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SG's and Thor guide

This guide is focussed at people who want to level their SG's and/or leech their other characters at Thor's Volcano; L1. As such, I'm going to automatically assume that everyone reading has enough money for basic potions, a hell of a lot of fly wings, and the basic Thor cards. It'll also be handy if you have enough money to reset, but as it is so damned cheap in most servers.

The Novice

Starting Stats
Str - 9
Agi - 9
Int - 1
Vit - 1
Dex - 9
Luk - 1

These are your typical, run-of-the-mill starting melee stats. No questions asked: these stats will work just fine.

Leveling & Stat Distribution as a Novice
>__>' C'mon guys, do you really not know this? We have a special map just for novice leveling...

In terms of stats, you're going to want to have a lot of Strength, as you won't be able to equip a weapon when you're a TK. Keep your Agility fairly high, even though your base ASPD as a TK is pretty good already, higher attack speeds just make you level faster. Plus, the extra flee can't ever hurt, right...? Dexterity isn't nearly as important, since the mobs you're going to be leveling on while you're a novice/taekwon simply don't have flee. You could probably survive with 10, but I say bring it to around 20. Max.

Once you've hit JL10, hop on over to Prontera and change your job. It might not be a bad idea to pick up a couple hundred novice potions, as they're free.

The Taekwon

Leveling & Stat Distribution as a Taekwon
Warp over to Payon Dungeon 1 and kill skeletons and familiars. Be careful that 10+ familiars don't mob you, as even decent flee won't save you. Get Tornado kick, and keep the stance on at all times. Don't get any of the other kicks; tornado is the only one that you'll need. Stay here until L30 - L40, or so. Also, be sure to get Warm Wind to a maximum level, you'll be able to put your damage output to up to 200% depending on what monster you're fighting. Since you'll mainly be doing combat with the armies of the undead for now, make sure it's set to holy.

Bored yet? That's fine. Once you're L35 or so, you should be able to take on the second level of Payon Dungeon. Use the same tactics, and if you have enough skill points, get Flying Side Kick and Tumbling. They're both fairly useful skills. If you don't want to goto Payon Dungeon 2, you can also go ahead and goto Orc Dungeon 1 -or- 2. Mob and use Tornado kick if you go there.

Do one of these until JL50, and go and change into your sexy Star Gladiator self!

In terms of stats while you're a TK: Just like while you were a novice, you'll want to keep your strength your highest stat. Agility is all good; but keep your strength and dexterity your highest stats until dexterity is 40. After that, pump agility and strength. My friend is convinced that a 5:3 ratio of strength to agility is the best ratio; but it doesn't really matter. Just make sure they you're killing efficiently.

In terms of skills while you're a TK: These are really up to you, but the skills that you're definately going to need are...
-Tornado Kick
-Tornado Kick Stance
-Warm Wind
-Flying Side Kick

You can get the other kicks if you'd like, but they're not very useful while mobbing. I suppose that they'd be okay while you're a lower level in Payon Dungeon 2.

Starting out as a Star Gladiator

Leveling & Stat Distribution as a Star Gladiator
Wewt! We're almost there! You have two routes now: Either you can go and get a few job levels and then go directly to Thor's, or you can do some conventional leveling first. I'll leave the choice up to you. If you choose to level, get to around L90 before you go. If you want to go directly to Thor's, make sure you're atleast L70, or else you won't be able to take the heat. Harhar, kay, enough with the bad puns...

If you're really having trouble leveling, reset and get all of the kicks, then goto High Orcs, or Seals. If you have a nice high priest buddy, reset, get lots of Dexterity, Intelligence, and have him tank you at Anubis while you murder them with yggdrasil leaves. Simple enough, right...?

Anyways, once you've got the levels, goto Prontera and reset.

Now that you've reset, you're probably wondering what stats & skills you need now.

In terms of skills, you're going to need...:
-Flying Side Kick
-Warm Wind (And as such, you'll also need to get Kihop, Peaceful and Enjoyable rests.)
-Warmth of the Stars
-Hatred (Once you get this, use it on a Kasa. No questions asked; and don't set it on any other monster)
-Anger of the Stars
-Blessing of the Stars

-Optional; Knowledge will give you some extra weight capacity for regen items and fly wings.
-DO NOT get Demon. The limited vision will get you killed very quickly in Thor, and you don't really need ASPD.
-Creative room! Try out different skills; and put the rest of your points into whatever you fancy.

