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Spikz's guide to gunslingery

You should already know what a gunslinger is if you are looking at this guide.

So..what build is this then?

This build is what I call the PvP/WoE build. It is somewhat similar to a shotgun/handgun build but there are subtle differences.

Hey, why not the Agi slinger?

Well, you do not get the additional bonuses from a 2nd job change, your flee and ASPD might not be as great as the agi/dex hunter, your int and vit is not gonna be as great since you must focus more on dex and agi.
So, in my conclusion, the agi build is more suited to monster combat.
+Better flee
+able to handle monster vs player well
+More suited to breaking emps
+able to attack without the use of much sp

-Flee almost means nothing in PvP unless you have the good equips
-Your vit will barely make you last in any PvP room or for the monsters that occasionally hit
-your low int makes skill spamming very costly
-most slinger skills have a fixed cooldown rate, which renders ASPD useless to these skills.
-Adjustment lasts only 30s. That additional flee and damage reduction just prolongs eminent defeat imo.
-coin flip still has a chance to fail at max lvl. Not very good in tight situations

So...why make a guide here?

Old posts were old, but after sifting through the forums and finding old posts of how gunslingers were "weak" and a "useless class" and "cost too much sp" I decided to make this guide to disprove some assumptions of the gunslinger.

What are the Pros and Cons of this build?

+High output of damage
+Different positions in WoE defense
+Great for mobbing
+great for crowd control on MVPs

-Lowest flee....ever..
-Those that do not need weapons for strong attacks (I.e. WS, Creators, Shield Pallys) are gonna be your tougher opponents.
-WoE offense is not exactly your forte'
-Not very MVP oriented, dont expect much MVP awards from this build


Str- Its nice to carry extra bullets and pots...not to mention guns as well. *duh* I would suggest 10-20 base while leveling and then pump the rest of the points here in your upper 90s

Agi-This stat is not needed for this build. Most Attack skills that you will use have a fixed cooldown rate and are therefore not affected by ASPD. This includes the key skills as shown later. The only exception to this are a few skills. Leave it low, as in like...1 low.

- It depends. Blue pots are readily available in this server. If you cant afford them i would suggest 42 base or above as long as its base is in a multiple of 6 for a nice sp bonus. For this build, I would suggest 60 int, and with a +2 from the job bonus, it's 62. "But's not a multiple of 6.." Get blessed and you get +10 int, which makes it 72. Pretty darn handy in parties and WoE eh? With this kind of int, you should have enough sp to spam skills. Yes, the skills go "omnomnom" on your sp, but with a bless, it will regenerate pretty well.

- There are three types of vit builds you can have which all work with this build. You can choose between low (49+1) mid (59+1) or high (69+1)
I prefer the mid, so that attacks like acid demo wont rip your face off and still high enough to survive mobs.

- Your main stat. Obviously you would want to 99 this one. BUT it is preferable to have the numbers between 90 or 91 (ZOMG NO 99?? TAHT'S N00B!!!!) The job bonus you get is +9 so, either way, you should be able to hit anything except those ridiculously high flee people.

Luk- Leave it at 9. most status effects are reduced by luk/3

If you wish to mess around with the stats, then keep in mind of these guidlines
-you can 99 only 2 stats
-you can 99 one stat have a high 2nd stat and a low 3rd
-you can have a high 90 stat followed by a high 2nd, somewhat close to high 3rd and a 4rth if you know what you want. *this build is focused on this strategy*
- having 5 stats might end up screwing the build unless you are well experienced.

These skills are your key skills in PvP and WoE
Desperado, Full Buster, Rapid Shower, *and if you feel like it* Disarm

Desperado- Your main killing skill. Max it ASAP. It's also great for mobbing. Add something to your arsenal to make the damage output SEXY!!! It requires a revolver class weapon. Uses 10 bullets. Desperado is also counted as a melee attack, therefore, pneuma can not block the damage. Rumor has it that the number of hits is affected by your hit rate and the enemy's flee rate. Most situations will require to use Desperado unless otherwise. Remember to be as close as you can to your enemy to maximize your hit(s), which are up to 10.

Full Buster
- Your main shotgun skill. 1300% damage. 'nuff said. Great in precasts and PvP fun. Just remember that theres a huge (3s :O!) cooldown and a chance to be blinded. During those 3s, you CAN NOT use any items or skills. requires a shotgun class weapon and uses 10 bullets max.

