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Gunslinger Guide


Why choose a gunslinger?
Build Types
Leveling Spots

Gunslingers are said to be a good at long-ranged combat and deals great damage accordingly. Their damage is based on their skills and weapons alone (cards included). They are nice to play and even though their just under the first job category, with right tactics and equips, you’ll surely have a great time.

NOTE: Gunslingers are expanded classes - They have their own pro's and con's. Don't ever compare them to other classes.

Handgun-Shotgun User (Dex++, Int+, Vit+)

Dexterity is the most important stat for a gunslinger.


36 + 4 Str
For bullets and pots.
74 + 6 Vit
For status ailments.
43 + 2 Int
Increases your maximum sp.
99 + 21 Dex


Coin Flip 5
A 70% chance is nice.
Single Action 5
Well, its a prerequisite for Dust. (-and HIT+10, ASPD+3% isn't bad)
Chain Action 3
Double attack. (-get it for Rapid Shower)
Snake's Eye 10
An increase in attack range is good. (It is where gunslingers are good at too Very Happy)
Rapid Shower 10
1000% dmg, and a spammable skill does fine.
Desperado 10
Good dmg, isn't affected by pneuma, is spammable. Very Happy
Dust 3
Just a prerequisite for getting Full Blast. (It is also not affected with pneuma)
Full Blast 10
The best skill for a shotgun user with 1300% dmg. (The delay sucks though, and it blinds you , OMFG GUNPOWDER!)
Gatling Fever 10
You don't need this for your build atm, Just a prerequisite for Madness Canceller. (It slows your walking speed Sad)
Cracker 1
It has a 30-60% chance stunning for 1 coin. (It's just good)
Increase Accuracy 1
A +4 Dex and +4 Agi for 1 minute, is good too. (Needs 4 coins)
Madness Canceller 1
Increases ASPD by 20% and an additional 100 dmg. (Even without agi, you can do an average aspd and just hit enemies while your in this state)

If you don't want to go with Madness Canceller and Gatling Fever and find it useless when you don't have agi, then:

Snake's Eye 7
Reducing +3 range/hit doesn't affect anything that much.
Spread Shot 10
A 9x9 area with 280% dmg, is not that good, but its good when mobbing. (Still, Desperado is much better)
Gunslinger Mine 5
It annoys people at woe. (Not bad at all)

Don't get Increase Accuracy at this rate.

Equipment (No Donation Gears)

+10 Bloody Black Rose
+10 Double Bloody Garrison

Apple of Archer
+3 Dex
Alarm Mask
Its defense and blind resistance is good.

But Mid and Lower Gears are up to you actually.

Valkyrie Armor (With Rocker card/Status cards)
Odin's Blessing[1] (With Rocker card/Status cards)
Mink Coat[1] (With Rocker card/Status cards)

Pecopeco Card is good. The Rocker card just lets you reach 120 dex. (Which is better than 119 duh! XD)

Vali's Manteau
Muffler[1]-easy to hunt (With Raydric Card)

Vidar's Boots
Boots[1]-easy to hunt (With Verit Card)

2x Glove[1] (With Zerom Cards)

Donation Gears
Angelic Tiara
I'd go for Angelic Tiara than Viking Helm.
Reduction of 15% dmg is better Very Happy

Sunglasses of Precision
Elven ears of Precision

Romantic Flower[1]
Romantic Leaf[1]
Flu Mask[1]

Cards are up to you..
(With donation gears, you don't need the Rocker Card and you could go for the Pecopeco Card Very Happy)

Leveling Spots

When you just changed from Novice - Gunslinger

My my, this little creatures can pump up your base and job level for a bit.

Culverts got it for you Wink

Level 20-30
This cute poporings could pump your level to get the skills that you want too.

Level 30-40+
Sure gives good loots (NOTE: Collect those rusty screws)
Be sure to get 110++ Hit to have a 100% Hit rate with them.
Shoot them just like any other archers do.

Level 50+
Mi Gao
Now it's time to use your skills. Spam them.
While your in louyang killing mi gaos, bigfoots drops honey that helps you while training too.

Level 70 onwards

High Orcs
You could kill them with 1 Rapid Shower, 1 Full Buster
(Changing weapons can help you a lot Very Happy)

You know where to find them. Geffen Dungeon(Gives good drops: Infiltrator/Chain[3]/Crystal Pumps/Cards).
Mob and use Desperado

Rachel Sanc.
They do give you good exp and they drop beret/high quality sandals
(Their loots cost a lot too Very Happy)

Other places would do. It's really up to you.
(Blue pots are a must)


Calculator for expanded classes

Character calculator
I prefer this one since its more accurate and complete. (Also it has nice visuals)

Now, shoot and have fun. Very Happy

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  1. this kinda looks like a hunters guid, i understand its a range class but unless you have endows you cant 1 hit a high orc with full blast, i got myself a black rose and was full blasting Evil Druids but it used up allot of blue pots until level 50.... and Mia Gao's is a old school thing to hunt thats more suited for wiz's.

    10-20 Poporings soon as u can kill them do so get full blast
    20-40 porcelios full blast them get up full blast to max
    40-50 Evil Druids full blast and run repeat
    50-? im stuck too

    I dont want to be one of those haters but please try you guide out before you post it. People like myself look for guide's to try make a class they have never played before and don't wana grind pointlessly when theres something better i havnt found


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