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What you didn't know about stun

Know your shit.

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- ^ If you just want that formula to be able to calc. your stun cuz you hate reading then just go to the end.
I have the easy formula version at the end of the post.


<3 - 97 Vit****
- 300 Luk (good luck ever getting 300 Luk...)
- Armor/Card >=100% (Ex: valk armor(50)+flame skull card(30) + stalactic golem card(20))
- Orc Hero Card
- Gospel Status Buff - One of the Gospel Buffs will give you an immunity to statuses for 1 minute

****97 vit is the stun immunity because its [total vit +3].
So with 97 total vit, +3 = 100%
Or with 47 total vit, +3 = 50%

No consumable will remove Stun.
Some skills like Status Recovery can remove it though.

Unless you reach one of the actual "Stun Immunities," you cannot reach stun immunity no matter how high you get all the stun resists.

Even if you have 95 total Vit (98% stun resist)
If you had a Valk Armor on top of that, it is still possible to get stunned.
Valk Armor would make you have 99% resist. If you don't understand why, you'll understand after the next section.



Basically if you have 50% stun resist from Vit and you put on Valk Armor (50% stun resist) you don't get 100%.
It would instead increase your total stun resist to 75%. Luk applies in the same manner.

100%-[Vit's % reduction]-[Luk's % reduction from chance after Vit]-[Armor/Card's % reduction from chance after Vit+Luk]= Total Stun Chance

Skills chance of inflicting Stun comes into play as well. Since player skills that can cause stun are not 100% success rates.

Vit reduction is 80% (77 total vit) ---------------------- This Vit reduces the chance to stun to 20%
Luk reduction is 50% (150 total luk) ------------------- This Luk will reduce that further to 10%
Armor/Card reduction is 50% (ex: valk armor) -------- This Armor/Card will reduce it further to 5% stun chance

Because they don't stack straight on top of each other, something like:

100%-[80%]-[50%]-[50%]= 5% stun chance
Can be true.

The formula is actually played out like this instead:

100% reduced [80%]= 20%
20% reduced [50%]= 10%
10% reduced [50%]= 5%



Pretty Version
(X) - (Y) - (Z) = total stun chance

(X) =vit reduction
(Y) =Luk reduction
(Z) =Armor/Card reduction

Ugly version of stun formula
97-[Total Vit]+[(97-[Total Vit])*(Luk/300)]+[(97-[Total Vit])-([97-(Total Vit)]*[Luk/300])*(Armor/Card %)= Total Stun Chance

Its ugly to look at as a whole so i'll break it up to make it simpler to see.

97 - [total vit] = (X)

(X) * (luk/300) = (Y)

(X-Y) * (Armor/Card % total)= (Z)

Which brings me back to the pretty version

(X) - (Y) - (Z) = total stun chance

If you calc out what (X) equals, then you can put that in the formula for (Y).
Same if you calc out (X) and (Y), you can put those in the formula for (Z).

Once you have the numbers for (X), (Y), and (Z) you can put them into the easy math formula of (X) - (Y) - (Z) = ?

Here's an example.
Say you have 70 total Vit, 8 total Luk, and 32% total resist gear (meteor plate(30%) and dark blinder(2%))

(X) = 97 - [70]
(X) = 27

(Y) = (27) * (8/300)
(Y) = 0.72

(Z) = (27 - 0.72) * (32%)
(Z) = (26.28) * (.32)
(Z) = 8.4096

Vit ---- Luk -- Armor/Card
(27) - (.72) - (8.4096)
Total Stun Chance = 17.8704
70 Vit, 8 Luk, 32% resist = 17.87% total stun chance

Another example,
71 Vit, 10 Luk, 7% resist = 23.374% total stun chance

Note:I round sometimes, so if you're off by a tenth or a couple hundredths or w/e, don't worry about it. I probably rounded something being lazy with microsoft calculator. Lol.

"Base level" will slightly lower the chance of Stun being inflicted". -
Wikipedia is never wrong.
Remember kids, wikipedia is never wrong.


