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How to party in Nameless Dungeon

The Complete Guide to Nameless Abbey/Dungeon.

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Another Note: I have to double/triple post because of the image limit, hope you don't mind, whoever is moderating the forums <3>Content:
1. All about Nameless Dungeon.
1.2. Mobs in Nameless Dungeon.
1.3 Maps in Nameless Dungeon.
1.4 How to get to Nameless Dungeon.
1.5 Navigating yourself to Abbey03.
2. Getting started on party.
2.1 What is a full party, according to me.
3. What to do as a member.
3.1 What to do as a Job Class
4. Taking on Nameless Mobs
5. Death
5.1 Why you're dead
5.2 What to do?
6. Extra Stuff
6.1 Usable Items
6.2 Equips in Nameless
6.3 Camping
7. Credits
8. Random Questions

1. Nameless Dungeon
The Nameless Dungeon, praised by many as the place where levels/exp is gained easily with a well organized party. The purpose of this guide is to showcase how to take on the Nameless Dungeon, with information regarding mobs inhabiting it, and the various methods to take them on, with your class.

1.2 - Mobs present in the Nameless Dungeon:

Present in abbey01

Zombie Slaughter:

Present in abbey01, abbey02, abbey03 [Summoned by Necromancers].

Ragged Zombie:

Present in abbey01, abbey02

Hell Poodle:

Present in abbey01


Present in abbey01, abbey02, abbey03

Flame Skull:

Present in abbey01, abbey02, abbey03


Present in abbey02, abbey03

Fallen Bishop Hibram [MVP]:

Present in abbey02

Beezelbub [1st Form] [MVP]:

Present in abbey03

Beezelbub [True Form] [MVP]:

Present in abbey03

1.4 - How to get to Nameless Dungeon
By using the Warp NPC, click it, click To a Dungeon, and then scroll down to Nameless Abbey. Once clicked, you'll warp here:

Obviously go into the warp, and you'll arrive at Abbey01. Simple. Follow the red line on the images to get to abbey03, where there are many necromancers which give pro exp.

1.5 - Navigating yourself around the abbey dungeons
Abbey01 Directions:

Abbey02 Directions:

2. Getting Started On The Party
Basically in order to join/start a Nameless Party, you should be/have:
- Level 70, I think, is probably the most suitable level to be in a Nameless Party
- Have the skills that are suitable, you don't want to be a wizard with no AoE skills right?
- Not be an idiot.

Most parties are organized in Prontera, like so:

Basically if you're level 75, for example, you'll be looking for a party that has a range of Level 70+ to 85, depending on who is the highest level in the party. If the highest level in the party is 86, then the party level range would be Level 76 - 86, because in order to share experience, every member of the party should atleast have a difference of 10 levels or less. If the level difference is 11, then you can't share experience.

Also, the party limit is 12 people, so choose your members wisely. You don't want 11 precasters and 1 priest without a bragi slave sad.gif

2.1 - From my experience being in various Nameless Parties [lol 5, but lets face it its pretty easy to understand what to do], a full party to me would mean having:
A Monk/Champ [Tanking mobs with Steel Body]
A Priest/High Priest [Healing,Resurrection,Magnum Exorcism, Turn Undead,etc;]
A Hunter/Sniper [Banshee killers, since mages are really horrible against Banshees]
A Bard/Clown [Bragi, one of the best skills ever, allows faster casting and less delay]
A Wizard/High Wizard [AoE skills to clear mobs, and also freezing Banshees I guess]
A Crusader/Paladin [Devotion, helps prevent deaths of low max health classes].

That's about it I think, but this does not mean the rest of the classes are useless, they can help too, except this are the much more preferred classes when it comes to Nameless Parties.

3. What to do as a member
To make it look easier, my MS Paint skills will come into effect!
Scenario 1:

Scenario 2: [Every class in the party, lol if you manage to find one].

3.1 - What to do as a Job Class:
Knight/Lord Knight:
Melee, melee and more melee. Theres a high chance that you'll get killed but don't worry, you'll survive if you have a really good priest with you. Spear boomerang helps too, plus you don't have to go melee. Get an Aspersio from a priest since they it'll allow you to do holy damage, which is great against Nameless Mobs. For Lord Knight, parrying is pretty decent when tanking as it prevents you from being damaged by melee spells at a 50% chance, its so pro! Aspersio'd Spiral pierce is pretty good too, especially on Banshees.

