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Champion Guide by Kensai

    Once a wise man said : VENI VIDI G-FIST

    Why do you want to become a Champ?
    Where to level your soon-to-be-champ and how to earn money while levelling?
    How to skill your champ for the full potential in WoE / PvP?
    What are the right stats for WoE / PvP?
    Proper Gear for WoE / PvP
    How to play Champ in WoE
    How to play Champ in PvP

    Why do you want to become a Champ?
    You're planning to make a champ so you can destroy pvp or even WoE?
    Thats the right reason, if you're planning to make a Champ

    Where to level your soon-to-be-champ and how to earn money while leveling?
    When you're going to start your stats should look like this

    After leaving the Novice grounds your stats should be 9 Dex, 9 Luck and about 30 Int
    Kill some porings so you'll get level 1 Heal at least, then head to payon dungeon and healbomb Zombies and Skeletons (Use Shift + Heal or /ns) - either avoid or kill the Familiars. Don't forget to take Novice Pots with you

    After Hitting level 30 you can either go Payon dungeon 2 till you've got Pneuma or try to go Zombie Prisoners till you're job 50, after changing your job you can stay there till around job 30 but then you'll have to choose on of the following 4 ways

    There are 4 Ways to become level 99,
    Steelbody in Abbey Parties
    Asura Build

    Pro's and Contra's of these Ways
    Steelbody in Abbey Parties
    You're levelling really quick, and it's the cheapest build since you don't really need anything cause of Steelbody - But the money you're earning is not really much since the parties have got Item-Share

    Required for this is Steelbody level 5, 99 Vit, 99 Dex ( Typical Steelbody Build)

    You've got the chance to earn money while levelling, and you basically just need to buy Elemental Fists, another Pro is that you can farm almost all cards that you need when you're a Champion - The Con of this is that its taking really long

    Build for this I would suggest, 100 Agi, 110 Str, About 50 Dex but I can't really give a proper build since I never played Combo-Build

    You can earn with this lots of Money because you're leveling on Sleepers
    The Stats for this should look like this (TOTAL)
    As weapon you should get a stunner and the following stats to kill the Sleepers with 2x Occult
    100 Str, 60 Dex, 100 Agi, 60 Int, 20 Vit

    This is the most expensive build, due to the gears that are required but it can be faster than any of these builds if you've got the gears, because this build is focusing on these monsters, Abysmal Knights and Kasa.

    For the Abysmal Knights you have to get a normal stunner and a phen carded accessory and the following stats (TOTAL)
    110 Str,80 Int, 90 Dex - Only with a Stunner

    For the Kasa you'll either need 3x Abysmal Knight Chain, which is hard to get for new people, so you better stick to 3x peco peco egg
    Stats should look like this for 1-Hit, if you're getting yourself a sp-song slave you can easily 1-Hit in Thors
    120 Str, 100 Int, 60 Dex
    Gears used for this Build:
    Incubus Marionette Doll, Evil Ears,Morph Shawl, Sohee Shoes 2x Ring (Unslotted)

    How to skill your champ for the full potential in WoE / PvP?
    WoE Build

    PPS level 1 is enough, because you'll only use it to make kaupe dissapear and you can asura the linker after that - Decrease agi level 10 because its really useful and you dont use spiritual cadence anyways in woe

    PvP Build

    PPS, TSS and Occult maxed because that are your mainskills in pvp
    Increase agi level is only for walking speed, you won't have time to heal yourself in a duel against a good champ so just leave it at level 3

    What are the right stats for WoE / PvP?


    Chain / Stunner / +9 Lich Build
    110 Str, because you'll have lots of sp in WoE (1300 +)
    70-80 Vit, because of the Gypsies and mainly to survive
    50-70 Int, For more Damage and for more SP recovery when you are using Royal Jellies / Blue Pots
    130-140 Dex, having a fast cast = People won't be able to hide fast enough

    Lower dex means more vit/int but you always need to know that if you're playing against another champ the higher dex wins so dont go for less than 130 dex - it just kills you

    A +9 Lich is doing slightly more damage than Stunner or a Chain ONLY if you're using the right equips (Sohee, Morph Shawl)


    Basically PvP is almost the same like WoE, with the exception you're not planning on potting in PvP but there is one rule

    Chain / Stunner
    120 Str, because you want to hurt oher people right?!
    99+xx Dex, Same as for WoE, people can't hide fast skills
    Rest into Vit - Survive!