If you want to figure out the chance of someone stunning you with some skill/gear/cards, just multiply the chance the skill/gear/cards has to stun you vs. your total stun chance.
If the chance a skill has is 50% (Ex: Scream) and your total stun chance is 20% then:

(50%) * (20%) = 10%

or you can look at it like:

(.50) * (.2) = .100

Here is a pic of the stun chart vs. Vit only stun resistance.
Stun Table

70% stun chance vs. 50 Vit
[(100 -[50 +3])=47% Vit stun chance]
So, (70%) * (47%)
(.7)*(.47)=.329 or 33%

Again, that Stun Table has only the Vit side of the stun formula.


Unheard of.

In WoE you will be stunned from various different classes that all have different stun chances. You'll experience more stun in SE than in FE.
Stun chance coming from players aren't 100% to happen even if you have no resistance.

For example a Gypsy's Scream(Dazzler) is a 50% chance success rate at max level.

What does this mean towards your Total Stun Chance?

As in the example of a Total Stun Chance I calculated in the previous section, 17.8704% chance to be stunned. If A gypsy was to do 1 Scream at a player with this stun chance, since Scream is 50% chance, it would only have a chance to stun that player at 8.9352%.
If you was to put stun in a ratio for a gypsy, to stun this char, it would be 1 in 11.12 screams. So on average, with this stun chance you would expect to stun once every 11 screams. Technically. Luck has no calculation i'm afraid sad.gif
1 in 11 Screams sounds good but if you had 5~ Gypsys on your screen doing 2 screams a second, it wouldn't be that great.

There are many things that can cause stun in WoE though.

Blue = Commonly experienced
Red = Meh, possible
Green = Who the fuck uses this shit?

Gypsy - Scream - 50% stun chance
SinX - Sonic Blow - 30% stun chance
Whitesmith - Cart Termination - 50% stun chance (you see this more in FE than in SE)
High Wizard - Meteor Storm - 30% stun chance
Crusader - Smite - 40% stun chance
Swordie Classes - Bash - 25% stun chance (I think its 25, don't really care cuz who uses Bash?)

Doom Slayer[1](weapon) = Chance to stun, 30%, when receiving physical damage. (Base STR >= 95)
Great Axe[0](weapon) = 15% chance to stun.
Stunner[2](weapon) = 10% chance to stun.
Wrench[0](weapon) = Chance to randomly inflict stun, blind, poison, freeze statuses with each attack.
Star Dust Blade[1](weapon) = 5% stun chance.
Book of Charms Vol. 1[1](shield) = Chance to stun when receiving physical damage. (Guessing its about 10% chance?)
Mythical Lion Mask[1](headgear) = 10% chance to stun when attacking. (Taekwon class)
Stun Arrow(arrow) = "Inflict the stun status on targets by a low chance."

Flame Skull Card(shield) = Chance to cause stun when user receives short physcial damage.
Majoruros Card(armor) = 6% chance to stun when receiving damage
Rybio Card(armor) = 9% chance to stun when receiving damage (Base Dex >= 77)
Lord of Death Card(weapon) = 5% chance to stun.
Savage Babe Card(weapon) = 5% chance to stun.
Skeleton Card(weapon) = 2% chance to stun. (LOL)

If you want me to add more skills/items that cause stun just ask.
I might of missed some since I tend to not care about stun since i'm perma immune sad.gif



In terms of how to help reduce your stun.
Vit > Armor/Card

Yes, if you get something like OH Card. Then its a little different. You could reroll your char to build it to an OH Card.
But I base this simply because Vit helps not only your stun but also increases your HP, and increases your resists to other statuses as well.
Also Armor/Card only reduce the % thats left after Vit/Luk. Meaning their resist is less than what its description is. (unless you have 0 vit and 0 luk somehow...)

There are a few armors that can help resist your stun a good bit on top of what your vit already reduces. Unfortunately, Luk is just an utter failure.

Do not use Luk thinking you'll help your stun resistance since it sucks horribly.

How to help my chance vs. Stun?

First thing to do to help your stun = Vit Food. I'm sure everyone already knows this though.
+7 Vit food. Everyone should be using it. Its basically like a +7% resist. This adds to your total Vit so its calc'd into your base stun resist, unlike Luk/Armor/Cards resists.

Second thing to do to help your stun = Armor resists.
Not everyone can wear these so you just need to find out which is the best armor that you're able to use.

