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Iwag's Rogue + Stalker Guide

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction (Why a Rogue/Stalker??)

Chapter 2: Skills (General description + skill builds)
2.1)Thief Skills
2.2) Quest skills (Thief)
2.3) Rogue Skills
2.4) Stalker Skills
2.5) Quest skills (Rogue/Stalker)
Chapter 3: Stats
Chapter 4: Builds
4.1) PvM
4.2) WoE (PvP)
4.3) Fun builds
Chapter 5: Equipment
Chapter 6: tactics + tricks
6.1) WoE
6.2) PvP
6.3) PvM etc.
Chapter 7: Lazy man's levelling Guide
Chapter 8 : Credits

Chapter 1:Introduction

Rogues/Stalkers are the alternative possibility to the Assassin. They differ from them, as they cannot fight with Katars, but with Bows. Their skills are more insidious and stronger and besides the ability to steal Items from Monsters, Rogues/Stalkers can also steal Money From monsters and take off an opportunity's Equipment. They are disliked and feared by the people they fight against in WoE because of their abilities, but the more liked by the people they fight with.

My Credit:
Do you want to have a varietal Char?? Not just good in PvM but also in PvP(WoE)? Then, a Rogue/Stalker is the right class for you. There are just so many different possibilities to make a Rogue/Stalker, you definetly will never get bored of them. Also, they are just amazing to play, and if you want to annoy people in PvP, this is one of the best , if not THE best class. But also, besides annoying people you can get a nice dmg output and kill quiet a lot classes. Furthermore, this class is the PERFECT item hunter/ money maker because of its great skill Snatcher. Interested???, come take a look.

Chapter 2: Skills

Gives a nice info to all the skills:

2.1) Thief Skills

Double Attack (Passive)
Requirements: None
Only usable with Daggers. Increases the chance of hitting the enemy twice.

Notice: This skill is a must for all dagger Rogues/Stalkers. Max this skill if you go dagger. If you go for Bow build, this skill usually has no use for you. But if you put a Sidewinder-Card into your Weapon and you have Double Attack Lvl 10, the skill is usable with any weapon you can carry (e.g. Bows, One-Handed-Swords)

Improve Dodge (Passive)
Requirements: None
Increases your Flee. (Lvl 10: +30 flee for thief, +40 flee for Rogue/Stalker)

Notice: Also a big must for agi Rogues/Stalkers, without dependence on whether you are Bow or Dagger build(MAX!!). Also nice for other builds but not of such a great importance for those.

Hide (Active) - 10 SP
Requirements: Steal Lvl5
Your character gets invisible and cannot move, attack or regen HP/SP. MvPs, Insect and Demon Monster can still see you. Improve Concentration, Detect, Sight and Ruwach can expose you. Preskill for Tunnel Drive (Lv.1), Preskill for chase walk (Lv.5)

Notice: Also a very useful skill for both, Leveling and especially WoE/PvP. No need to max this skill but that can be decided individually.

Steal (Active) - 10 SP
Requirements: None
Enables to steal an item from Monster. Does not work on Minibosses, MvPs and other Players. Preskill for Hide (Lvl 5). Preskill for Snatcher (Lvl 1).

Notice: Utile for PvM/Dagger - based builds. Gets even more useful as a Rogue/Stalker. This skill is only effective in PvM, besides that there is no need for this skill (but for hide/lvl5).

Envenom (Active) - 12 SP
Requirements: None
Attacks an opponent with a hit and has a chance of poisoning the enemy. If the enemy is poisoned it looses 2% HP each second (until it decreases to 25% HP) and reduces its DEF about 25%. Aspd and Dex based. Preskill for Detoxify.

Notice: Only useful if the opponent has high flee, no use at all against Undead. Since it is not really ranged, less useful for Bow-builds.

Detoxify (Active) - 10 SP
Requirements: Envenom Lvl3
Cures the Poison Status. The skill can be used on the player, other players and monsters. 9 Cells Range.

Notice: Not very useful in my opinion, since there are plenty of items which can cure Poison Status.

2.2) Quest skills (Thief)

No need to do the quests for these skills since we have a NPC in Prontera for them (5k each skill).

Pick Stone (Active) - 2 SP
Picks up a stone if you aren't overweight.

Throw Stone (Active) . 2 SP
Throws a stone at a Monster or Player. 2% chance to stun the opponent. Nice to interrupt spells.

Backslide (Active) . 7 SP
Slides 5 cells back the opposite direction you are facing. Very nice to get some distance between another player/monster or to escape from big deadly mobs.

Throw Sand (Active) – 9 SP
Throws sand into your opponents eyes. 130%ATK, 20% to Blind an enemy.

2.3) Rogue Skills

Sword Mastery (Passive)
Requirements: None
Increases the damage with daggers and one-hand-swords(Lvl10: +40 dmg). Ignores DEF and VIT DEF.

Notice: Only useful at low lvl or if poor equipped. As there are so many other more useful skills in the Rogue/Stalker build I'd suggest to skill another skill instead. Obviously completely useless for Bow-Rogues.

Snatcher (Passive)
Requirements: Steal Lvl1
Allows to automatically steal Items off a Monster while hitting. Depends on Steal-chance and Skilllevel. Only works with Daggers. Preskill for Strip, Plagiarism and Steal Coin (Lvl 4).

Notice: This skill is a MUST for all "Money-Maker" Rogues (max pls.). Its still nice to have on a lower level for the usual dagger levelbuild as its preskill for strip and plagiarism and you might be lucky and steal a card from the monster you are hitting

Steal Coin (Active) - 15 SP
Requirements: Snatcher Lvl4
Enables to steal Zeny from a Monster. Once this skill is done on a monster it will aggro you. You can only steal zeny once. The amount of Zeny Stolen depends on the Monsters lvl, success depends on the players DEX, LUK, Skilllevel and Monsterlevel. Preskill for Backstab (Lv.4), Strip helm (Lv.2

Notice: I do not recommend getting that skill for other purposes than Plagiarism and strip since the amount of Zeny stolen is low. The only use could be for Fun-Rogues, even tho i still would not recommend to get that skill maxed even for Money-Maker Rogues.

Tunnel Drive (Passive)
Requirements: Hide Lvl1
Allows the Rogue to move while being in the Hide modus. 50% Walkspeed at lvl 5. Preskill for Chasewalk (Lv.3), Raid (Lvl 2).

Notice: This skill is very useful especially in WoE and PvP, but also in PvM as it can save your Life(Hide>precast???). Recommended getting this skill.

Raid (Active) - 20SP
Requirements: Backstab Lvl2, Tunnel Drive Lvl2
Can only be used while being in hide modus. Has a splash damage of 3*3 cells. Chance of Stun or Blind (25% at lvl5). Preskill for Intimidate (Lv.5)

The only splash-damage/mobbing skill the Rogue has. Get a nice flee, go mob, spam hide + Raid = Win. Recommended for levelling builds, but also okay for WoE (sneak to precasting Wizards, spam hide + Raid to inherit casts/stun/blind ftw!)

Backstab (Active) - 16 SP
Requirements: Steal Coin Lvl4
Can only attack an opponent from behind but has a massive damage output (700% ATK @ lvl 10). Target Reverses after being hit once. Can also be used while being in hide modus. This attack NEVER misses, NEVER (sins pls.). After-cast delay 0,1secs. 100% Dmg with sword + Dagger weapons, 50% DMG with bows. Preskill for Raid (Lv.2), Intimidate (Lv.4)
To show how this works: > shows the opponents direction of sight(right), o shows the field you can attack from.
afterwards: x

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