Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Doomed Sword Quest

You want a Mysteltain, Executioner and Grimtooth? This quest is for you.

First, go to Prontera and talk to NPC Bill about the Mysteltain sword.

Second, go to Izlude, go inside that house, turn to down warp and talk to NPC Naren about the Executioner.

Third, go to Morroc and talk to NPC Sherze about the Grimtooth.

Fourth, go inside the pub in Prontera and talk to the NPC Carter about the Legendary Blacksmith.

Finally, go to payon_fild08 (just go to city of payon and go to south east warp) and talk to NPC guy (legendary blacksmith). He will tell you the ingredients how to make those 3 equips.



1 Foolishness of the Blind
1 Loki's Whispers
1 Mother's Nightmare
1 Young Twig
1 Emperium


2 Executioner's Glove
10 Bloody Edge
3 Necklace of Oblivion
50 Amulet
1 Emperium


10 Blade of Darkness
5 Cursed Ruby
100 Ogre Tooth
1 Broken Sword Handle
1 Emperium

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