Heres a small list of the stun resist gear/cards:

Valk Armor[1](armor) = 50% resist (thief, merchant, swordie classes)
Meteor Plate[1](armor) = 30% resist (high merch, high swordie classes)
Divine Clothes[1](armor) = 5% resist (rebirth classes, cept high novice)
Dark Blinder(mid headgear) = 2% resist (all cept novice)

Orc Hero Card(headgear) = 100% resist
Stalactic Golem Card(headgear) = 20% resist
Gemini-S58 Card(headgear) = 30% resist (Base Agility >= 90)
Flame Skull Card(shield) = 30% resist

Cards are very good at resisting stun. Alas in terms of WoE they destory your demi-human reductions.
Taking away your Feather Beret and Thara Frog Card for example is something you don't want to do.
Stick to Equipment type resists. (OH can be worth the loss of Feather Beret though if your char is built around the card)

Rosaries do add +1 Luk... but it might be better to go with an accessory that helps a stat that you have really high. Since saving 1 stat in the 9x's is 11 stat points you can put towards another stat.
Unfortunately as far as actually helping your stun resist when you already have a lot of resist, small numbers of luck won't do anything.
For example, +1 luk when you already have 80% resist from your vit means you gain 0.06% stun resist. The +3 MDEF is useful though.

'Should I try to get some Luk since I have low Vit?'
You shouldn't waste points into Luk if you can still put points into Vit.
1 Vit = -1% Total stun chance no matter what your resist is.
1 Luk = -0.3% if you have 0% resist
1 Luk = -0.15% if you have 50% resist
1 Luk = -0.06% if you have 80% resist
So as you can see Luk will not help you really at all in terms of reducing your stun compared to Vit.
I wish for every point you go over Vit immunity you got +1% chance to stun players when receiving damage sad.gif

'Would gloria help those with low Vit?'
Gloria = +30 Luk

30/300 Luk = 10% Luk resist

If you have 80% resist already from Vit, then 30/300 Luk would increase your stun resist to 82%. If you have 90% resist from Vit then Gloria would increase your resist by 1%. The more Vit you get, the less Luk will help.
If you only have 50% resist from Vit, you have a problem, then gloria would make your resist go up to 55%.

So yes, gloria technically does help. Gloria isn't something that should be used though since it just wastes our HPs time. If they don't have strings they get fucked for 3s. I guess they could use gloria before walking into a precast for that few seconds of assistance. "Every little bit helps..."
As far as field battle goes though they have enough of a job already.

'What about farming Luk Food?'

Even If you farm +9 Luk Food, it won't help you enough for the amount of time you wasted on it.
9/300 Luk is +3% resist. Again, +3% luk resist on 80% resist from Vit will only increase it to 80.6%. Not worth the farming time.

Of course there will always be the people that say "Every little bit helps!"
Technically they're right but its usually not worth the effort.


Drop out of school. You obviously need more time for your addictions.
(i'm kidding D:)

If you're unable to get at least 80% Vit reduction, (77 Total Vit w/ +7 Vit food)
Either get a Valk Armor, Meteor Plate, or if you can't wear/benefit from those use Divine Clothes.
You will be raped in SE if you have lower than 80% Vit reduction without the help of something like Valk Armor.
Just do what you can to deal with it.

If you're between 80% and 90% Vit reduction, I would suggest to try to use some armors to up your stun resist.
You won't necessarily be raped in SE but you will find Stun rather annoying.

90%+ Vit reduction = Valk Armor would take it to 95%, Meteor Plate would take it to 93%. As you can see the big armor resists start to not help that much. So you don't need to worry about them that much. Stun isn't that big of a problem with high resist anyway.

Best option is of course to just go for stun immunity ;]


I make essays. I don't read them <3

1.) Find (X),
2.) Put (X), into 2nd formula and find (Y),
3.) Put (X), (Y), into 3rd formula and find (Z),
4.) Put (X), (Y), (Z), into final formula and you'll know your stun chance.

1.) 97 - [total vit] = (X)

2.) (X) * (luk/300) = (Y)

3.) (X-Y) * (Armor/Card % total)= (Z)

4.) (X) - (Y) - (Z) = Total Stun Chance

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