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Chaotics guide to the Falconier/PVM Power Sniper

This guide is about the Falconier Sniper, a sniper that some define as an all around weak build that CRITs and Auto Blitzs alot but doesnt do good damage anyway, but im here to show that a specific falconier build can be the best PVM sniper build out of all. This build combines normal arrow attacks with criticals and auto-blitz beat. This sniper is at an advantage over the Agi/Dex builds outside of PVP because of their ranged attacks + extreme crits (meaning high CRIT damage or high CRIT rate)+ auto-Blitz beat,186 ASPD, and decent chance to auto-BlitzBeat and never runs out of SP (No need to DS that much so constant true sight even when soloing). If you want a sniper that will be good in PVP and WOE then the Falconier isn’t really for you. The Falconier is the ultimate damage dealer being able to reach up to 10915 damage per second (Based on a poring XDDDD) using normal attacks with buffs, and can lock anything with ASPDs reaching up 189 (190 with donates) and in WOE it can inflict status incredibly fast, cancel all except the most extreme dex or phen/whatever users. Unfortunately Falconiers lack HP and run out of arrows faster than the other builds so you must be ready to bring LOTS of arrows everywhere you go sux . Therefore its still better to make hybrid for WOE or PVP
This build is heavily based for PVM, and is excellent at supporting a MVP party. If this build wants to participate in killing the MVP, then it must be ready to bring a lot of arrow to his privilege. Please note, the Falconier normal attack is almost 3 times as damaging as a hybrid sniper DS in WOE with its ASPD.

Stats Info
Snipers Stat-Bonuses for 70 Job lvl:
str 4
agi 11
vit 3
int 5
dex 14
luk 8

-+1 Flee per point
-Increases ASPD by some complicated formula (genereally in either 5s or 4s) for more information on the ASPD formula follow this link -
-Necessary for levelling and high ASPD whilst attacking. 99+ agi is reccomended for most builds. Our server has reset girl, so you can play a bit with your stats and test builds
- +1 Hit per point
- +1 base damage for bow.
- Bonus of (DEX/10)^2 damage. The number in brackets is always rounded down (This is commonly known as the DEX bonus; it comes in 10s)
- Reduces casting time for skills Arrow Repel, Wind Walk by (DEX/1.5)%. At 150 DEX you have no casting time
- Increases ASPD by some complicated formula. The effect of 1 DEX is about one-quarter that of 1 AGI (~20 dex = 1 aspd)
- Reduces chance of enemy Rogues/Stalkers stripping you

Snipers damage is totally based on DEX and relys heavily on it. It ups your damage(in almost all skills) gives you improved HIT and ATK whilst also decreasing your cast time. High dex is always essential for a sniper so you should ensure you have a reasonable amount of it.
Side note: Get your final DEX (base DEX + job bonus + equips + cards + buffs) to multiples of 10, like 150. The same goes for INT (bonus at 6s for regen) and VIT (bonus at 5s for regen).

- +0.3 crit per point
- +1 perfect dodge per 10 points
- Increases resistance against enemy crits
- Slightly increases resistance against almost all status ailments
- Increase Auto-Blitz-Beat chance

Perfect dodge, status resistance and the crit shield are extremely useful. Final Luk should be around 40-50. Ensure that your crit rate exceeds 30 and remember that every 3 luk adds 1 crit rate (so allocate luk in multiples of 3)

VIT - +1% maximum HP per point
- +0.8 weapon damage reduction per point
- +2% healing item effect per point
- +1 HP regen per 5 points
- +1 spell damage reduction per 2 points
- Increases stun, silence and poison resistance
Vital for WOE and useful for surviving magic and certain skills that cannot be fleed and high HIT opponents. VIT is a very useful stat for both PVP and WOE and if you intend to participate you should have a reasonable amount of it.

- +1% maximum SP per point
- +2% SP recovery item effects per point
- +1 SP regen per 6 points
- +1 spell damage reduction per point
- Increases stone curse, sleep and blind resistance

isn't particularly useful for falconier builds as a they have no need for spamming DS.
It is also important to note INT will improve your FA damage and save money on buying sp regen items.

- +30 maximum weight per point
- +1 long range damage per 5 points
Important in WOE for extra potion/equipment capacity. Otherwise avoid it.

