.

Amistr Bulwark , Active.

Temporarily increase the defense of both Amistr and the player.

1: 2 defense, 40 second duration.
2: 4 defense, 35 second duration.
3: 6 defense, 30 second duration.
4: 8 defense, 25 second duration.
5: 10 defense, 20 second duration.

Adamantium Skin, Passive.

Increase Amistr's Defense, Maximum HP, and HP Regeneration.

1: 2% hp, 5% regen, 4 defense.
2: 4% hp, 10% regen, 8 defense.
3: 6% hp, 15% regen, 12 defense.
4: 8% hp, 20% regen, 16 defense.
5: 10% hp, 25% regen, 20 defense.

Blood Lust, Active.

For a five minute duration, Amistr's damage is increased and every attack has a chance to leech 20% of the damage as HP.

1: 1 minute duration, 130% damage increase, 3% chance to leech, 5 minute cast delay.
2: 3 minute duration, 140% damage increase, 6% chance to leech, 10 minute cast delay.
3: 5 minute duration, 150% damage increase, 9% chance to leech, 15 minute cast delay.

    Another damage-dealing monster, however HP/Vit growth is much less than Vanis, thus survivability is a bigger concern. Filirs generally end up with the highest flee among the 4 types, but not much more than Vanis. The lower MaxHP alone may convince u to switch to Vani instead, but it is more of a personal choice (as well as not wanting to be one of the Vani bandwagon hoppers). The 4th level skill is more useful than Vanis', since you don't have to spend forever to build up intimacy and then blow it away in one blast.
    A good alternative for people who want to be different from the Vani bunch.


Moonlight, Active.

Filir attacks a target with its beak.

1: 1 hit, 220% damage.
2: 2 hits, 330% damage.
3: 2 hits, 440% damage.
4: 2 hits, 550% damage.
5: 3 hits, 660% damage.

Flitting, Active.

Temporarily increase Filir's attack and aspd.

1: +3% aspd, 110% damage, lasts for 60 seconds, 60 second delay.
2: +6% aspd, 115% damage, lasts for 55 seconds, 70 second delay.
3: +9% aspd, 120% damage, lasts for 50 seconds, 80 second delay.
4: +12% aspd, 125% damage, lasts for 45 seconds, 90 second delay.
5: +15% aspd, 130% damage, lasts for 40 seconds, 120 second delay.

Accelerated Flight, Active.

Temporarily increase Filir's flee.

1: 20 flee, lasts for 60 seconds, 60 second delay.
2: 30 flee, lasts for 55 seconds, 70 second delay.
3: 40 flee, lasts for 50 seconds, 80 second delay.
4: 50 flee, lasts for 45 seconds, 90 second delay.
5: 60 flee, lasts for 40 seconds, 120 second delay.

SBR44, active.

Lower your Filir's intimacy level in exchange for high damage to a single target.

    Has no efficient combat skills, unless you count running away as a combat skill :/ Levelling is going to be really really REAAAALLY slow until you open up the 4th skill. If you do manage to do that somehow, then congratulations and have fun =)
    Not recommended for beginner alchies.


Healing Hands, Active.

Heals the player, or another player if specifically targeted. The skill consumes a Condensed Red Potion, but otherwise functions exactly like an Acolyte's , but cannot healbomb undead.

Heal. In order to clear up some confusion there's been regarding this, your int has no relevance to the amount healed. It is calcuated using the Lif's int.

1: 13 sp.
2: 16 sp.
3: 19 sp.
4: 22 sp.
5: 25 sp.

Urgent Escape, Active.

Temporarily increase the moving speed of both Lif and the player.

1: 10% faster, 40 second duration.
2: 20% faster, 35 second duration.
3: 30% faster, 30 second duration.
4: 40% faster, 25 second duration.
5: 50% faster, 20 second duration.

Brain Surgery, Passive.

