Sunday, May 10, 2009

Websites I use

As a player myself I tend to use a lot of websites to play effectively. Here is a list of the best websites I use to become a better player or when I'm off hunting or doing some quests.

1. - This is absolutely the best site there is from guides to all the monster and item information you need. Better yet, it is constantly updated. There are also some miscellaneous stuff about ragnarok that you might need too.

2. Cooking Simulator - This is a nice cooking simulator to all the ragnarok chefs out there. One thing I like about ragnarok is the cooking quest. I constantly use the food because it really buffs up my characters. +10 to stats WTF! But to do so you need to be diligent in hunting for requirements and such. Happy Cooking!

3. Character attack Simulator - This is a good Attack simulator. I use it to test asura damage or AD damage for boss hunting. I also use it to test which weapon or card combinations are better.

4. Overupgrading info - All you need to know when upgrading weapons or armors. It is not updated with the enriched versions but it is still good information.

5. RO Empire - To download great skins, Roempire would be the best place to be. Here, you get get hundreds of beautiful skins made by players such as yourselves. You would need to register though but I think it's worth it!

I'll be adding new sites soon!

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