Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Simple Guide to Editing Clown Songs

Well since someone told me i could edit them, i tried it.

Here is what to do:

First Download the Extractor

Winrar required. Downloadable here (English version of course)

Then, when you open it you will get this:

After doing that click on the red thing that is pointed out in red(the green button we will need later), you can use both. Go to your RO private server folder, open the file: server.grf (For example znro.grf if you are from that server), NOT data.grf. (don't mess with the data.grf, it's RO's main file, 1 edition could screw up your RO)

Once you did that, your program will look like this:

Have that?, good then right-click on the file that is pointed out in red. That will show 4 options, Choose extract(CTRL+enter), save it somewhere easy to reach for you. Now you can start editing. If i counted it well, you need 118 lines. If you have less, it will say: M/U. According to me that means you don't have enough and it chooeses a blank one.

But let's go on, once your done with the editing, you drag your file, and drop it back in, like this :

Then press save, the button that will appear then(pointed out green on the first screenshot), after that, it might take a minute, but then this will apear:

Wait until the pop-up window is dissapeared, Close Gryff, run RO, And have fun!

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