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Champion Guide

Though given another chance by the gods, the monks once again turn to training their physical strength and ignoring the call to help others. Now with the power of the gods, they are able to strike and kill in one hit. The combo capabilities of Champion is far more powerful than Monks. Champions can now call five spirits all at once. They can pull off the deadly Guillotine Fist (Asura Strike) faster than Monks, and deliver a devastating palm strike. Champions are truly a powerful class and deadly killer.

- Introduction

The purpose of this guide is to learn you more about Champions in general, advanced techniques champions have and some formulas to help you understand/make your builds better.
Most of the information found here is gathered by resources or in-game experiments/experience on private servers.
Oh, as a bonus: there will be no fĂșcking swearing in this guide.

Addendum: This is mostly for PvP uses, you can ,however, utilize some techniques on monsters.

Addendum 2: I'm totally neglecting the Combo-Champion. I never used it ( well once, but I never decided to get all geeky about it ) so bash me for that.

Addendum 3: I can be useful.

Version updates:

v 1.0
- Fixed the part about PPs not being able to be cancelled with weapons
- Added the Body Relocation glitch

Table of Contents

- Skill tree
- In-depth explanation about important skills including some tips
- Equipment
- Advanced techniques
- Formulas and all that geeky stuff
- Links, credits, 'etc'

Skill tree

Indepth-explanation about important skills

Asterisks '*' will be explained later in the Advanced Techniques section.

Summon a holy light around the caster that will detect and damage hidden enemies within its range (3x3 cells). Ruwach inflicts an amount of Holy property damage equal to 145% of the caster's MATK.
SP Cost: 10
Cast delay: None
Cast Time: None

The use of Ruwach is self-explanatory but regardless of that, it’s a mandatory to have this skill.
You can dance/cancel this skill.

Restores the target's HP. The amount of HP restored is based on the caster's base level, INT and the skill's level.
Heal used against undead element targets counts as Offensive Healing - Heal does damage instead of restoring HP.

SP cost: (10+(SkillLV*3))
Cast time: None
Cast delay: Fixed at 0.5 s

Apart from healing your HP, this skill could also be used to check of your opponent is wearing Evil druid or not.

1. You can dance/cancel this skill.

Raging Palm strike/Palm Push strike
Use your palm to push enemies back 3 cells. Damage will be inflicted after 1 second. Only works when under Fury status. Does not consume Spirit Spheres.
SP cost: (2*SkillLV)
Cast time: None
Cast Delay: 0.3 s

Palm Push strike is a skill that is highly exploitable, it has a knock back animation that activates after 1 second, but the Cast cool-down is 0.3 s. Which means that you can alternatively use another skill before the knock back animation starts, this grants the opportunity for a lot of weird combinations which I will explain to you later.
Palm Push strike has a lot of uses, from Pushing somebody out of Safety Wall/ Pneuma or just to connect another attack after Palming.
The knock back effect of Palm Push strike can only be negated by the RSX card and War of Emperium arenas. Standing in Safety wall will prevent damage, but not the knock back effect.
Please note, to combo into another attack you’ll have to use an *Awakening potion first.
*I lied, you are able to combo into another attack without Awakening potions, but you have to time it exactly which is quite hard. Awakening potions make it a lot easier since they reduce attack delay by 15%.
The amount of Palm Push strikes you can stack, human finger wise, is 4. You can however stack 9 if you have poem and if you are able to spam buttons at 150 m/s.

1. You can stack multiple Palm Push strikes.
2. Can only be used under the Fury status.
3. Card effects like hydra and zipper bears work with this skill.
4. *You can dance/cancel this skill.

Investigate/Occult impaction
Consumes 1 Spirit Sphere per cast. Inflicted damage increases in proportion with the enemy's VIT DEF and Armor DEF. Occult Impaction is always of the Neutral element regardless of an equipped weapon's elemental attribute. Occult Impaction always hits.
SP Cost: 10-20
Cast time: 1 Second (Not Interruptible)
Cast delay: 0.5 Seconds

Investigate is a rather weird skill, a skill that isn't used a lot in PvP but has potential to do high damage by means of dance/cancelling the skill.
Because of the cast delay being 0.5, but you're stunned for 1 second, you can cancel the 'animation stun' of 0.5 seconds ( 1-Castdelay[0.5]) by summoning a spirit or moving.
This skill can be combo'd after Palm Push strike.

1. Card effects like hydra and zipper bears work with this skill.
2. Investigate will do more damage when you use an Evil Druid card in your Armor.
3. Investigate never misses ( excluding Safety wall )
4. Element is always neutral and can not be altered
5. **You can dance/cancel this skill.

