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Advanced Techniques for Champions

Advanced Techniques

List of self-defined Advanced Techniques:
- Dancing / cancelling skills
- Reverse Palm Push strike ASPD based
- Reverse Palm Push strike sit cancel
- Occult dance
- Swapping weapons while casting
- Heal Asura strike animation dancing
- Palm Push strike Asura strike chain
- Palm Push strike Finger offensive chain
- Reverse Palm Push strike sit cancelled Body relocation
- Palm push strike to Asura strike off the wall.
- Reverse Palm Push strike sit cancel to directional Asura strike 'The good stuff Mikey'
- Body Relocation glitch

What's this dancing and cancelling you keep blabbering about?
The term dancing comes from the repetitive cancelling of a skill in order to spam it roughly 50% faster. This, of course, does not pertain to all skills but most of them are faster when cancelled.
To explain about cancelling being faster is easy, a lot of skills have animations that, even though they don't look like it, last longer than the initial After-cast delay, or Cast Delay for short.
The animation can actually be cancelled by simply moving to another cell or using another skill in between while casting/using a skill.

*Palm Push strike can only be cancelled with impeccable timing, to make it easier you'll have to use an awakening potion or. you can always cancel Palm Push strike with your fists at AGI 1 with ease.
As an alternative to make Palm Push strike easier to cancel you will have to sit cancel and in order to do that, you have to click the skill first on your keyboard, point the mouse on yourself, move your finger that clicked the skill to the insert button, click your mouse and just like you would 'move'-cancel a skill time the pushing part of the insert button just like that.
Ridiculous and complex as it sounds, it's actually quite easy to perform and mastery of it will result in quick sit-cancels.
Note: all videos are recorded with fraps but the sound has been recorded through my microphone so you can hear the buttons being pressed/ mouse clicks.

Reverse Palm Push strike ASPD based 1

Reverse Palm Push strike sit cancel 1

Reverse Palm Push strike sit cancel 2

**Occult dancing is a technique known for being hard to master, it requires impeccable timing and has a high learning-curve.
To perform the Occult dance, make you sure you know how to cancel normal melee moves
Occult dance

Swapping weapons while casting

Yes, swapping weapons or other gears while your casting. What's the purpose of this? one might wonder. that's easy, weapon effects/stats/everything and gears will change while you cast and alter the effect of the attack. For example; imagine your wearing two nimble gloves and you cast Asura Strike and immediately tag to a Phen clip ( makes your cast not interruptible ) the Cast Time of Asura Strike will not be changed since Casting time is always calculated at the beginning of the formula and can not change while casting. The effect of the Phen clip, however, will override one of your gloves, but that doesn't matter since Cast Time can't be altered.
Again, it sounds complex and strenuous to do but practice makes perfect and it'll surely increase your speed by 4 DEX.
Other uses for Swapping Weaponry / Gears include.
- While casting Collect Soul
- While casting Finger Offensive
- Mantis rings or anything else that boosts your stats.

And a lot more, you should try it.

Heal Asura strike animation dancing
Exploiting two things at once makes:

Heal asura dance

Below you'll notice a large amount of videos, these videos are dedicated to the different uses Palm Push strike can have.

Palm Push strike Asura strike chain

Palm Push strike Finger offensive chain

Reverse Palm Push strike sit cancelled Body relocation
I guess this requires some explanation.
I've done some study about the directions of Palm Push strike when you enter somebody (standing on the same cell as your opponent) from a body relocated direction.
Palm push strike will send you to the direction your opponents back is pointing to the moment you've used Palm Push strike.
Because of the fact your inside your opponent the game assumes you're in some sort of 'zero position' facing your enemy.
It's quite buggy really but it should work like that.

Palm push strike to Asura strike off the wall.

Reverse Palm Push strike sit cancel to directional Asura strike 'The good stuff Mikey'
I love this one.
Mixes two techniques in one combo, pretty hard stuff.

Body Relocation glitch
Whenever damage has been given to an opponent, the game registers the damage with a little delay, whenever your opponent is not in the same screen the moment your opponent has been given damage, it will show as if the damaging part occured but the game totally neglects it.
The only way I know for this strange phenomenon to happen is by either body relocating out of the screen ( requires some timing ) or warping to another spot by means of using a fly wing, @warp, @jump etc.

Forgot to record sound either by mic or computer so I decided to slam in some piano music.

Formulas and all that Geeky stuff'

The amount of HP restored is determined by:
floor((Base Level + INT) / 8) * Base Heal
Base Heal = 4 + 8 * Skill Level

(BaseATK + RandomDMGFromOverupgrades) * CardMods * Adjustment * SkillMod
• Adjustment = (EnemyDEF + EnemyVIT) / 100
• BaseATK = (STR + STR^2 + Dex/5 + LUK/5 + WepATK)+ Upgrades + ATK_From_Cards
• SkillMod = (200 + (150 * Skill_Level)) / 100

Decrease agility
SuccessRate = 40 + SkillLV*2 + (BaseLV + INT)/5 - Target MDEF

Finger Offensive
Base atk Damage = 125%+25*used SkillLV * Card effects - Card reductions

Palm Push strike
Base atk Damage = 200%+100*SkillLV * Card effects - Card reductions

Asura Strike
Base atk Damage = (Weapon ATK+Base ATK) * (8 + SP/10) + 250 + (SkillLV*150)]*Card Effects

The formula is complex, so you might want to use this calculator:
Credits all go to Simn.

Links, credits, 'etc'

Special thanks to

For helping me out with some experiments and letting me use his skill/stat sketch.

For helping me out with some experiments.

For standing still.

For correcting my Engreesh in a lot of sections :B ilu man.

For fixing some minor errors and a big thanks for helping me do some choreographed stuff.

The early days.

Big Guild of Lamerz and others ( you know who you are )
Because I love you guys.

For helping me stay awake while typing this "Most of it"

Bitchfist should, leer teamworken :s


Made By: Rellics of ZNRO

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