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Professor Guide

Professor Guide
By: Disox, your friendly neighborhood black man from ZNRO

This Guide is for Full Support Profs (because bolting is terrible right Baco?) and is more PvP/WoE oriented.


There have been quite a few events like these but I haven't seen anyone post a prof guide so why not. This is my first time making a guide though D:

I've only been playing prof for a year but I think that it's the best and most fun class to play but they can be hard to use at first. If used correctly, a prof can counter pretty much every class in any situation. Every guild needs a good prof both in PvM and PvP/WoE. There's nothing better than completely disabling someone and watching them get destroyed by your guildmates. The only real thing that I see other profs aren’t doing is not paying attention to what’s going on (during WoE mainly). The reason I chose not to include a Bolting build in this guide is because I don't feel it is a very good choice in PvP or WoE but it's ok to mess around with.

Is This the Right Class for You?
If you like to:
  • Support people.
  • Harass people.
  • Disable people.
  • PvP/WoE (because this is where a prof is really needed)

Then you should try playing a professor.

Table of Contents:
(If you want to skip to a certain part, just CTRL + F to find it)
1. Stats/Gear
2. Skills
3. PvM
4. PvP
5. WoE
6. Links
7. Notes

1. Stats/Gear:


Here are the stat bonuses you get:

The strength is just for holding more materials during WoE. You can play around with this if you want.

Unless you plan on doing some auto-bolting during WoE, leave this alone.

Having at least 85 total VIT will give you good enough resistance to Stun but I personally go with 100 because I like having more HP. With all of the reductions that you will have from gear (and Energy Coat), Acid Demonstration won't be a problem. Just remember to fill up your sp all the time.

There are two things that you should be thinking of when you are putting stat points into INT:
a. Having more SP is good because other classes like High Wizards and Champions will always have more SP than you so if you get more INT, you won’t have to Soul Exchange them as much.

b. To get the full 30% reduction from Energy Coat, you must have at least 81 – 100% SP. Having low INT makes it easier to keep your SP high (because you will have a low SP pool) when using Health Conversion/Indulge (you only have to use it twice to get full SP) because every time you get hit while Energy Coat is on, your SP drops by 3%.

For PvM, the first point would be more important but for WoE, you should go with the latter. You should also have enough INT to be able to damage people with Heaven’s Drive to get them out of Hide/Cloak/Chase Walk.

Having 130 DEX gives you a fast enough cast time to lay Magnetic Earth/Land Protector’s down easily (especially with Bragi/Strings and Suff). If you run into Gospel/Battle Chant and get +20 stats, you will have 150 DEX (Instant Cast) so you don’t need anymore than that.

nope sry sucks

Other things that you will need (that aren't in the picture above) for swapping are:
Unfrozen Armor (+7 Valk armor or +7 Glittering Jacket)
Dex Survivor's Rod (with a drops card in it)
Orleans Glove/Expert Ring/Clip/Whatever (with a smokie card in it and the other one with a )

A +7 Glittering Jacket gives 1 more DEF than a +7 Valk armor does but valk armor gives +1 all stats and is indestructible so it's up to you.

You can just play around with most gears. remember to check for the best equips.

Swapping Gear:
Swapping gears is easy once you've learned how to use battlemode. The only things I swap are armors (between Marc and ED) and accessories (between Nimbles and a hiding accessory). If you manage to get a GR/Deviling or something rare like that, then you'll have to learn when to swap in different situations. You should not default GR.

2. Skills:

Profs have the most skills in all of RO. I will talk about some of the more important ones but if you want to read up on them, click here.

First off, here's a great build to use for PvP/WoE.



Now for some details on the more important skills:

Safety Wall:
Safety Wall is a great skill that blocks 10 melee hits OR skills (at level 10). Skills that have multiple hits (i.e. Sonic Blow which is 8 consecutive strikes) only count as one hit.

Stone Curse:
Stone Curse is one of the many ways profs can disable other people. The only problem is knowing who to use it on. Mainly SinX's and LK's default Evil Druids so using it on them isn't the best choice. Instead, aim for the High Priests, High Wizards, Champions and other supportive classes. Most of the "better" players will have both an ED and a marc so you might get unlucky. Do not spam Stone Curse on one person for a long time, if it fails after 2 or 3 tries, move on. If you use Stone Curse on someone who is already Stone Cursed, you will break it so make sure you watch out for that.

Energy Coat (Quest Skill):
Always have Energy Coat on and keep your SP high (81 ~ 100% for the full 30% damage reduction).

