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Clown Woe Guide


  • headgear: -10% headgear ofc, binoculars/sunnies[1] with some cool card, gangster mask or some other lower headgear
  • armour: +7 unfrozen/ED tights
  • shield: +x cranial valk shield
  • weapon: triple vital solid violin, maybe get 2 of them for weapon switching action. a spirited guitar can be good for hitting SWed emps, flinching and spamming dissonance, i guess
  • garment: immune wool scarf
  • shoes: green ferus/firelock tidal shoes
  • accessories: nimble gloves ofc, hiding glove, sight glove

stats and skills

100-130 dex

70-120 int

50-80 vit

rest on str for pots etc

and for skills:

5 points leftover, feel free to put them into some other ensemble or something

also notice how i didn't get arrow vulcan

how to use those skills in woe or something

okay this is the long part

edit: first of all, for those who don't know, when i say "weaponswitching" i mean switching your weapon to cancel the song, and when i say stuff like "spam dissonance" for example, i mean keep weaponswitching while repeatedly using dissonance

because people didn't know what that meant



decreases casting time/skill delay, cast time reduced further by clown's dex, delay reduced by clown's int. dex/int reductions only work in multiples of 5, so having 139 dex gives the same cast time reduction as having 135 dex

let's start with the obvious skill. so yeah, you should use it on precasters, but if you have enough clowns you can like, quickly bragi creators/champs/profs and shit (use weaponswitch ok), or link+bragi yourself and spam tarot etc

on offense learn to weaponswitch so you can bragi your guild while you're going through the castle and not get left behind/bragi enemies, if you get to the enemy precast use level 1 over their bragi to mess it up

and uh, use this along with apple before you go into the emp room too

Assassin Cross of Sunset

increases aspd

use this on grimtoothers and empbreakers, also hotkey level 1 so you can like, mess up enemy bragis with it etc


does tiny damage to any enemies who walk into it, also occurs where 2 bard songs overlap

(i love this skill)

here's what it can do

  • 1) flinching: there's a small delay between when it hits and when the damage registers, so if you use it on someone who's casting a skill, chances are they'll get stuck (you know, the bug where you have to move before you can start casting shit again). this works great against emp-SWing HPs/HWs/profs because most of them don't realise they're stuck because they're all morons
  • 2) castbreaking: if you can get into an enemy precast, you can just spam this to mess up their wisuds (if you use bragi level 1 to break their bragi first then double points). it's also good for stopping efisters because you don't even need to target them, just keep spamming it and usually they won't be able to finish casting 'cause of it
  • 3) revealing spies sinx/chasewalk stalkers: not much to say here, if you use it in a narrow path they'll be knocked out of cloaking/chasewalk when they try to go past, use it to spycheck in emproom if one of them gets past

you only need to hotkey level 1, since the only difference in levels is damage and SP cost

and we're not using it for the damage

Apple of Idun

it adds hp, effect is increased by the clown's vit ((clown's vit/10)% bonus mHP increase).

great skill to use on offense, use it just before your guild has to fight/tank (outside the emp room usually)

Loki's Veil

prevents anyone in the AoE from using skills (ensemble)

obvious use is to use it just by the emp room portal, making sure there's no gaps (seriously, i've seen people use loki's while standing on the very bottom cell of creamhilt's emp room entrance, which leaves a nice 2 cell path above it). although, if you have a gypsy friend, you can use it on offense too

like, once your emp breakers are hitting the emp, run in and loki's over them so they can't be efisted or something idk

there's more ways to use it offensively but i'll let you figure them out

Longing for Freedom

usually combined with loki's, it lets you use other non-song skills while you're doing an ensemble, moving outside the ensemble cancels it

use this to tarot card/status arrow MS while you're loki-ing

note: if you're using loki's, only the caster (in other words the person who activated loki's) can use it, and you can only use skills from the cell you're standing on, as if you move you'll be affected by your own loki's

Tarot Card

for those of you who don't know, here's what each different tarot card does:

with linkbragi, you can spam this crazy fast yo

see a tank that won't die? linkbragi + tarot until it comas or it's gear breaks, this shit breaks stuff that's unbreakable/FCPed that's how cool it is

same goes for key targets, for example enemy profs and emp breakers, but don't get carried away and forget to songbuffa your guild every now and then

Frost Joke

chance to freeze all enemies on screen, low chance to freeze party members

use this when you know you're fighting a guild without unfrozen marc cards :P xD, or when there's a GTB/GR user nearby who needs to freeze so your champs can efist them

(extra spammable with bragi btw!!!)

Musical Strike

you might have also noticed that I got MS level 1 in the skill build, and that's for one reason only

status arrows

stun/curse arrows are good to use on enemies entering a precast, sleep arrows work against vit/dex profs, and there's other ways of using status arrows but again, i'm lazy

figure it out yourself

Pang Voice

chance to cast chaos on the target

well, now that chaos isn't worthless, this skill is actually pretty good. if you're using longing for freedom/loki's, vit/dex profs are a great target for this to make it harder for them to get out of the precast to use LP. other good targets are emp breakers so they can't reach the emp, nearly anyone with low int entering a precast so they're stuck there for longer, and... well, nearly everyone, since not many people get int

that doesn't mean you should use it all the time though, the chance of it working is kinda low and unless you get bragi it's not really spammable

well, that does it for normal skills

so let's move on to uh

Bard/Dancer Spirit

basically, the bard/dancer link lets you use the gypsy version of the songs you already have as a clown (ie having sinx level 10 lets you use DFM level 10) and vice versa for gypsy. it also lets you walk faster while using songs, and makes it so that you receive the positive effects of your own songs, for example casting bragi will also bragi yourself, casting DFM will not also slow yourself

now let's move onto the couple of dancer songs that you should use in WoE

Slow Grace/DFM

slows enemies' movement speed, lowers their aspd and dispels certain buffs like adrenaline rush, improve concentration, 2/1-hand quicken and increase agility, which the enemy is not able to re-cast until the effect wears off

use it on enemy emp breakers (especially if they're already on your emp), WS, zerk LKs (lol), enemies that are grouped together if you can (example: enemy guild wushing in, DFM over them), or just keep it just behind the loki's to slow enemy attackers

it's really the only gypsy skill worth using, but it's easily one of the best offensive songs

even though it's a dance

Service for You

increases max SP and lowers SP cost of skills for anyone in the AoE

use this on champs to make efist do more damage, and precasters so the constant precasting hurts their SP less

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