Build stats guideline
Falconier Sniper PVM (These stats are including Job bonuses and what you should aim for with equips)

9+ STR
130+ AGI
9+ VIT
9+ INT
90+ DEX
50 LUK
6500+ HP
560+ SP
185+ ASPD (can reach 190 with great equips, blessing and agi up)
26+ Critical rate
16% of auto-blitz beat

Equips Guideline for Falconier
Upper Head Gear - Apple of archer (preferably +7), Ghost Bandana with Holden/Nightmare/knocker
Middle Head Gear -Sunglasses of Precision
Lower Headgear - Crunch Toast, Gangster Mask
Amour - Sniping Suit (1), Pantie (1) (with either ghostring/evil druid/elemental property card, anolian {for sniping set} or peco peco
Garment - Undershirt (1), Wool Scarf (1), Muffler (1) with either noxious, raydric or dragon tail
Footgear - Tidal Shoes (1), Black leather boots, (preferably +9 or slotted OR both) or boots if your poor
Accessories - Critical Ring, Glove (1), Brooch (1), Bow Thimble (1) with alligator/shinobi/kukre
Weapon - Status Composite Bow - 4x breezer/4x savage babe/4x magnolia, PVP Composite Bow - 2x Skeleton Worker,2x Hydra or most importantly PVM Gakkung – 1xCruiser/1x archer skeleton/ 1x Gryphon/Eremes Guile/whatever you want. Also getting an advantage bow (10 Composite Bow (4) 2x Race + 20% Cards and 1-2x Size 15% + 5 ATK Card and/or 1x Cruiser Card) ecspecially with the sniping combo can be truely powerful.

My Updating Build
1+9 STR
99+48 AGI
2+8 VIT
26/1+10 INT
89+51 DEX
34/47+13 LUK
6515 HP
689/562 SP
186.06 ASPD
25/29/36 (Gryphon) CRIT
15.1/19% BLITZ BEAT
1029/890 Falcon Damage
279 HIT
271 FLEE
5.7/7 P-DODGE

Upper Head Gear +4 Ulles Cap (1) Nightmare
Middle Head Gear - Binoculars
Lower Headgear - Crunch Toast
Amour - +4 Pantie (1) Anolian Card
Garment - +4 Undershirt (1) Dragon Tail Card
Footgear - +4 Black leather boots (1) Merman Card
Accessories - Brooch (1) Alligator Card and Brooch (1) Kukre Card
Weapon - +10 Arbalest 1xCruiser 1x Archer Skeleton/1x Injustice/1x Gryphon

Since i made this guide i've tried a couple of new things and decided this is the best overall PVM sniper build. I decided to replace the a little bit of LUK with INT so can DS alot and when out of SP will still do great damage. This build that combines LUK with INT but still mainly focuses on DPS is what i call the DPS/DS Hybrid. (To make this build a Pure DPS Build, use the equips and stats in black)

Vital Info
Too make a point as too why Falconiers are worth making I ran a series of tests on a stat calculator to see how to get the best damage per second output and what stats and equips allow this. Here are some things I found out (not all related to being a falconier) that most guides don’t say:
Other than race/element/size cards the best cards to get in your bow for when hunting in places like Geffenia, where monsters don’t share a common weakness, are either Archer Skeleton Cards (more DPS and DSDPS), Injustice Cards (alot more DPS) or Gryphon Cards (For doing most damage against high DEF monsters but least against low DEF monsters) because they are overally better than soldier skeleton, CRIT+7 10%, more CRIT damage cards, andre and zipper bear cards, Status cards, and any other non monster type specific cards.
ASPD is very important and more important than CRIT and LUK seeing as how you will be hitting almost everything with your high DEX anyway so aim for 186 (189 with buffs). This way you will lock enemies better, falcon and CRIT more and SB more (if you have injustcie).
Edited Since posting this i've learned alot more about the ASPD formula and what ive learned has changed my view on injustice cards. hear is the new formula - ASPD (hits per second) x 0.05 x Sonic Blow average damage so if my ASPD was 186.25 and my average SB damage was 1352 the equation would be 3.64 x 0.05 x 1352 = 243 DPS. This is in fact more than an archer skeleton card which adds an average of 153 DPS. Therefore an injustice card is more effective with a pure DPS build while an archer skeleton card is more effective with a hybrid DPS/DS build and the AGI/DEX build, because they both combine DS with normal DPS.( Note The overall damage per second of the build in the equation with equips was 2438 against an incubus.
The best way to reach 186 (189 with buffs) ASPD is with the pantie (1) and undershirt (1) combo, Donate headgears/Ulles Cap with nightmare card, (1), Black leather boots (1) with Merman/martyr, Brooch (1) Alligator/kukre

