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Beast Strafing vs MvP Guide

Welcome Stranger~!
Ever got bored of double strafing some MvP's?!
have u got REALLY annoyed of watching youtube videos recently??
do you get a headache when you see another sniper who does more damage then you?!
if u say no,then ur a big FAT liar!

Today am introducing a guide about beast strafe damage,its rare to see people use this skill while it can be one of the most strongest sniper skills against cretin monsters.

so what is beast strafing?
Beast Strafing
If the target is a Beast-type and you used Double Strafing, you can use this skill to do extra Double Strafing on the target. Only usable right after using Double Strafing, and its power is heavily affected by STR.
but that's not all,also DEX is involved in the damage,however you have to be SOUL LINKED in order to use it, i will explain a pure beast strafing damage dealer with the proper gears.

i know 2 different sets of gears and cards that are gonna be useful for beast strafing.

1-The Sniping Card Set.(Anolian, Alligator, Cruiser, Merman & Dragon Tail Card Combo)
*Good side:with this set u can attain the highest damage ever with ANY carded bow.
*Bad side:its maybe the best damage dealer set but u wont be immune to freeze and stone curse and some other status aliment.

Merman Card.

HP and SP Recovery + 10%

[+ Cruiser & Anolian & Alligator & Dragon Tail]
- Inflict 20% more damage with Long Range Physical attack.
- AGI + 5
- DEX + 3
- Seeking Attack (which never miss its target) + 20%.

[Archer Class]
- Receive 5% more Experience Points from Brute monsters.
- Add a chance of auto casting 'Coma' on Brute monster when attacking.

Anolian Card.

Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 1 Attention Concentrate on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.
If the user has mastered the skill at Level 10, it will cast Level 10 Attention Concentrate.

Dragon Tail card.

AGI + 1
Flee Rate + 10
Inflict 5% more damage with Double Strafing and Arrow Shower.

Alligator Card.

Receive 5% less damage from Long Range Physical attack.

Cruiser Card.

Inflict 10% more damage with Critical attacks.
Critical Rate + 7 on Brute monster.


This card set has been designed specially for the archer class and it seems they want to make Snipers vs Brute/beast type of monsters class.
now to the proper gears for this set:

Headgear's: Apple of Archer, Binoculars.
Armor: Pantie [1] + Anolian Card
Garment: Undershirt [1] + Dragon Tail card
Foot gear: Black Leather boots [1] + Merman Card
Accessory: Ring [1] + Alligator Card
Accessory: Ring [1] + Mantis Card
Weapon: +10 composite bow [4] + 1 Cruiser card and 3 Abysmal Knight Card.

Status based on a lvl 99/70 Sniper blessing lvl 10 and agi up lvl 10:
Str = 99 + 23
Dex = 99 + 61
Agi = 25 + 44

*This is what other people call a "sh*t-build",but as i said,i ll explain a "pure" damage beast strafing*.

now you have 171 aspd and 160 dex,now lets take Atroce the MvP as an example for our beast strafe with this set.
Atroce as we call a Micky mouse MvP anyone can solo it,and now with this set you will do between 33k ~ 36k damage with beast strafe on it by using silver arrows,means you can finish atroce in 28 ~ 31 beast strafe.
its a cheap skill that only gonna cost a silver arrow for that high damage.
This is what i know about the 1st set beast strafing damage.


2-Special MvP set for beast strafing~!
*Good Side:(Balanced damage and good defense)
*Bad side:(Expensive but worth's it)

you will need the following cards:

Abysmal Knight Card.

Increase damage on Boss monster by 25%.

Evil Druid Card.

Enchant Armor with the Undead Property.
INT + 1, DEF + 1

Firelock Soldier Card.

STR + 2
[Refine Rate 9~10]
Maximum HP and SP + 10%

Mantis Card.

STR + 3

Tarou card.

STR + 2
[Cramp Card Combo]

Cramp Card.

Add a 1% chance of gaining a certain amount of Zeny each time a monster is killed.

[+ Tarou]
STR + 3

Giant Whisper Card.

Flee Rate + 10
[Base Strength >= 80]
ATK + 20
[Base Vitality >= 80]
Maximum HP + 3%
[Base Lucky >= 80]
Critical Rate + 3
*For updated servers you can use a Vanberk card*

These all might be easy to come by if you throw away your life and start spending time on hunting.

Next,the gears:

Headgear's: Marionette doll [1] + Cramp Card or Vanberk, evil ears or angel ears,crunch toast or w/e.
Armor: Sniping Suit [1] + Evil Druid Card.
Garment: Wool scarf [1] + Giant Whisper Card.
Foot gear: +9 Tidals or just tidals [1] + Firelock soldier card.
Accessory: Expert Ring [1] or Bow Thimble [1] + Mantis Card.
Accessory: Expert Ring [1] or Bow Thimble [1] + Tarou Card or Mantis Card.
Weapon: +10 composite bow with 4 Abysmal Knight cards.

Status based on a lvl 99/70 Sniper is gonna look like this with buffs:

Str = 99+31
Dex = 99+53
Agi = 25 + 32

Okay back to Atroce now with this new set your damage is gonna reach about 34k ~ 37k each beast strafe on it makes u finish it in like 31 BS,isn't that cool?! Surprised

If you ask me which set i would go for it would be the 2nd set since you will get the after cast delay reduced by 33% makes spamming beast strafe a bit more easy although u got 168 aspd,not only that,u also get immunity against Freeze and Stone Curse which will make MvP'ing using beast strafe a lot much easier,the hardest part in this 2nd set would be getting the sniping suit i believe,that's why i call it an expensive set but really worth's it,still if you can't get a sniping suit that doesn't mean its over,u can replace it with an alternative like tights [1] and use different cards on it like pasana,swordfish and marc...etc Smile

If you can work out ur imagination a bit more,Beast strafing snipers can be the new Nuke launchers against beast/brute monsters if you combine this power with "Marionette Control" and bragi
a destructive type of sniper is gonna appear and after all the abusing that is gonna occur from this guide,am sure GM's are gonna nerf its damage since its truly high and u do it from a safe spot since its a ranged attack and does faster MvP farming.
just imagine what it can do with Lex Aeterna x_X
Now heres a link with list of MvP's you can try to solo with beast strafe:
Click Me~!

you can finish up those small MvP's like evil snake lord in 8 beast strafes and garm in 5 or 6,this is a huge change for snipers who r used to agi/dex builds because now you r going for str/dex,the more you get the more powerful ur BS becomes.

i already tested the 2nd set on another server before and it works like magic.

i hope this guide i made would benefit anyone who wants to try a beast strafe build.
Much thanks to RMS for the quick info's and photos and also thanks to RODE for faster and more accurate damage calculating results,it really saves time to do all that again.

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