Magic Rod:
If a wizard tries to JT you or a bad prof tries to bolt you, use it.

Spell Breaker:
Spell Breaker cancels ANY SKILL WITH A CAST TIME (THAT MEANS URGENT CALL/EMERGENCY CALL). If you successfully spell break someone, they will not be able to cast until the move so this is great when rushing precasts.

Land Protector:
One of the main things you will be doing in WoE. Land Protector (LP or ME) can save your guild but can also get them killed depending on where you put it. It removes all ground spells (Safety Wall, Wall of Fog, Pnuema will still be visible but it will not work, etc) and prevent AoE skills (Storm Gust, Meteor Storm, etc) from doing damage. 99.9% of the time, you WILL need Land Protector to break a precast (the 0.1% would be if the other guild is complete trash). There are a lot of situations where LP can be good or bad (especially in WoE: SE) and I will explain some of them later in the WoE section. Do NOT get Lv. 5 LP, it's way too big. Go with Level 3 or 4.

The main reason why people hate profs. Getting dispelled <> and everyone will hate you for it. The only classes you cannot dispel are:
Stalkers that are linked.
Soul Linkers
People with GTB

Health Conversion:
You will need to use this to keep your SP high so you can give SP to people with Soul Change and to keep Energy Coat up. If you need to put skill points in other things, get Health Conversion Lv. 3 and move on (you don't really need level 5)

Lvl 1 SP = 20% of HP used (2% of your actual HP)
Lvl 2 SP = 40% of HP used (4% of your actual HP)
Lvl 3 SP = 60% of HP used (6% of your actual HP)
Lvl 4 SP = 80% of HP used (8% of your actual HP)
Lvl 5 SP = 100% of HP used (10% of your actual HP)

Soul Change:
Personally, I hate giving SP to people but it is one of the things a prof must do. It isn't too bad when then person you are giving SP to has more than 5 SP left before they ask you because you will be able to use Health Conversion right after instead of having to use an SP recovery item. To make it easier on yourself, find a clown for bragi when giving SP to people.

Soul Burn:
This is the last skill that I would get out of all of the skills. It sounds like it's a great skill but I rarely use it in WoE. Using this on High Wizards, High Priests, Champs and other Profs is the best choice (but in most cases, they will just pot back up). This skill is better for PvP, not WoE.

The next 5 spells you cast after you use Memorize will have their cast time reduced by 1/2. Using memorize before walking into an emp room is great for putting LP's down (in WoE: FE).

Wall of Fog:
"Creates a wall of fog of 5 x 3 cells perpendicular to the caster (triple the area of the Wizards Ice Wall). Anyone attempting ranged attacks or ranged skills through or into but not OUT OF the fog. Those inside are blinded (Status effect: Blind) for 30 seconds. For non ground targeted spells, there's a 75% chance that it will miss completely. Ranged attacks have a -75% damage penalty, and -50 HIT penalty."


Spider Web:
Another skill that pisses people off. Webbing someone will prevent them from moving for 4 seconds (in WoE or on Boss Monsters). Great for getting pesky champs away from you or just to keep someone from going anywhere until someone kills them. If someone gets webbed and is hit by a fire elemental skill, they will take 2x the damage (Stone Curse + Spider Web + Fire = raped). You can also set webs down like traps by SHIFT + Clicking on a guildmate and it will appear on their tile.

3. PvM:

I might add a leveling guide later or something but you might as well leech yourself with a priest or archer.

A profs main role in PvM parties is to provide SP to other members and maybe do some mob control. Just stay near the bard/clown that is doing bragi while using Health Conversion and wait for someone to ask for SP from you. When the party gets settled, you can probably start SPing people without them having to ask. You should also carry cobwebs with you so that you will be able to web any extra monsters that may pose a threat to your party and disable them until your party is ready to deal with it. Cobwebs last for 8 seconds (4 seconds on boss monsters) so you'll have plenty of time but you can only have 3 down at a time.

For some MvPs, you might have to lay LP down to prevent skills such as Evil Land from damaging your group.

4. PvP:

Since you can't really solo in PvP as a FS prof, you will have to assume that there is somebody there to kill the person after you are done with them. Profs can counter pretty much every class so I will go through them all.

Lord Knight:
LK's aren't a huge threat to profs (unless it's Mutt). As long as you fiber lock and dispel them, they won't manage to get a hit on anyone. If they do manage to get near you, you can either Safety Wall yourself or simply move back and fiber lock them.