Increase Lif's Max SP and SP Regeneration rate, as well as the amount healed via Healing Touch.

1: 1% sp, 3% regen, 2% Healing Touch bonus.
2: 2% sp, 6% regen, 4% Healing Touch bonus.
3: 3% sp, 9% regen, 6% Healing Touch bonus.
4: 4% sp, 12% regen, 8% Healing Touch bonus.
5: 5% sp, 15% regen, 10% Healing Touch bonus.

Mental Change, Active.

For a period of five minutes, Lif's maximum HP and SP are switched. After activating the skill, HP is fully healed. Non-skill attacks are increased by the

Lif's MATK value. After the skill duration has ended, HP and SP are set to 10.

1: 1 minute duration, 10 minute cast delay.
2: 3 minute duration, 15 minute cast delay.
3: 5 minute duration, 20 minute cast delay.

    All-round good choice. Starts out the weakest of all the types but has excellent average growth rates, which makes a high lvl vani a very formidable pet. At high lvls they get 8k+ HP, very fast ASPD, 200+ flee, instant-cast bolts which do a lot of damage, and their Vit is only second to Amistrs thus making pots more efficient. The 4th skill is not very useful though.
    The pet of choice for battle alchies who like a fast and hard hitting levelling companion


Caprice, Active.

Randomly uses Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt, or Earth Spike. The skill level used for the spell is determined by the skill level of Caprice.

1: 22 SP, can use level 1 bolt-type spell.
2: 24 SP, can use level 2 bolt-type spell.
3: 26 SP, can use level 3 bolt-type spell.
4: 28 SP, can use level 4 bolt-type spell.
5: 30 SP, can use level 5 bolt-type spell.

Chaotic Blessings, Active

SP use : 40.

Randomly uses Heal on you, an enemy that is attacking you, or Vanilmirth itself. It will heal rather than damage undead monsters.

1: Heal level 1: Enemy: 50% / Vanilmirth: 20% / Player: 30%.
2: Heal level 1 - 2: - Enemy: 40% / Vanilmirth: 50% / Player: 10%.
3: Heal level 1 - 3: - Enemy: 25% / Vanilmirth: 25% / Player: 50%.
4: Heal level 1 - 4: - Enemy: 36% / Vanilmirth: 60% / Player: 4%.
5: Heal level 1 - 5: - Enemy: 33% / Vanilmirth: 34% / Player: 33%.

Instruction Change, Passive.

Increase Vanilmirth's Intelligence and Strength.

1: 1 int / 1 str.
2: 2 int / 1 str.
3: 2 int / 3 str.
4: 4 int / 4 str.
5: 5 int / 4 str.

Bio Explosion, Active.

Vanilmirth self destructs and inflicts defense ignoring damage on everything within a 9x9 square around it. The damage is based off it's maximum HP, and

after the attack, intimacy is reduced to 1.

1: Max HP * 1.
2: Max HP * 1.5.
3: Max HP * 2.

Hunger and Intimacy:
Homunculus eat the following foods:

Amistr: Zargon.
Filir: Garlet.
Lif: Pet Food.
Vanilmirth: Scell.

Just like with pets you can view your pet statistics by opening up the pet window (alt-r) or additionally, by typing @hominfo, which is more detailed.

Unlike pets, a homunculus has a "hunger" bar, which will indicate how hungry your homunculus is at any given time. Each time you feed your pet it's food, the hunger bar will go up by 10 points, to a maximum of 100. Each minute that passes by while your homunculus is out (not dissolved/rested) it loses 1 hunger.

Feeding time:

1~10% Hunger - Homunculus receives 50% bonus intimacy
11~25% Hunger - Homunculus receives 100% bonus intimacy
26%~75% Hunger - Homunculus receives 75% bonus intimacy
76%~90% Hunger - Homunculus loses 5% bonus intimacy
91%~100% Hunger - Homunculus loses 50% bonus intimacy

Best feeding time is at 11~24% Hunger.
You can only feed the Homunculus every 10 minutes.