    Proper Gear for WoE / PvP


    WoE Gears

    Upper Headgear - F-Beret, Ulle's Cap + S.Golem
    Middle Headgear -Masquerade or Sunglasses + Vanberk or Incubus
    Lower Headgear - Gangster Mask
    Armors - Valk Armor(s) Evil Druid and Marc, if you don't have a Valk armor take Saint's Robes, 1x Evil Druid and 1x Marc. Take also 2 Silk Robes with Evil Druid and Marc because Armors break in WoE. For Precasts Additionally Silk Robe with Pasana / Swordfish
    Weapon - Double Bloody Boned Chain, Double Bloody Stunner, +9 Double Bloody Lich Wand
    Shield - Cranial Valk Shield
    Garment - Immune Wool Scarf, Morph Shawl, Guard Wool Scarf if you can swap equips
    Shoes - Green Ferus, Sohee, Verit Tidals
    Accessories - 2x Nimble Glove for Precasts Acolyte Rosary

    PvP Gears

    Upper Headgear - F-Beret
    Middle Headgear - Masquerade or Sunglasses[1] With vanberk or Incubus
    Lower Headgear - Gangster Mask
    Armors - Valk Armor(s) Evil Druid and Marc, if you don't have a Valk armor take Saint's Robes, 1x Evil Druid and 1x Marc.
    Weapon - Double Bloody Boned Chain, Double Bloody Stunner
    Shield - Cranial Valk Shield
    Garment - Immune Wool Scarf
    Shoes - Green Ferus or Sohee Tidals
    Accessories - 2x Nimble Glove

    How to play Champ in WoE
    Your task in WoE will be to take out important or dangerous characters. For example:

    Fighting a good champ means spam absorb on him like no tomorrow, walk always next to him or almost into him so he cant absorb you and you can kill him. if he snapped away - DONT WALK TOO CLOSE TO WALLS HE COULD NINJA YOU (frill card)

    If you use Pneuma the creator already lost because he cant damage you anymore, ALWAYS USE RUWACH THEY MIGHT HIDE UR ASURA

    Sinxes = perm ruwach, they might 1-shot you but thats not going to happen because sinxes are nerfed they are still dangerous because a double-sb can kill you

    If the proffessor uses wof + sw just ignore him, but if hes busy dispelling your guildmates kill him if hes not standing in a sw - PUT A PNEUMA ON HIM SO HE WONT BE ABLE TO SW HIMSELF - ruwach on!

    If the stalker is running away with chase walk just follow the footsteps and kill him when hes out of chase walk

    How to play Champ in PvP

    As already stated above - your mainskills are PPS,TSS,Invest,Absorb,Zen and snap. to succeed in pvp you should use endow because there are many gr's nowadays and gloom boxes and green pots because silence would kill you if you wouldnt have green pots - also a few sp items would make it easier for you if you want to leave the room and dont have any sp left so you can just warp urself out

    Lord Knight - Spiral
    spiral Lord knight usually got high vit and just use spear stab / magnum break spiral combo on you so be sure to snap back into your pneuma so you wont get hit by spiral

    If he's spiral build just pneuma yourself, 1x PPS and TSS him, when he's running away do a pneuma FIRST then snap into it and TSS him again till he's dead. If he's using berserk just blade stop him and wait till he relogs

    Lord Knight - Bowling Bash
    bowling bash lord knights usually got around 70 vit so use invest. also they just spam bb on you so you have to snap way and decrease agi them
    if they are using bash snap away the chance to stun is way too high avoid that the stun-bb tactic can easily kill you

    If you're up against a good Bowling Bash lk you can only win if you decrease agi him and PPS spam him till hes going berserk then just blade stop

    Assasin Cross - 99 Agi
    usually they just melee or sb you be sure to blade stop them when they melee you and the only way to hit them is occult if theyve got like 300 agi

    PPS spam till he drops - TSS when you used 2x PPS

    Assasin Cross - Sonic Blow
    they usually cloak next to you and sb you so ruwach-snap around and find them. decrease agi and follow them with PPS and TSS

