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Links of Life's Guide to MvP Esma Soul Linker

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Equipment
-2.1 Headgears
--2.1 Upper
--2.2 Middle
--2.3 Lower
-2.2 Armor
-2.3 Weapon
-2.4 Shield
-2.5 Garment
-2.6 Foot Gear
-2.7 Accessories
3.0 Cards
-3.1 Headgears
-3.2 Armor
-3.3 Weapon
-3.4 Shield
-3.5 Garment
-3.6 Foot Gear
-3.7 Accessories
4.0 Skills
-4.1 Taekwon Skills
-4.2 Soul Linker Skills
--4.2a Ka Skills
--4.2b Es Skills
5.0 Stats
6.0 Strategies

1.0 Introduction:
Personally, I think Soul Linkers are extremely fun to play in PvM, and have the best PvM offensive/defensive skills (we'll get to skills later).
Because of this, they make pretty good MvPers. Not saying they are comparative of Champions, but it is a different approach. Also, some MvPs require a party, or at the least, a High Priest.

2.0 Equipment:
Gears may vary depending on personal preference (DMG vs. Survivability)

2.1 Headgears:
Crown [1]: +1 INT
Mage Hat: +2 INT, +150 SP

There are just some examples, but mainly what you are looking for is INT adding headgears.

Gangster Mask: Add a 15% resistance to the Silence status.

2.2 Armor:
Robe of Cast [0] or [1]:Reduce Casting Time by 3%. MDEF + 4
Mage Coat [0] or [1]: MDEF + 5, INT + 1
Silk Robe [1]: +10 MDEF

2.3 Weapon:
Survivor's Rod [1] (INT Type): INT + 3, MATK + 15%, Maximum HP + 400
Survivor's Rod [1] (DEX Type): DEX + 3, MATK + 15%, Maximum HP + 400

The Refinment on the Survivor's Rods will be important when used in combination with a Survivor's Manteau.

2.4 Shield:
Memory Book [0] or [1]: INT + 1, MDEF + 2
Stone Buckler [1]: Receive 5% less damage from Large size monster.
Valkyrja's Shield [1]: Add a 20% resistance against Water, Fire, Shadow and Undead Property. MDEF + 5
Guard [1]

2.5 Garment:
Survivor's Manteau: VIT + 10. With slotted Survivor's Rod, Maximum HP + 300. MATK - 5%, MATK increase by Survivor's Rod refine rate. Increase resistance from Neutral Property attacks by refine rate * 3.
Heavenly Maiden Robe [1]
Muffler [1]
Vali's Manteau: Reduce 15% of Neutral Property damage.

2.6 Foot Gear:
High Quality Sandals [1]: MDEF + 10
Shoes [1]
Vidar's Boots: Maximum HP and SP + 9%

2.7 Accessories:
Earring [0]: +2 INT. Earring [1]: +1 INT
Glove [1]: +1 DEX

3.0 Cards:
Cards may vary depending on personal preference (DMG vs. Survivability)

3.1 Headgear:
Vesper Card: Every time you do a Magical attack, it ignores 30% of Boss-type monster's MDEF, and does damage accordingly. DEX + 2
Elder Willow Card: +2 INT
Carat Card: INT + 2. If +9 or higher, maximum SP + 150
Incubus Card: INT - 3. Maximum SP + 150. SP Recovery - 20%. (Only use with Succubus Card)
Isilla Card:
INT + 2, Reduce Casting Time by 50% for 5 seconds when performing a Magical attack. FLEE Rate + 30

3.2 Armor:
Agav Card: MATK + 5%, DEF - 10
Baby Desert Wolf Card: +1 INT
Succubus Card: VIT - 3. Maximum HP + 1000. HP Recovery - 20%
Pupa Card: +800 HP

3.3 Weapon:
Drops Card: +1 DEX, +3 HIT

3.4 Shield:
Any race reduction card according to the MVP you are against, other wise:
Alice Card: Receive 40% less damage from Boss monster. Receive 40% more damage from normal monster. Maximum HP decreases by 40 per refine rate.
Thanatos Despero Card: INT - 6. Increase INT by an amount equal to the refine rate of the equipment this card is compounded on.

3.5 Garment:
Raydric Card: Increase resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 20%.
Deviling Card: Add a 50% resistance against Neutral Property attacks. Receive 50% more damage from other property attacks.
Noxious Card: Reduce damage from Long Range attacks by 10%. 10% Resistance to Neutral attacks.