Root/Blade stop
Root is the Monk's version of the Knight skill Counter Attack. Once Root is cast, it allows the caster to "catch" an enemy if they use a normal attack against the caster during the skill's Catch Time. If Root is successfully cast, then both the Monk and enemy are thrown into the "Root" status. During the Root status, only Monks can attack, by use of skills, and what skills they can use are determined by the level of Root they have learned. Root only works on physical attacks and requires 1 Spirit Sphere per cast.
SP Cost: 10
Cast time: *0.5-1.3 s
Cast delay: 0.5 s

Pretty exploitable skill and will fit in amazingly handy against ASPD Assassins and berserk Lord Knights.
*Blade stop's cast time is actually instant but the seconds put there are actually the 'catch' time, with this I mean the time you will remain in the pre-blade stop animation. While you're in the pre-blade stop animation, any melee attack that hits you will be 'blade-stopped'.
Blade stop only works against melee and will fail to work against skills like Cart termination and Bash. It does, however, work against Sacrifice.
While your opponent is blade-stopped, you can use Raging Quadruple Blow, Finger offensive and Asura strike. Please note that your blade-stop level has to be at least level 2 to cast Finger Offensive and level 5 for Asura strike.
Since this skill does not create an actual 'status' there are no known ways to recover from it by means of skills like Recovery or Blessing except for dispell. To get out of blade stop, the original caster using an attack ( Or if you blade-stopped a champion he/she can use his/her skills too) or if one of the two dies.
When you have blade-stopped somebody, both you and your opponent can be hit from incoming attacks and yes you can be separated from each other.

Decrease AGI
Decreases AGI of target by 2 + SkillLV and reduces movement speed by 25%. The skill can fail and success is indicated by the text "AGI down" on the target at the time of casting.
SP Cost: (20+(SkillLV*10))
Cast Time: 1 s
Cast Delay: 1 s

Decrease AGI is one heckuva' handy skill, it can cancel increase AGI, Adrenaline Rush, Two-Hand quicken, One Hand quicken, Spear quicken and Cart boost.
You can make a berserk Lord knight useless and prevent Whitesmiths from using Cart termination and it makes your opponents easier to hunt down while you're chasing them.
This skill is a must have.

1. You can dance/cancel this skill at the end of the cast time.

Sphere Absorption/Absorb Spirits
Uses up all Spirit Spheres and regains 10 SP per sphere. Can be used on another Monk's Spheres in PVP with a success chance of 100%. If used against a monster it steals 2 SP per monster level with a success chance of 20% .
SP Cost: 5
Cast Time: 2 seconds
Cast delay: None

Absorb spirits has a few uses, you can steal the Spheres of other champions disabling them to use Finger Offensive, Asura strike and Investigate. The skill can also be used to slowly regain/create SP for no cost and the idea is simple, you cast Collect Soul ( costs 20 SP ) and absorb your own spirits (10*5 SP) 50-20-5, to regain 25 SP.
Whenever you absorb the Spheres of a Champion while he/she is casting Asura strike, the animation of Asura strike will continue but no damage will be dealt and you still lose all of your SP. Finger Offensive, on the other hand, will abruptly cancel at the end of the Cast Time if the Spheres are absorbed while being cast.

1. You can dance/cancel this skill at the end of the cast time.

Throw Spirit Sphere/Finger Offensive
Throws Spirit Spheres at enemy. Skill level affects number of spheres that can be thrown, damage is 125%+25*used SkillLV% ATK using the element of your current weapon. Number of thrown Spirits equals to used SkillLV and may miss depending on normal hit probabilities. It has uninterruptible cast but Pneuma will block this skill.
SP Cost: 10
Cast Time: (1+(SkillLV*1)) Not interruptible
Cast Delay: 0 - 0.2 s.

Mediocre exploitable and strenuous cast time for low/med-DEX characters, Finger Offensive has a weird damage modifier. If you have one spirit Sphere left and cast level 5 Finger Offensive, the Sphere will be level 5 (damage wise but cast time acts as level 1) and give damage according to the level it was cast with.
Finger Offensive takes over status cards so use it in conjunction with marina cards, or others, to benefit from.

1. This skill can be combo'd after Palm Push strike
2. Card effects like hydra and zipper bears work with this skill.
3. ***You can dance/cancel this skill

Snap/Body relocation
Directly teleport to any chosen cell. You can not move to or over non movable cells this way, e.g. up a cliff. Uses up 1 Spirit Sphere. If under Fury state, you can use this skill without the need for Spirit Spheres. After using this skill, you cannot use Asura Strike for the following 2 seconds.
SP Cost: 14
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: None, except Asura strike (2 seconds)

To elaborate about the strange Cast Delay Body Relocation has with Asura Strike, whenever you Body relocate to a cell your Fury status goes into a cool-down mode which only affects Asura strike, you can see it too, Body relocate on a cell and 2 seconds later you'll glow from Fury again.
Use this skill to swiftly move from spot to spot and combo into a few moves, like Palm Push strike or Finger Offensive.
It's not a complex skill but ranges in usefulness such as retreating techniques or taunting somebody.