Rapid shower
- Good for picking off weaker foes and spammable. Requires a revolver class weapon and uses 5 bullets.

- Disarms foes or reduces a monster's attack. the higher the skill lvl, the better the chance of disarming. Rumor has it that the higher an enemy's dex is, the higher the chance Disarm will work. Great for stopping emp breaking, frenzied LKs or SinXs in WoE. Great to mess with people in PvP. Works well with a statusing branch or revolver.

Other Skills

Coin Flip- i left it at one, but it doesn't mean it's useless. 1 coin gives a +3 never miss damage, and combine that with disarm and it works.
Hmm? No Coin skills? If a guild busts through the precast, you would want to take them out than going through a random chance of coins for self buffs, right?

Spread Attack- The other shotgun skill. Not as powerful as your top 2, but its radius makes it good in breaking precasts. Get this if you don't want disarm.

Dust- its nifty for pushing away advancing foes, but its suggested to leave it at 3 as a pre-requisite for Full Buster.

Gatling fever- Look up "Emp Breaking" guides. Other than that, NOT for this build. Increases ASPD and atk damage for your gatling.

Ground Drift- A grenade launcher skill, good for setting up traps. If you do not have the Gatling fever, you won't have this one as well.

Projected skill path assuming you are at job lvl 70.

1 Flip Coin
3 Dust
3 Chain Action
5 Disarm
7 Tracking
10 Snake Eyes
10 Single Action
10 Rapid Shower
10 Desperado
10 Full Buster

Now to move on to your equips
*These are suggested PvP/WoE equips.*

+10 double bloody garrison/western outlaw for your revolver skills

+10 bloody black rose for your shotgun skills

+10 statusing branch
+10 triple drowsy branch
+10 triple cursing branch

This is up to you. Preferably an armor with a peco peco card or pupa card since your hp is lower than most classes. You can also have an Evil Druid card if you wish for WoE. PvP-wise, along with your hp armor, you might want some statusing armor with cards like sasquatch or demon pungus

Must have a thara frog card. Prefereably with a valk shield. Practice switching your guns with your shield when the times call for it.

preferably a raydric muffler or a noxious muffler. It will reduce the damage that you will take. Experiment with a frilldora card also. It's pretty handy in some situations.

It should have an sp or hp increaser i.e. verit card or sohee card, since the gunslinger gets no additional hp/sp bonus from a 2nd job change.
*they can't change class, but you probably figured that out*

upper- Anything that reduces Demi-Human Damage. (berets, poo hat)
mid- masquerade or blinker for more damage or to shield you from blind.
low- anything you want to look cool in.

If you want the zerom gloves, go for it. I find these two spots good for a hiding clip or something else...

I noticed the gunslinger equips set out there. I have experienced it used against me by a fellow slinger and it seems to hold promise. If only the friggin manteau would be cheaper >:

lvling spots:
This server is somewhat different so these methods might not be as effective.

As a novice, just train at the novice area till you hit job level 10.

Once you are a gunslinger, get a branch (the rifle, mind you) and go forth and hunt metalings. Just use the kite method (shooting and running) . Snake's eyes should be at 5 (this should cover almost your screen range) as well as single action. Try to get desperado maxed first before getting other skills if you want. Keep the screws if you wish to get some quest weapons. Don't forget to add dex as you level to hit the metalings more efficiently.

By around the 40's area, you should be getting Desperado maxed or are working on it. Please do not go to geographers. Your ASPD is slow and you have no fire elemental ammo, instead this will be the time where you will start mobbing in orc dungeon 1. 2 if you have silver bullets. Stay there till you are lvl 70 or unless you feel ready to take on Isis in the pyramids. You should be getting your key skills maxed by now.

From then on, train on Isis or party with a priest and take on Anubis with silver bullets. Another place would be the Eddga Map. Those nine tail and dragon tail give good exp when mobbed...not to mention cards and old blue boxes. Abbey is also a prime choice if you have a party.

If you happen to have a strong Full Buster, you can train on the Wild Rose map or Sleeper map *with a fire endow on your shotgun*.

PvP tactics:
These are some tips I picked up from experience as well as from other guides and gunslingers.

Knight/Lord Knight- Render them useless with disarm, or wait till your statusing armor goes into effect. Or spam Desperado. Hopefully you can take them out in 2-3 Desperados. Your Statusing branches can be used if you wish.