High Wizard:
High Wizards can't do ANYTHING to profs as long as you watch what their next move is and act before they finish. If they JT, use Magic Rod or put a Wall of Fog on yourself. If they try to Storm Gust, you can either spell break it (if their cast time isn't too fast) or lay a LP down. If the HWiz is with a clown, don't even worry about using Spell Breaker and lay a LP down under yourself and your party before they manage to get a Storm Gust off on you. After that, you can move in and Dispel/Stone Curse them or Soul Siphon them and watch them stand there.

Snipers can be annoying but they shouldn't be able to kill you at all. Putting a Wall of Fog on yourself will leave the sniper with a 25% chance for it's attack to actually hit you and if it does, it will receive a 75% damage penalty. Dispelling a sniper will reduce their already terrible damage even further. If a sniper is actually wasting it's time trying to kill a prof, the sniper is probably awful. Avoid Shockwave traps???

WS' HATE Profs. Dispel + Fiber Lock.

Assassin Cross:
A SinX shouldn't be able to 1-shot you if you have Assumptio on (unless they have something like Incant or Double Attack from Battle Chant). If you Safety Wall yourself, the SinX will most likely try to get close enough to grimtooth you so have Sight up and get ready to Heaven's Drive right when you see them go into Hide. Once you knock them out of Hide, Dispel them to remove their link but don't waste time trying to web them because they can backslide out of it. Putting Wall of Fog on yourself will make it harder for them to grimtooth you. If you move out of Safety Wall and get hit by sonic blow, you should be able to survive it and dispel them while the SB animation is still going.

High Priest:
A High Priest can't do anything to a Prof (if they try to Lex D you, they're retarded) except for taking away your Assumptio by using Kyrie or putting Lex A on you. Disabling a High Priest is key since they keep the party alive so Dispel them and Stone Curse (they won't be wearing ED) or Soul Siphon them.

Make sure you Dispel a Paladin to remove their shield buffs so your party members won't get hurt when attacking them. If they try to get close to you, they are probably going to try to use Sacrifice/Martyr's Reckoning on you so Safety Wall yourself. If they try to Shield Boomerang, Shield Chain/Rapid Smiting or use Pressure/Gloria Domini on you, simply use Wall of Fog.

This can be a pain in the ass. Facing another FS Prof will usually end up with whoever gets Stone Cursed first losing (make sure you swap to ED) or whoever gets Soul Siphon first losing. They will definitely try to dispel you right away so putting a Wall of Fog on yourself and dispelling them is the best way to go. For bolter profs, Magic Rod. For hindsight profs, fiber lock + dispel.

Arrow Vulcan? Wall of Fog. Tarot? Wall of Fog. Dispel. Stone Curse. Next?

Make sure you have Wall of Fog on yourself/party because they will be bombing you. If you happen to run into Awaken/Eyez with his overpowered Vanil, it would be best to fiber lock him and run while using magic rod so you don't get destroyed by it.

Stalkers can be tricky. If they are linked, they can't be dispelled so don't bother. Make sure you have Sight up and if you see footprints, Heaven's Drive near the footprints to knock them out of Chase Walk (don't give up if you miss the first time). If they try to DS you (lol?), Wall of Fog. They probably won't be able to Full Divest you on the first try because of your high DEX unless they get lucky.

There are so many things that you can do to counter Asura Strike:
  • Dispel them which will remove their fury.
  • Safety Wall
  • Wall of Fog (if they manage to get it off while you are in WoF, it will receive the penalty)
  • Hide
  • Spell Breaker (if you can catch it)
  • Tank it (Hi roxanne)
  • Hit them (If they are absolute trash)
  • Stone Curse (last resort?)

They can snap out of webs so don't waste your time. If, for some reason, they try to occult/Investigate you, simply dispel them and soul siphon/stone curse them.

Dispel? Don't bother webbing TK's because they can Flying Side Kick out of it. Not a threat.

Soul Linker:
You can't dispel linkers at all so just stone curse them.

Handle them like you would handle a sniper. They might try to get close to you and desperado so web.

If they use magic, Wall of Fog and Magic Rod. Other than that, Safety Wall and Wall of Fog will protect you from them. If they put down any ground skills, just LP them.

5. WoE:

The best part of RO (imo). WoE is where the real fun is even though you won't be the one dealing the damage.

In WoE, you should always be paying attention to what is happening because a prof can change the outcome of almost any situation. However, this does not mean that a single prof can take care of an experienced guild. You can take the things I mentioned in PvP section into WoE but not everything will work out as well in WoE.