(Note that my falconier build in this test is not as effective as my updating build)
Here are some tests that compare other sniper guides builds to mine and see which specific build has the best damage output per second. Enemy is raydric, all builds use silver arrows here are the results (DPS means Damage Per Second, DSDPS means Double Strafe Damage Per Second CD means Critical damage ABBD means Auto Blitz Beat Damage BD means Base Damage (note that all builds were modified to swap defensive cards such as peco peco for cards like ancient mimic, thief bug card, etc. Also my stat calculator didn’t have FeelRo donate items in case you’re wondering why I didn’t add viking helm. evil tiara, etc)
My Falconier
1+9 STR
99+48 AGI
2+8 VIT
1+10 INT
94+46 DEX
37+13 LUK
6456 HP
613 SP
186 ASPD
279 HIT
281 FLEE

Upper Head Gear +4 Ghost Bandana,
Middle Head Gear - Dark Blinder
Lower Headgear - Crunch Toast
Amour - +4 Pantie (1) Anolian Card
Garment - +4 Undershirt (1) Dragon Tail Card
Footgear - +4 Black leather boots (1) Merman Card
Accessories - Brooch (1) Alligator Card and Brooch (1) Kukre Card
Weapon - +10 Gakkung 1xCruiser 1x Gryphon

Obviously I’m not extremely rich or anything so I haven’t added any upper donates Very Happy so I settle with what I’ve got and manage to get the best damage per second output overall thanks to the Sniper combo, pantie combo, stat tweaking and weapon tweaking.

AGI/DEX off guide with good equips
1+9 STR
99+45 AGI
2+8 VIT
25+10 INT
99+51 DEX
1+13 LUK
6515 HP
684 SP
185.98 ASPD
289 HIT
258 FLEE
Upper Head Gear +4 Ghost Bandana,
Middle Head Gear Binoculars
Lower Headgear None
Amour - +4 Tights (1) Thief Bug Card
Garment - +4 Wool Scarf (1) Bapho JR Card
Footgear - +4 Black leather boots (1) Male Thief Bug Card
Accessories - Brooch (1) Zerom Card and Brooch (1) Kukre Card
Weapon - +10 Arbalest (2) 2x Archer Skeleton Card

This builds aims to get the highest possible DEX and AGI so it should have best damage output right? Not necessarily because although this build is good at double strafe spamming you will not do much damage once your out of SP so unless your in a party or have masses of blue pots, not a very good build (in my opinion) and Hybrid and Falcon Assault snipers are better at PVP.

Falconier off guide with good equips
1+11 STR
99+42 AGI
4+8 VIT
1+10 INT
84+47 DEX
54+13 LUK
6633 HP
562 SP
184.36 ASPD
270 HIT
255 FLEE
Upper Head Gear +4 Apple of Archer
Middle Head Gear Binoculars
Lower Headgear None
Amour - +4 Tights (1) Ancient Mimic
Garment - +4 Wool Scarf (1) Bapho JR Card
Footgear - +4 Black leather boots (1) Male Thief Bug Card
Accessories – 2x Brooch (1) Kobold Card
Weapon - +10 Composite Bow (4) 2x Soldier Skeleton Card 2x Archer Skeleton Card

Most Falconier Sniper guides out there say to get CRIT over 50 and very high luck but that isn’t necessarily better because being a sniper with your high HIT you aren’t going to be missing much and although it’s nice to constantly pierce defense, a lower rate but stronger CRIT can be better.

The Race Size and Money AGI/DEX Advantage Sniper
1+9 STR
99+47 AGI
2+8 VIT
25+10 INT
99+53 DEX
1+13 LUK
6515 HP
684 SP
184.49 ASPD
16.2 CRIT
291 HIT
260 FLEE

Upper Head Gear +4 Ulles Cap (1) Nightmare
Middle Head Gear - Binoculars
Lower Headgear - None
Amour - +4 Tights (1) Thief Bug Card
Garment - +4 Wool Scarf (1) Bapho JR Card
Footgear - +10 Black leather boots (1) Male Thief Bug Card
Accessories - Brooch (1) Zerom Card and Brooch (1) Kukre Card
Weapon - +10 Composite Bow (4) 2x Race + 20% and 2x Size 15% + 5 ATK

With this build you would surely guess that it would do more damage than my Falconier Build seeing as how this one is using a race and size advantage bow and has +10 black leather boots but not neccecarily

Know with all that information I’ve put together a graph to show how the different builds fare against different monsters. Remember all builds are using arrows that are the most effective against the specific enemy and do not have buffs. The build with the best amount in its row will be highlighted purple and the second best will be violet. Also because it isn't in a graph it isn't as obvious as to which build is the best in the different categories so just mainly remember that the build with the highest DPS is the best. cool
DPS means Damage per Second

