Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monthly Update for May

Ok, I have had this site for about a month now. I noticed a lot of visitors coming and a lot still keep coming back. Thank you very much for reading these guides and keeping this site alive. Some of these Guides are actually from different authors and servers and I try to get only the best guides around. I will also post different guides of a character from different people so that this site will not be biased so I hope you liked the guides posted here so far!

I edit/will edit some of the guides with customs so that it would become more "Universal". I hope you bear with me for some of the unedited guides, I will edit only the custom items to prevent bias. The guides will still be considered originally by the authors because of this.

My goal for this? Well, I want to provide quality guides without the need to register/log in to forums and avoid all the hassle. I also want these guides to be free for anyone willing to learn. There are a lot of guides on the internet but the good ones are usually found in forums and are not accessible to the general public. So, thus this site is made. So far I only include guides with characters reaching 99/70 lvls. I may add a high rate guide soon if it is needed. I hope you guys like the site!

For the authors, Thank you for making such great quality guides! You truly are best at what you do and you deserve all the credit!

To my visitors, If you have some conflicting information found on a certain guide, then please be free to post your comments and suggestions. That is what makes a website grow and prosper so I hope that you could give your feedback. Don't be shy to post your comments!

Anyone who can recommend a great WS guide and Gypsy guide will be more than welcome. I have yet to find a good one because most WS guides I read were crappy.

To everyone, thank you for making this website possible and have a happy time playing with Ragnarok! Thank you for visiting Ragnarok Job Guides and have a nice day!

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