Make sure you stock up before WoE starts and proceed to the castle with your guild.

(For WoE: SE, you can also carry the items needed to rebuild Guardian Stones)

WoE: First Edition:

In WoE: FE, each castle will have 4 rooms (1st, 2nd, 3rd (Pre-emp room), 4th (Emp room)) that you and your guild will have to run through. In order for your guild to control the castle, they must break the emperium located in the last room which will be defended by another guild (or MvPs if it's the first time that castle has been opened).

In FE, the defending guild will mainly set up their defense in the 3rd room or emp room. On the way there, you will run into many people from other guilds trying to get to the emp room first or from the defending guild trying to pick people off. You should have your Hiding accessory on at the moment so you can dodge asuras and what not. Make sure to dispel anyone that you see to slow them down and fiber lock key targets (High Priests, High Wizards, Champions, Creators, the enemy guild leader and so on). When your guild reaches the portal to gather up before entering the precast, remember to use Foresight, walk into Bragi/Gospel and/or get suffragium from a priest. Put your Unfrozen Armor on before entering precast instead of your ED. If you only have an ED, make sure you don't have the Holy Armor buff that you get from gospel or you will get frozen when you enter (if you take off your armor, holy armor will disappear). Before you enter, use Sight so you can unhide SinX's that are inside ready to grimtooth. Enter with the rest of your guild at the same time and wait on the first cell until the 5 second immunity goes off (when you enter, you should turn effects on so you can see any duets or ninja skills and evaluate the situation).

A good precast will have at least 2 Clown/Gypsy Duets going on so you'll have to get by the Loki's Veil first before you are able to do anything. Speed pot through and put a Wall of Fog down on yourself and as close to the portal as possible as soon as you are able to use skills. This will help the guildmates that are still standing there avoid getting hit by bombs/grimtooth and also asura strikes for the people that are out of the Loki's Veil. While you are walking through, you will unhide any SinX's that are trying to EDP grimtooth on the way (so they might try to take you out when they aren't hidden). After that, cast a Land Protector beside the Clown/Gypsy duet to get rid of their song. Continue until you have placed your LP where the wizards are casting. Doing this will allow your guildmates to walk through with ease and begin wiping out the defending guild. One you break through, the defending guild will most likely try to fall back and get a recall off so watch for any Stalkers or SinX's off in a corner. If they do manage to get a recall, your guild will have to wipe them out before proceeding to the emperium, so put a LP down under your guildmates to keep them from getting hit by AoE's. The defending guild will probably have a prof doing the same thing so you can try to move up and canceling their LP by casting your own LP on top of it which will allow your wizards to take care of them (Do not stay near the other guild for too long though or you will most likely be singled out and killed). To prevent a prof from the defending guild coming to your LP and canceling it, Fiber lock him before he gets there so he can be killed. Continue to move forward with your guild until you reach the emperium. Once you are here, place a LP on top of the emperium to remove any safety walls/sanctuaries that are on it and to prevent the emp breakers from getting hit by AoE's. Try to Stone Curse High Priests/High Wizards/Champions that are around the emperium that will hinder your guilds progress. Other Profs will try to remove your LP so make sure you are paying attention to what's happening until the castle is taken.

When you are defending, make sure you are standing in the wizard line where bragi is so you can dispel and fiber lock targets faster (Remember, you can put down webs before the enemy guild rushes by shift + clicking on a guildmate). Give SP to people if necessary. If a prof manages to get a LP down in your precast, quickly remove it so the wizards can continue to do their job. Watch out for stalkers because they can use Flying Side Kick to get to your wizard line and try to recall or run off somewhere in chase walk. Do NOT try to stop recalls with Heaven's Drive (if the stalker is Devo'd by a pally, it will not work), instead, try to spell break him. If the enemy guild manages to push you back to your emperium, remove any LP's that are on the emp, keep SinX's away by webbing them and dispel LK's that are berserked. If you die, and are coming back to the castle, use the flag outside of your castle and you will be warped inside the castle (in most castles, you will be moved to the pre-emp room but in a few, you will be sent to the 2nd room).

6. Links:

RODE: RO Calculator
Rune Nifelheim Skill Simulator
Another Professor Guide (by Battousai X / Christen)
k1 WoE Videos
doeboi/kenboi/CBD WoE Videos
DestinyX WoE Videos

For more guides and Tips and Tricks I hope you continue to visit Ragnarok Job Guides!

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