3.6 Foot Gear:
Eggyra Card: SP Recovery + 15%
Firelock Soldier Card: STR + 2. If refinement rate is +9 or higher, Maximum HP and SP + 10%
Gold Acidus Card: Maximum HP and SP + 4%. If refinement rate is between 0 and 4: Additional Maximum HP and SP + 4%. HP and SP Recovery + 5%
Green Ferus Card: VIT + 1. Maximum HP + 10%
Sohee Card: Maximum SP + 15%. SP Recovery + 3%

3.7 Accessory:
Phen Card: Skill casting can not be interrupted. Increase Casting Time by 25%.
Zerom Card: +3 DEX

4.0 Skills:

4.1 Taekwon Skills
Running: When casted, makes the user run at amazing speeds in one direction. If there is something is obstructing the path of Sprint (obstacles, monsters, characters), Sprint will be canceled. (Very helpful for running to or from an MvP in case of trouble)
Break Fall: Enable a 20% chance of dodging long ranged physical and magic (both AoE and target spells) attacks. (Good for dodging an MvP if it gets to close)
Peaceful Break: If there is another TaeKwon class sitting next to the player while sitting, this skill activates, allowing to regenerate HP.
Happy Break: Same in principle as Peaceful Rest, however, this skill recovers SP.
High Jump: Leap forward to overcome obstacles. (At level 5 has a range of 10 cells. Very useful to get distance between yourself and an MvP)
Warm Wind: Endows players weapon (or fists) with an element based on the level of Mild Wind used. Also effects the element of Estun, Estin, and Esma. (Changes your Esma to any element to gain an elemental advantage over the MvP you are against)

Put extra skill points into whatever you want, there aren't really any other skills that will help you.

4.2 Soul Linker Skills:
Soul Linkers have 2 different kinds of magic.
Ka magic, which are defensive skills.
Es magic, which are monster offensive skills.

4.2a Ka Skills:
NOTE: Ka Skills can only be used on other players when the Soul Linker is under the effects of Soul Linker Spirit. But, it can be used on other Soul Linkers without it.
Kaahi: Consume a certain amount of SP to restore HP each time an enemy uses a normal attack. Kaahi heals regardless of whether or not the attack hits. (Very useful auto-heal when you are hit by a melee attack. Heals 1400 per hit at level 7.)
Kaina: Increase Max SP. (Adds 210 SP at level 7)
Kaizel: Instantly revive a fallen character that will be in Kyrie Eleison status for 3 Seconds upon revival. (The most useful skill for a Soul Linker, imo. Avoid having to go back to town when soloing.)
Kaupe: Kaupe status enables the chance of dodging any physical attack or magical attack from an enemy. (Extremely useful skill. Avoid getting hit when an MvP gets close and gives you time to put some distance between yourself and the MvP)

4.2b Es Skills:
Eswoo: Temporarily shrink a monster to reduce its Movement Speed. Boss monsters will only be shrunk for 1/5th of the normal skill duration. (Slows MvP down, allowing you to gain distance. Lasts a little over a second)
Estin: Push back a targeted monster 2 cells away. Only Small sized monsters are damaged by this skill. At skill level 7, after casting Estin there will be a 3 second interval that will allow the casting of the skill Esma. (Use against MvP mobs that are small sized to keep them back, then in those 3 seconds, cast Esma on the MvP.)
Estun: Stun a monster by chance for 2 seconds. Only Medium sized monsters are damaged by this skill. At skill level 7, after casting Estun there will be a 3 second interval that will allow the casting of the skill Esma. (Use in the same way you use used Estin, but for medium size mobs)
Esma: This is a very strong bolt type spell that can change element of its attack depending on Mild Wind. This skill can only be used within 3 seconds of casting any of the Spirit Link Spells, or after having cast Estin, Estun or Eske. Damage formula is: (40+BLVL)% MATK * Skill Level. (The most important skill for MvPing with. Does massive damage if user has full INT gears)

Use your other skill points for Spirit skills to assist party members.

5.0 Stats:
Stats are displayed as BASE STATS

High VIT Low DEX Build:
20~30 STR. For carrying Potions and SP recovery items.
70~80 VIT. Low stun chance/time. High HP. More VIT defence. Higher Potion heal.
40~50 DEX. Decent cast time.
90~99 INT. Most important stat. Get the highest possible MATK bonus. (Every 5 INT raises the Max MATK, and every 7 INT raises the Min MATK)

High DEX Low VIT Build:
10~20 STR. Be able to carry a decent amount of Potions.
20~30 VIT.
80~99 DEX. Fastest cast time.
90~99 INT. Same as above.

6.0 Strategies:
Now that we have gears, builds, and skills out of the way, let's move onto strategies.
Soul Linkers can only solo low-end MvPs that have slow movement or low damage. (Garm, Phreeoni, etc.)
For these MvPs, or any MvP for that matter, ALWAYS have Kaupe, Kaahi, and Kaizel activated, as well as the level of Warm Wind to do maximum elemental damage against the MvP.
Keep the max distance away from the MvP as possible and cast Estin/Estun against the mobs (depending on their size) then cast Esma on the MvP itself. With good equips and INT, 10k per Esma is not unexpected.
If the MvP starts to get close to you, you Running or High Jump to get some distance between yourself and the MvP. Just rinse and repeat this method.
It's not the fastest or easiest method, but for me, it's just so much more fun then killing it in one Asura Strike.
With a party, Linkers can provide very high DPS with the presence of Bragi and Lex Aeterna.

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