1. This skill can be "combo'd" after Palm Push strike.

Guillotine Fist/Asura Strike
Guillotine Fist is the Monk's ultimate attack that consumes all of their remaining SP to deal massive damage to one target. Guillotine Fist is effected by race/size/elemental cards, but always remains a Neutral property attack.
SP Cost: all
Cast Time: 4 - 2 Seconds ( Level-wise)
Cast Delay: 3 - 1 seconds ( Level-wise)

Asura Strike is by far my favourite skill, it can do massive damage and without extensive
set-up can kill any class if used correctly.
This skill makes the Champion a class to be feared even if you're wearing a Ghostring.
Just like many other skills of the Champion, to pull off Asura Strike it requires the Fury status and all 5 Spirit Spheres ( with an exception of root where you only need 4 Spheres ).
Once used, you lose all of your Spheres, the Fury status and SP.
If you quickly regenerate your SP you would be able to use another skill after 3 - 1 seconds, these seconds depend on the level that Asura Strike is.
The lower the level of Asura Strike, the higher the Cast time and Delay, the Higher the level of Asura Strike, the lower the Cast time and Delay.
A strange phenomenon occurs when you pull off Asura Strike and immediately, continually, move into a direction.
It's an ever going animation until you stand still with the exception of standing still while cancelling it into a move like heal.
It's rather complex and I'll make a video about it later.

Some stupid facts about Asura strike or random stuff:
1. Did you know Asura Strike's damage mostly comes from STR?
2. Did you know Asura's casting cell is 1 but if the opponent moves to ANY place on the map Asura strike will still hit?
3. Did you know you could instantly Body relocate after Asura Strike in the past?
4. Did you know 'Asura' is, in Hinduism, a group of power seeking deities also referred to as demons?

1. Asura strike can be interrupted
2. You need to have 5 - 4 Spheres and Fury to use this skill
3. Card effects like hydra and zipper bears work with this skill.
4. Asura never misses ( excluding Hide and Safety wall )
5. Asura is always neutral and can not be altered.
6. You can dance like a madman after the skill has been cast.

Zen/Collect Soul
Summon all 5 Spirit Spheres at once. Unlike Summon Spirit Sphere, this skill can be interrupted.
SP Cost: 20
Cast time: 2 s
Cast delay: none

Way faster than Summon Spirit Sphere and costs (5*8-20) 20 SP less. The only downside, in comparison with Summon Spirit Sphere, Collect Soul can be interrupted while Summon Spirit Sphere is non interruptible.

Fury/Critical explosion
This skill launches the caster into a state that increases the Critical Attack rating of the caster, disables natural SP Recovery, gives the caster a special aura, and allows the user to cast Guillotine Fist. Requires 5 Spirit Spheres to cast.
SP Cost: 15
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: None

Mandatory for everything you will ever do.

1. Super novices can also cast this skill and bug it for that matter.
2. You can dance/cancel this skill.

Creates a 3x3 cell cloud (although the animation only appears to cover the center cell!) around the target cell that blocks all ranged Physical attacks. This means that it also blocks the bow attacks of players, so take care not to prevent any Hunters or Bow Thieves in the party from being able to do damage! Monsters count as being "ranged" if their attack has a range of 4 or more cells. Pneuma cannot be cast if it is targeted to overlap an already existing Pneuma area or a Safety Wall cell. Does not block splash damage or negate the Flee reducing effects of having multiple targets attacking you. Do note that although you can see the animation on top of a Land Protector, Pneuma will have no effect.
SP Cost: 10
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: 1 s

Utilize the negative effects from Pneuma to your benefits such as disabling a priest to Safety Wall a certain spot.

Mostly taken from Phen's sketch and these gears are highly advisable in PvP.

- Apple of Archer
- Poo Poo hat
- Feather beret
- Lord Kaho Horns ( debatable )
- Morpheus's hood ( + the whole set of course )
- Sunglasses[1]
- Glasses[1]
- Opera Masque
- Gangster Mask
- Ulle Cap[1]
- Frigg's Circlet ( Valkyrie shield and Odins Blessing set )

Cards for headgears
- Maya Purple, Grants the ability to see Hidden/Cloaked/Chase walking players and monsters
- Marduk, Prevents the user from being silenced
- Willow card, Increase maximum SP by 10% the users SP. (Tested and confirmed)
- Incubus card, Increases maximum SP by 150 but decreases INT by 3.
-Kathryne Keyron, Reduce Cast time in percentage by every refine point of the headgear it is slotted in.

- Valkyrie Armor[1]
- Silk Robe[1]
- Saint's Robe[1]
- Odins Blessing[1] ( Valkyrie shield and Frigg's circlet set )

Cards for Armors
- Marc
- Evil Druid
- Ghostring
- Sasquatch
- If base intelligence > 77 = Pest, else = Dark frame

- +10 Mace[4] with three Hydras and 1 Skeleton Worker card.
- +10 Chain[3] with two Hydras and 1 Skeleton Worker card.
- Anything above +5 elemental stunners.

- Valkyrie Muffler
- Muffler
- Ragamin Muffler
- Morpheus's Shawl

Cards for Garments
- Raydric
- Noxious

- Gloves[1] with Zerom cards
- Glove[1] with a Smokie card
- Morpheus's Bracelet
- Morpheus's Ring


Made By: Rellics of ZNRO

For more guides and Tips and Tricks I hope you continue to visit Ragnarok Job Guides!

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