Level of intimacy:

0-3 = Hate with a passion
4-10 = Hate
11 - 100 = Awkward
101-250 = Shy
251-750 = Neutral
751-910 = Cordial
911-1000 = Loyal
*you can evolve it with Stone of Sage after it becomes loyal, but doing so will lower the Intimacy back to 10*

Stone of sage is dropped by:
-Mistress of Shelter
-Gemini S-58

Management, life and death of a homunculus:

Since homunculus are external characters that have their own hp and sp, they, too can die. Instead of leaving the body behind, a homunculus will just vanish on the spot, but no worry! They can be returned to life by the use of the skill ressurect homunculus.

Homunculus in the way? Want to autotrade all night? use Rest/Dissolve on them and they will be handily put away into a pocket dimension while you go afk.

Need it back? Bad? Call it and it will come!

Homunculus cannot lose intimacy or exp by repeatedly dying or being rested and re-called many times in succession.

They cannott be buffed except via Agi Up bug (see Bugs section below), and can't be healed except via Alchemist skill Aid Potion. However, a fellow alchy in your party can aid pot your homunc. Aid Condensed Potions doesn't work on them.
Some monster status effects work on them them though (e.g. curse)
LexAeterna does nothing for your homuncs' skill attacks in pvm, but work for normal melee attacks. They themselves can be lexed in pvp.

    ****KNOWN BUGS****

    -Vani's skill Instruction Change is currently bugged. If you tele/warp/relog or otherwise cause your homunc to respawned, the STR bonus from IC is temporarily lost until next lvl-up. INT appears to be bugged, but in fact if you start killing a monster, the correct bonus will be reflected. Since it is a passive boost, the only way to refresh it is to lvlup or increase Instruction Change skill lvl (if you still can). Note: There is no advantage to not getting this skill maxed as soon as you can, since you still get the INT bonus.
    Chi's suggestion: Stop lvling just before your Vani hits a lvl-up. The next time you come on, go get the lvl and your homunc can enjoy the full benefits of Instruction Change (at least until the next respawn).

    - Filirs do not get any Flee bonus from Accelerated Flight skill, even though the window shows that it does.

    -They can get stuck attacking things on other sides of walls. Can be reduced with a custom AI script (?).

    -They can get left behind if you run too far, they will sit there until vaporized or killed (they will not attack back). Get a custom AI script to solve this.

    -CAN be targeted in PvP by both targeted and AoE spells.

    -If Vaporized while status effected (freeze, curse, etc), homunculus will bug up. Same thing happens if it was status effected when it dies. Vaporize and recall to fix.

    -Monsters WILL target homunculi over normal players. No quick solution. Either vaporize and recall so that you become the new target, or use corners/terrain to your advantage. Or kill the monster a.s.a.p.

    -Castling skill for Amistr is bugged, monsters do not switch, you do switch locations though.

    - Homuncs can benefit from the old Agi Up bug. Just get an Agi Up, use a Authoritative Badge, equip a Bloody Axe or whatever increases your moving speed. Then Vaporize+Recall or Tele/relog/warp somewhere. Your Homunc will then benefit from Increased movement speed until you cancel it with a V+R/Tele/relog/warp etc.

Notes on homunculus:


How do you know if your baby homunculus is growing up to be a fine specimen of its kind? First, check its stats growth by using the stat calc: (

Compare it to this table and see if the respective growth rate is near, above, or below the average. If it's above or the same, then good for your homunc. If below, then you have to consider if you want to keep it a bit longer or remake. A slight variation in growth rates (+/- 0.2) should not make much of a difference.


