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The Hitcher's Guide to Status Effects.

Freeze:The current most useful status effect, especially against ghostring users. Also very hard to have resistance to unless your immune to it (Marc Card.) However, sooner or later Marc will become a GW standard. Turns you into Water Element 1.
-50% DEF, +25% MDEF

How to inflict:
-Freeze Trap (Hunters)
-Marina Card (5%)
-Frost Driver
-Frost Nova
-Storm Gust
-Ice Falchion (Does it still freeze?)
-Frost Joke(40% Maxed)
-Katar of Cold Icicle
-Sasquatch Card (20%)
-Garm Card (50%)
-Tarot Card of Fate, The Hanged Man (100%, ignores immunity)

-Marc Card (Immune)
-Megaladon Card (20%)
-Evil Druid Card (Immune)

Stun: The only status effect that renders the enemy useless and doesn't go away when you smack them Razz Not as useful anymore now that Vit is a requirement for any class wanting to GW.

How to Inflict:
-Savage Bebe card (5%)
-Skeleton Card (2%?)
-Attack weak point (30%)
-Smite (40% maxed)
-Dazzler/Scream (50% maxed)
-Sightless Mind
-Hammer Fall (70%)
-Throw Stone
-Meteor Assualt (55% maxed)
-Cart Termination/High Speed Cart Ram (50% maxed)
-Rybio Card (10%, if DEX > 77, 30%)
-Majorous Card (20%)
-Tarot Card of Fate, The Star (100%)

-Vit (100 immune)
-Orc Hero Card (Immune, Very Rare)
-Stalactite Golem Card (Resist 20%)
-Dark Blinker(Blinder) (3%)

Sleep: A very nice status effect. While most classes are getting some vit to prevent stun, they WILL have low int unless its for their class( Ex, Priests, Wizards). It works a ton better than stun and not many people wear Insomiac headgears.
It is twice as easy to crit a sleeping person.

How to Inflict:
-Plankton Cards (5%)
-Sandman Trap (Hunters)
-Katar of Piercing Wind
-Demon Pungus Card (20%)
-Skeleton Prisoner Card (10%, +Skeleton Card 30%)

-Nightmare Card (Immune)
-Coco Card (20%)
-Flu mask (10%)
-Gangster Mask (15%)

Poison: A standard effect amongst Assasins, it reduces your hp (More if you have high HP) and your DEF by 25%(?). Useless against high vit chars as it won't last very long/immune. Also stops the natural regeneration of HP and SP.

How to Inflict:
-Snake Card (5%)
-Envenom, Enchant Poison
-Venom Dust (100% as long as not immune)
-Zenorc Card (4%)
-Chimera Card(10%, if users is Sin/SinX chance is 30%)
-Giant Spider Card (20%)
-Tarot Card of Fate, Death (100%)
-Battle Chant (lasts forever untill cured)

-Vit (100 Immune)
-Eye of Dullahan
-Gas Mask (30%)
-Oxygen Mask (20%)

Stone Curse: God awful status effect, the only prevention is to sacrifice your shield slot and in pvp that means ALOT more damage(EDIT- Evil Druid also prevents this). It lowers your hp periodically and turns you to Earth Element 1, meaning Fire attacks= Ouch! Only thing that has resistance is Mdef. Luckly only Wizards/Sages and Mystaltainn users can use it on you Smile -50% DEF +25% MDEF

How to Inflict:
-Stone Curse spell
-Mystaltainn (via casting stone curse)
-Tarot Card of Fate, The Hanged Man
-Dark Frame Card (20%)
-Pest Card (10%, if INT > 77, 30%)

-Medusa Card(Immune)
-Evil Druid Card (Immune)

Silence: Another useful status effect, it makes the victim unable to use any skills (A total disablity of wizards, sages and non-vit priests.) However like stun, alot of people have vit for PvP/GW so its hard to inflict it on them and green pots cure it right up. Not to mention if multiple priests are trying to Lex Divina a target they might end up curing it Very Happy.

How to Inflict:
-Lex Divina (Priests)
-Metaller Card (5%)
-Immaterial Sword
-Katar of Raging Blaze
-Disguise Card (10%, if VIT > 77, 30%)

-Vit (100 Immune)
-Marduk Card (Immune)
-Stainer Card (20%)

Blind: My personal favorite next to sleep. Blind Reduces the target's sight range significantly (More on monsters) aswell as a 25% reduction of their FLEE and HIT (not -25 hit/flee, 25%). Like sleep, not many people you inflict this on (Sins, Rogues) have high Int, or wear Auderate headgear since everyone has some sort of Mimic fetish.
For high-agi chars, if you inflict this on a hunter they won't beable to hit you Wink

How to Inflict:
-Holy Cross (30% maxed)
-Familiar Card (5%),
-Flasher Trap (Hunter),
-Sightless Mind (25% maxed)
-Grand Cross (only against demon/undead monsters),
-Throw Sand
-Meteor Assualt (55% maxed)
-Kraben Card (20%)
-Grizzly Card (10%, +Bigfoot Card, 30%)
-Battle Chant (Permanent untill cured)

-Deviruchi Card (Immune)
-Martin Card (20%)
-Blinker (Immune)
-Dark Blinker/Blinder (Immune)

Curse: The pinnacle of Status Effects, it reduces the target's moving speed to snail speed, as well as -25% of their Attack and Defence. No way to be immune to it, and only 2 classes will commonly have a resistance to it.

How to Inflict:
-Magnolia Card (5%),
(Infiltrator no longer inflicts Curse)
-Battle Chant (Permanent untill cured)
-Napalm Vulcan (25% maxed)
-Tarot Card of Fate, Death (100%, ignore immunities)
-Wraith Dead Card (20%)
-Nightmare Terror Card (10%, +Nightmare Card, 30%)

-Evil Snake Lord Card (Immune, not implemented)

Note: Luck also reduces all status effect chances by alittle bit.

Chaos:Causes your character to move in random directions, you can't control movment.

How to Inflict:
-Requiem Card (5%)
-Tarot Card of Fate, Temperance
-Creamy Fear Card (20%)
-Karakasa Card (10%, if STR > 77, 30%)

Hallucination: Causes your screen to become wavy (kills yours FPS) and makes you see damage higher than your actually recieving. Turning off /effect will stop the wavey shit.
The "wavey" part is disabled.

Special Status Effects

Enchant Deadly Poison's deadly poison
-This poison can not be cured and will reduce your HP much quicker than normal.

Curative skills + Items:

Green Potion- Cures Poison Blind and Silence.

Green Herb- Cures Poison

Panacea- Cures All Status effects.

Royal Jelly- Cures All Status effects.

Holy Water- Cures Curse.

Detoxify- Cures Poison.

Status Recovery- Cures Freeze, Stun, Stone Curse, Sleep

Lex Divina- Cures Silence

Cure- Cures Blind and Silence. (If target has silence amonst other status effects, (ie. poison), Cure will heal ALL of them.

Questions? Comments? Errors to be fixed? Post!

Edit: Made Status Effects more noticable.

Edit 2: Added curing status effects. Added Color for status effects.

Edit 3: Fixed poison's effects, Thank You Lyra.

Edit 4: Added Stat-Immunities, added Throw Stone to Stun Infliction, added Throw Sand to Blind Infliction, Thank you Diana :p. Added Luck stat reducing all status effects chance.

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