Crusader/Paladin- If they are the ones that drain HP to do their key skills (i.e. Martyr's Reckoning/ Grand Cross) Use hp pots and Desperado them when they start healing. Those that use shields, just use your ranged skills and hope they are affected by your statusing armor if you have one.
Your Drowsy Branch also comes into play here. Their auto-guard also reduces the hits of your desperado.

Wizard/High Wizard- they have low vit, and we can safely assume they have low hp as well. take them out with your ranged skills or desperado if you are close.

Sage/Professor-For a sage, look at the above ^. As for a Prof, look for lots of blue pots. If you have no blue pots, there is a very very high chance you will lose if they love to use soul burn.

Hunter/Sniper- Its guaranteed they will not be close for a desperado. Use your ranged skills here.

Blacksmith/Whitesmith- Blacksmiths should be treated as knights. Whitesmiths should be treated with a lot of caution. Even with a disarmed weapon, Cart Termination still hurts. Spam range skills and if he is close, use desperado. This encounter is somewhat easier with a smokie card. Hide and shoot Razz. Another Strategy is to use the cursing branch. Once cursed, You can easily be out of range of their CT.

Alchemists/Creator- If they have a Homonuculous, aim for the owner. If it's a Creator with acid demolition, we might have a slight problem. Even with mid-vit, acid demolition still hurts. No definitive strategy for Creator + Homunc who has acid bomb.

Assassin/SinX- they can be uncloaked with Desperado. A sight clip works well also. If they are the fully buffed (link and all) Sber, let's hope you have disarm. With your vit, and assuming they have no buffs, you should be able to survive a few Sbs or Soul Destroyers to pot through.

Rogue/Stalker- Just try to catch them in Desperado before they hide. Also make sure you are not divested. You can also desperado them out of chase walk.

Monk/Champion- Your average monk(combo+asura) is as good as dead. A smart monk will take some thinking.

Priest/High Priest- Spam Desperado as much as you can. You should be able to outdamage their heals, even if they have assumptio. If it's might take a while.

Bard/Clown/Dancer/Gypsy- If you have hide, just hide in their plain sight. They will be forced to use Attention Concentrate to reveal. Since they have to be close to un-hide you, you can prepare for a desperado attack.

Taekwon Class- Treat them as knights. Ranked Taekwons may pose a little difficulty.

Ninja- Some say just push them to a wall and hopefully beat them there. Some say that bulls-eye, magic bullet, and piercing shot bypassthe cicada skin. I have yet to confirm this though.

Gunslinger- Let's see who has the better equipment and build XP.


These tactics are assumed that you are unbuffed and your opponent is unbuffed as well. Circumstances are different if they are buffed or with a party, or if you are buffed and with a party.

*Side notes on your status weapons*
Your Cursing branch is for those with less vit than that of the swordsman classes. Your Drowsy branch is for those with less Int than the mage class.

WoE tactics:
A little run-through on this build's duty in WoE.

Defense- You are to guard the emp and to desperado attackers. Disarm them if you can. You can also camp at the entrance and Desperado anyone who comes in. If they have Evil Druid on them, use silver bullets.
You can also join the precast, and if they have Magic Strings(Bragi) your Full Buster gets a nice cooldown time.

Attack- Stay with a priest or a group. take out defenders with your ranged attacks, or if they are close, use Desperado. Bloody Shells are somewhat suggested in Attacks. Do not dive into precasts. Gunslingers do not change jobs and, therefore, do not get the hp bonus, as well as the lack of the hp and def of a knight. Try to go in after your party goes in. Do not attempt to break the emp since you have a slow aspd. Instead, take out the rest of the wizards and priests and cause a much chaos as possible.

MVP Tactics
ALWAYS be in a party when MVPing. I have yet to meet a slinger who can solo an MVP(if you are a slinger who has soloed an MVP, please leave your tactics here). You act mainly as a supportive offense, using Desperado or Rapid Shower to take out the slaves and somewhat hurt the Boss or you can stick with the Bard/Clown and use Full Buster. If you wish to contribute to this section, leave your tactics here and I will post them up. *Serious tactics please*

This build may sound high and mighty, but it can still be beaten by any class and should not be used in comparison to other classes. . Because most servers have stat/skill resetters, feel free to mess around and experiment. Enjoy and keep on slingin!

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