A. ATK: Your homunculus' physical melee attack strength.
Min ATK = Str + [Str / 10] ^ 2 + Dex
Max ATK = Str + [Str / 10] ^ 2 + Max(Str + Level, Dex)
<-- this is what you see in the Alt+R window (** Note: In most cases, Str+Lvl > Dex, so the formula simplifies down to ATK = Level + (STR * 2) + [STR/10]^2 )

B. MATK : Used for magical attacks, especially Vanilmirth's Caprice skill.
Formula: MATK = INT + [INT/5]^2

C. HIT : How well your homunc can hit enemies with physical melee attacks.
Formula : HIT = Level + DEX

D. CRIT : Kinda useless stat atm. They can't actually crit. Only useful as an indicator of your pet's LUK, which translates to a crit shield in pvp/woe.
Formula : Crit = [LUK/3] + 1

E. DEF : This misleading number is actually the sum of your armor def and vit def.
Armor Def = [Level / 10] + [Vit / 5]
Vit Def = Vit - 1

F. MDEF : Homunculi Magical Defence Razz
Formula : MDEF = [Level / 10] + [Int / 5]

G. FLEE : How well they flee. An unusual property of homunculi: Multiple monsters do not reduce their flee, unlike normal players.
Formula : FLEE = Level + AGI

H. ASPD : Another strange aspect of homunculi. This number does not translate to the same attack speed that a player with the same ASPD has. The formula below is not absolutely accurate, but its close =3
Formula : ASPD = 200 - (Delay/10) + ( [4*Delay*AGI/1000] + [Delay*DEX/1000] ) / 10

I. SP Regen : Not mentioned in the window, but a semi-useful stat nonetheless.
Formula : SP regen per tick= [Int/6] + [SP/100]

Frequently Asked Questions:

a. My homunculus is gone!
    it happens from time to time. If you haven't left it out long enough for it to run away (intimacy drops to 0), Follow the list of instructions below:

    1. Rest/Call your homunculus
    2. Ressurect your homunculus
    3. Re-log
b. what happens when I rebirth?
    the homunculus goes back into it's pocket dimension and waits for you to hit biochemist/creator. When you do you can call it again once you get the homunculus skills back. don't worry, it'll be at exactly the same intimacy/hunger/exp/level as from before you rebirth.
c. how does leveling up work? I can't set my homun's stats!
    you don't. The homunculus automatically gains a point in each stat based on a percentage. Each one is different and has a different chance of gaining a point in any given stat on each level up. If you are personally very unlucky you might end up with a very weak homunculus, but the way the stats are scaled, you are increasingly likely to hit middle of the road to over powered.

d. is my homunculus weak? over powered? middle of the road?
    use the command @homstats. it should display your stats and the range of each stat as it could possibly have gained as it lvls up. I.E. if I use @homstats with my lif and it says 109 (35 ~ 209) it means my hom has 109 of that stat and it's minimum possible was 35 while the maximum possible was 209.

    to use @homstats, you need to have @commands functioning. Smile
e. Can I have more than 1 Homunculus?
    No. You have to delete the first one (permanently) before you can summon another.
f. How does a Homunculus lvl up?
    If homunculus kills a monster by itself, it will get the full XP. Your alchy/biochem will also get the same amount of Base XP. All JobXP is lost. If you want to get JobXP as well, help to kill the monster and you will get the appropriate amount based on how much dmg you deal out. Formula for homun base_xp:
    Amount Earned = Monster Base_XP * (Damage from Homunc)/(Total Damage from Homunc + Player)

    Note: Pets count as a ks-er, so the monster's XP award is increased accordingly.
g. How do I get skills for my homunculus?
    At Base lvl 3 your homunculus will get its first skill point. Every 3 Base lvls thereafter, your homunculus gets 1 skill point. They do not have Job lvls. Each homun type has 3 skills which are maxed at lvl 5 each, and one additional untimate skill which is maxed at lvl 3. This means your homunculus could max all it's skills at lvl 54. In addition, the ultimate skill can only be obtained by evolving your homunculus and then getting it to Loyal again. Excess points cannot be used for anything at this time.
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