    PPS spam him so he cant use sonic blow when he got pushed 6 cells away use TSS
    If the Sinx is linked and using edp you have to use asura to kill him, else he'll kill you

    Assasin Cross - Soul Breaker
    they are most of their time cloaking so ruwach-snap around - find them - decreaese agi them and pps them

    pneuma yourself and TSS him. If he's cloaking use ruwach and do a pneuma-walk when he used sbk snap next to him and PPS him + TSS

    AVOID THE TRAPS they kill you, especially sandman,ankle snare and shockwave trap. they push the traps with arrow shower so when you see a trap next to you snap away so they wont get u into their traps

    pneuma yourself, decrease agi the sniper, TSS him. If he's hiding level 5 TSS use level 3 TSS till he dropped.
    If a level 5 TSS hitted snap next to him and use invest and he'll drop

    Sniper - Falcon Assault / trap
    AVOID THE TRAPS they kill you, especially sandman,ankle snare and shockwave trap. they push the traps with arrow shower so when you see a trap next to you snap away so they wont get u into their traps

    pneuma yourself and use TSS. the sniper will have high vit. do a pneuma next to him - invest him till he'll die

    High Priest
    they run when you PPS them - or they just stand in their corner and in their SW - PPS them and snap into them before the push-effect of PPS was there and voila. the hp got pushed out of his sw 8D

    decrease agi - PPS him into a corner and pneuma him so he cant use Safety wall if youre fighting a good hp you cant kill him without asura

    High Wizard
    they quag or just jt spam you wear a dokebi armor if you can so their jt will do crap damage when they cast sg swap to unfrozen and snap out of the sh

    snap next to him, PPS him and use TSS - they dont have much HP and

    usually they just go after you and want to ct you so keep them away from urself

    snap away from him - use TSS until he dies if you're next to him you might stun and die we don't want to die rite?

    Paladin - Rapid Smithing
    spams rapid smithing on you and follows you

    pneuma yourself, PPS and invest him, if he doesnt have defender use TSS instead of invest

    Paladin - Matyr's Reckoning
    they are going after you with having MR on so dont let them get closer decrease agi and tss them if they dont have defender

    blade stop + investigate repeat this until he's dead

    Paladin - Support / Devo
    they cant be killed easily because they'll spam pressure on you which means -2000 hp and lots of ur sp

    investigate is the only way you can kill them

    Stalker - Bowling Bash
    almost the same like Lord knights but if you decrease them their aspd wont be lowered that much so they are really really dangerous - also strip kills you

    PPS and TSS - dont let them come too near and dont let them get off too many times bowling bash else ure dead

    Stalker - Caster Type
    its the same as wizard - use dokebi and keep them away from you to avoid strip they dun have that much vit

    PPS and TSS dont let them get off too many jt's else ull b dead

    Clown / Gypsy

    If they are Arrow Vulcan just pneuma yourslef and TSS them. if they are not Arrow Vulcan build PPS and Invest them

    if you're fighting a good champ be sure to absorb him all the time when he used zen else PPS spam him and get after 2PPS spheres and use TSS
    if he's running decrease agi him and snap after him and TSS him also use occult when you think he got high vit

    Professor - Bolter Prof
    basically they just bolt/ WoF themselves and SW themselves - use their WoF for yourself and pps them out of it and TSS them

    snap next to him and PPS spam him - if he got a hp as support just asura him else you can't kill him

    Professor - Support
    snap next to him PPS him and when he's not using Wall of Fog TSS him
    PPS is your MAINSKILL against them dispell spam kills you so you can swap to invest but always try to use PPS

    Creator - Homunc
    basically the creo just hides and let the homunc do his work

    2x Invest the homunc and it'll be dead then just PPS the creator until the homunc is ressed and repeat that until the creator is dead

    Creator - Homunc + AD
    asura the creo. no other chance to survive / kill him

    can't kill the ninja with ciccada thingie - just ignore them they dont do damage anyways except final strike which can be blocked by pneuma

    Soul Linker
    PPS spam them and TSS until they are dead - THEY CANT DO DAMAGE

    Super Novice
    1x TSS and they are dead if not 2x PPS and TSS that should kill them

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