Monday, July 27, 2009

Tips to Adding Friends

There are several ways to add someone to your Friends List. The method below, allows you to add someone to your Friends List without the need to be on the same screen. You don't need to click on him/her. All you need is just a name.

1. CTRL + I to bring up Friend Setup. ("I" as in Igloo) Check the box "Open 1.1 Chat not between Friends"

2. Type the person's name you wish to add in the Message box (bottom left) and type a simple message. Then press Enter.

3. A Chatbox will pop up with his/her name.

4. Right click on the top bit of the Chatbox (illustrated as the light blue bar), and select "Register as a Friend"

5. Congratulations. You have added a new Friend on your list.

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