My Falconier AGI/DEX with good equips Falconier with good equips The Advantage AGI/DEX sniper
DPS 3293 2616 2582 3262
Double Strafe DPS 7212 7133 4872 9060
CRIT Damage 1161 ~ 1255 1101 ~ 1185 810 ~ 828 1470 ~ 1497
CRIT Chance 27.7% 10.9% 52.8% 10.9%
Falcon Damage 890 1020 880 1020
Falcon Chance 16% 5.2% 21.1% 5.2%
Base Damage 602 624 403 755

My Falconier AGI/DEX with good equips Falconier with good equips The Advantage AGI/DEX sniper
DPS 1946 1398 1675 1568
Double Strafe DPS 4133 4096 2703 5127
CRIT Damage 774 ~ 836 0 ~ 0 810 ~ 828 0 ~ 0
CRIT Chance 14.9% 0% 40% 0%
Falcon Damage 890 1020 880 1020
Falcon Chance 16% 5.2% 21.1% 5.2%
Base Damage 325 339 200 392
My Falconier AGI/DEX with good equips Falconier with good equips The Advantage AGI/DEX sniper
DPS 4923 4799 3051 6147
Double Strafe DPS 15236 8533 10303 18890
CRIT Damage 1447 ~ 1555 1364 ~ 1461 986 ~ 1005 1777~ 1808
CRIT Chance 32.9% 16.1% 58% 16.1%
Falcon Damage 0 0 0 0
Falcon Chance 0 0 0 0
Base Damage 1297 1333 900 1649


My Falconier AGI/DEX with good equips Falconier with good equips The Advantage AGI/DEX sniper
DPS 4025 3400 2933 4271
Double Strafe DPS 9406 9212 6333 11581
CRIT Damage 1240 ~ 1334 1170 ~ 1252 810 ~ 828 1522 ~ 1549
CRIT Chance 32.7% 15.9% 57.8% 15.9%
Falcon Damage 890 1020 880 1020
Falcon Chance 16% 5.2% 21.1% 5.2%
Base Damage 820 842 566 1028
Seal (and this time my Falconier is using a +10 Composite Bow (4) 2x Race + 20% Cards and 1x Size 15% + 5 ATK Card and 1x Cruiser Card)
My Falconier (With Advantage) AGI/DEX with good equips Falconier with good equips The Advantage AGI/DEX sniper
DPS 5725 4055 3413 5128
Double Strafe DPS 15254 11715 8151 14800
CRIT Damage 2074 ~ 2107 0 1070 ~ 1089 0
CRIT Chance 16.1% 0 41.2% 0%
Falcon Damage 890 1020 880 1020
Falcon Chance 16% 5.2% 21.1% 5.2%
Base Damage 1320 1084 745 1342

SummarySo I’ve proved that my build can beat all other builds in terms of DPS except the advantage build which it beats as long as it is killing non ghost enemies and enemies with reasonably high def. However that doesn’t mean the advantage build is better than my build because when equipped with a +10 Composite Bow (4) 2x Race + 20% Cards and 1x Size 15% + 5 ATK Card and 1x Cruiser Card and my sniping set my build will do more damage anyway including double strafe owned . Also strangely proven that even with the sniping set and same equips as my sniper the AGI/DEX build still does less DS damage by a tiny bit. Anyway DSing every monster you see in PVM isn't as practical as killing by Damage Per Second). Also to prove that the sniping set isnt the only reason my build beats the other builds ive added ANOTHER comparison

To finaly prove my point of whether Falconier are better than DS Snipers i'll show you this (My Falconier will have same stats and DS Sniper will have 99 AGI 99 DEX 25Int)
Both builds will use the exact same equips i have on my Falconier in the guide and will both use +10 Composite (4) 2x Race +20% 1x Size +15% + 5 ATk and 1x Cruiser. They will kill a poring in favour of the DS Sniper and a Abyss Knight In favor of the Falconier. Lets see what it shows us...
(DPS=Damage Per Second DSDPS=Double Strafe Damage Per Second)
DS Sniper My Falconier
Abyys Knight- 2823 8448 3713 8490
Poring - 6609 19612 6917 19707

(It is SO hard to set out stats like the ones above on the forums so ive done my best and its pretty obvious how to read them)Pretty much Falconier Always does more damage from from being a little like 308 with the poring to a lot with 890 difference for the abyss knight. So to sumarize everything, over 37+13 LUK is wasted, My build does better damage per second than ANY other build in terms of DPS, Sniping set is best card combo for PVM sniper, and what most people define as a Falconier is a all around weak build with bad equips and no advantages in comparison in PVP,PVM,MVP or WOE. My build is what a falconier should be defined as. either that or it can make its on build name, the PVM sniper, so that way it wont be confused with other terrible falconier builds.