In terms of stats...:
No exact numbers for you, but I'll give the general outline. No exact numbers, people there will always be controversy about them, but everyone agrees on the general basic stat outlines...
-Great Strength. Your damage depends on it, you know?
-Lots of Vitality. You're going to need it if you want to survive for more than 5 seconds.
-Medium Intelligence. You lose SP every time a mob is hit with Warmth, and you're going to need it for stamina.
-Plenty of Dexterity. It'll increase your damage with hatred.
-Plenty of Luck. For the same reason as dexterity; you need it in order to do damage.

Personally, I like to keep all of them fairly even. That way, you won't run out of HP before you use all of your SP; and vice versa. Your damage won't be too slow, and everything just... works.

Going to Thor's Volcano
Yay, the moment we've all been waiting for.

Setting up Skills
The first time you go into Thor's Volcano, be sure to set Feeling. Cast Hatred on the first Kasa you see; it'll increase your damage by 1% for every 3 Luk or Dex. Also be sure to use L3 Warm Wind to get the Water Element. Pretty simple, but it deserves it's own section because if you don't get it right, you can kiss your sweet *** goodbye. >.>'

Thor Tactics
Flywing around until you see a Kasa. If you're a lower level SG, you might want to look for a wounded Kasa (like, severely wounded. 80%-). Flying Side Kick into it, and then let warmth do it's magic. It's fairly easy to be hitting around 3k - 4k at speeds of over 190 (Probably around 191-192) because there isn't any KB, and woosh, you've killed the Kasa. Hopefully, if you've done your stats right you'll be able to kill anywhere between 4 - 8 Kasa in a matter of minutes. If there is any other mob, fly wing super fast or else you'll be dead as a doornail.


You probably want to get either a [3] or a [4] book. The [3] Book is nice, as it gives a little bit of extra power, and the [4] book is nice as it gives an extra slot. Choose whichever one you want.

A - Peco Peco Egg card (+20% Damage vs. Formless Mobs)
B - Vadon card (+20% Damage vs. Fire Mobs)
C = Minorous card (+15% Damage vs. Large Mobs; +5 Attack)

If you're using a [4] Book...: I'd say have 3x Vadon cards, and 1x Peco Peco Egg cards. [3B1A]
If you're using a [3] Book...: Go ahead and do the same thing, except with 2 Vadons. [2B1A]

Do not try to make a 1A1B1C/2A1B1C weapon. It won't work nearly as well. In fact, don't even use a Minorous card at all if you can help it. I only listed it because it's probably cheaper, and more common than all of the other ones.

Note: Some people say that it's better not to have a weapon because you can't use sprint with one; however; I say otherwise. It isn't sensible to be trying to take on one of the most difficult dungeons in the game without a weapon. Maybe if you're mobbing in an easy place, it's okay, but here just doesn't make any sense at all.

I'd say to try for a Pasana card to become immune to the magic of the Kasa, which is usually what'll end up killing you. The armor itself really doesn't matter that much, but you know, it's always better to have more defense there.

In your garment, you should either get a Raydic card, or a Vali's Manateau. If you're feeling lucky, you could go for the garment that gives +15 Lucky dodge. You can also pop a Jakk card in to give an additional 30% to Fire, because Pasana won't make you 100% immune to the magic.

For your shoes, if you're a lucky bumface and have a +9/+10 pair lying around, get an Ancient Firelock for some extra strength, as well as HP -AND- SP. Very good card. A great alternitive to keep things balanced is a verit card, which gives +8% HP and SP. Sohee and Martyr cards are not very good here, because you'll run out of HP/SP unevenly.

In your headgears, you can do whatever you want. I guess you can do whatever gives some extra dexterity, vitality/HP, intelligence/SP, strength, or luck. It's really your call here.

For your accessories... If you've done the impossible and gotten 2 megingjards, use those, but for normal people, get a two necklaces [1]'s, and 2 zerom cards.

For your shield, a Penomena card (Thanks!) is good as it'll lower the damage from formless mobs by 30%, which keeps you alive and fighting for a longer period of time.

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