Helpful Information
[color]•[/color] High ASPD will lock players and monsters in so they can't move to attack you Razz
Remember to use elemental arrows in WOE
For the most part, avoid using skills and stick with normal attack to allow for falcon and crit damage
In PVE, if you are going to use fire, crystal, stone or wind arrows, carry elemental stones (like crystal blue or wind of verdure) for arrow crafting, instead of quivers. Quivers are more heavy and you need the weight for other stuff.
ALWAYS carry around 6 or 7 quivers of each type of arrow you are using, this build uses a LOT of arrows, (I mean it) so you don’t want to get out of ammo at the middle of a fight ;P
Spend the SP saved on DS on traps and buffs to protect yourself
Orc archer bow is useful in dungeons where monsters don't share a common elemental weakness
Critical strikes bypass defence and flee, as well as auto blitz beat, so you can deal ALOT of damage to high def or high flee targets.
Falconiers are especially effective against high flee and defense builds thanks to their high crit rate and falcon damage.
Keep an eye on your arrow supply so you don't come up short when faced with a powerful opponent
Everybody loves priests angel . Try and become friends with/party with one as soon as possible for the added benefits of improved LUK (gloria) agi/dex (agiup, bless).
For those of you who don’t know when you coma a brute monster with the sniper set you only get the exp based on how much damage you did to it before you put it in coma.

Honestly Falconiers were never really meant for PVP or WOE, but for the ultimate PVM so I won’t write tactics for WOE or PVP.

Well thanks for reading my guide and I hope this helps you greatly in parties and while soloing. Color Coding the statistics took almost forever but it pulled through ok. Thanks R.O.D.E. for supplying me with a decent stat calculator (although is very outdated and will hopefully be replaced by a more updated version)and I recommend it to all of you. also to: (Info) (Excellent source of information on RO)
If you want to try the stat calculator go the the URL below.
Also please tell me if you see anything wrong with my guide and i will edit it. Also ill be updating every now and then depending from feedback and when i figure out info thats useful and new.
im kitty ^__^ Chaotic_Riley im kitty ^__^

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  1. Wow! /no1

    Amazing effort to this Guide. Very Detailed!
    I'm just curious. Had you ever tried to use it in the game? And why there's no one would like to comment on this guide? But anyway...
    Thanks for this guide,
    I'm looking for best sniper build guide for boss hunting and it is exactly the one I'm looking for. I think ill go and try your falconer, ill already had a hunter lvl 95.
    And if you tried using your falconer in the game can you please give me some guide to leveling, if you don't mind. It would be great help for me.
    Thanks again! Rok on! \m/


  2. I feel nobody comments because they just come, look at the guides and go. Yeah I tried this on 2 snipers on 2 different servers and I believe it is a great build. However, it basically depends on the server when using it for pvp.
    MVP wise this build is great other than the delay the Falcon gives, if you are in a party as stated, then this build is awesome.

  3. No offense, but isn't your luck too low? I have been using the archer class for a very long time, and I have been a big fan of falconiers.

    IMO, you can never have both good arrow dmg and falcon dmg at the same time. You have to choose.. Of course AGI should be as high as possible, but you must choose from DEX or LUK, you can never have both..

    Falconiers rely on their falcons for dmg, so INT is better than DEX, regardless of their arrow dmg. Missing on a target due to low flee is not improtant, you have high LUK, thus high CRIT. And crit bypasses the hit requirement..

    The only downsides of the AGI LUK INT build is levelling, ghost monsters, and small hp.. At low levels, LUK is so small, the falcon rarely comes out. And because you are maxing out falcon dmg and rate of autoblitz, vitality becomes out of the picture..

    I had a 94 AGI, 80 LUK, 45 INT hunter (which is now a sniper by the way as of posting), and I still keep on amazing people when they see me autoblitz like hell ^_^

  4. Technically what you are implying would be the Updating Build where luck and int take place of some dex.

    However, it all depends on what you want to achieve using your sniper. I personally want a lot dex because of atk speed and to have a higher damage output. Also, I don't like missing my target, and crit doesn't activate all the time.

    But what you suggested is interesting, a high luck, low dex sniper relying on crit itself rather than HIT.

    The falconier mentioned here relies heavily on damage output. Of course you would crit with luck, but it would not damage the enemy much, and would be negligible. With the falconier mentioned here, you damage with both your skills/atkspid/hit/falcon. It's all about DPS. ^^


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