Devotion works wonders, a sonic blow by a slaughter would one hit a wizard, but with devotion, the wizard won't die! Crusaders are really useful. Don't bother meleeing in my opinion, your job would be to protect those that do better damages, like Wizards and Hunters. An occasional shield boomerang/grand cross would help too if you're not afraid of dying.

Wizard/High Wizard:
AoE skills are great in Nameless. Storm Gust does really lots of damage because Undead can't freeze, so instead of 3 hits, you hit 10 with storm gust. Also with bragi, you'll cast faster. Despite being fragile, if you can land AoEs well and avoid dying, you're pro. Storm gust is also effective on banshees as it stops them from coming near you, unless the storm gust knocks them to you lol. Also, on a side note, if there are 2 or more wizards in the party, 1 Wizard should Storm gust and the other Meteor Storm, since Storm Gust does not stack.

Bolts I guess, fire bolts on undead, and if theres only a Banshee, firebolt it too! Basically as a sage, your job is to deal damage with bolts, and since you have freecast, you can walk around while casting! How pro is that? For Professors, with soul change and health conversion, you can provide your party with unlimited SP, therefore speeding up the leveling process without SP breaks.

Main damage dealers on Banshees imo. Double Strafe banshees with Holy Arrows/Arrows of Counter Evil and watch them die. If you run out of sp, use normal attack, helps too. Basically your job is to strafe stuff with your insane long range attacks. Also, if you can use traps effectively, Ankle Snares to lock them at a position so they won't melee you and Skid Trap so incase one of the mob avoids storm gust, it'll skid right back to the AoE spell!

Your job is pretty easy, just bragi and autofollow the casters. An occasional music strike helps too! For Clowns, arrow vulcan if theres another bard using bragi. Once again, Holy arrows and Arrows of Counter Evil for maximum damage.

Same as knight, melee and more melee. If you have a tomahawk, thats pro too, throw tomahawk! Party buffs like Maximize Weapon etc; also help too. As a whitesmith, cart termination helps, but kinda costly, I guess. But if you're rich, go ahead! Aspersio for holy weapon, maximizing damage.

Not much to say about this class, I mean, why would you waste bottles leveling when you have a party. But then, if you're rich, feel free to acid demo as a creator or acid bomb as an alchemist. If you have a homunculus, that helps too, especially the spell casting one. Melee works too! Remember Aspersio! Also alchemist/creators can act as healers by using potion pitcher, which is comparable to a priest's heal. A linked alchemist/creator is also able to use Berserk pitcher, which is useful in increasing attack speed for physical attackers.

Assassin/Assassin Cross:
Hide, grimtooth! An occasional sonic blow on Banshees help too. Backslide to get away incase you're dying. As an assassin cross, with bragi, you're able to spam Soul Breaker which does decent damage, and meteor assault for mobs. Once again, Aspersio for maximum damage. For support, detoxify helps poisoned people, as zombies tend to randomly poison anyone that's in their range.

Plagarize storm gust, use it. Double Strafing helps too. Try not to lose storm gust when you're deep down in Nameless, its a hassle to go to pvp and get it back. Using steal when your party is attacking is pro, you might get an equipment like Wool Scarf! For support, detoxify helps poisoned people, as zombies tend to randomly poison anyone that's in their range.

Priest/High Priest:
Basically you heal the tank, you heal people who've been damaged, you buff them with Bless/Increase Agi, you give them party buffs like Magnificent and Gloria, you ressurect them when the're dead, you Magnum Exorcism when you have free time, you turn undead when you think you're lucky, you Aspersio melee attackers. Thats about it, you're important. When you die, and nobody has yggdrasil leafs, your party is over.

With Steel Body, you're able to tank mobs easily with a priest healing you. Try not to get too many mobs though, you might die. For non tanking monks, melee! For Champions, throw spirit sphere works too. Once again, Aspersio! Also if there is a professor in the party, feel free to spam Asura Strike. Its pretty pro to see DEATH words coming out.

Soul Linkers:
If you have soul linker buff, thats pro, but I hardly see any linkers with them. Soul Linkers help by buffing party members, like giving Priest Link which allows the priest to deal x5 damage of Holy Light, or Assassin Link which gives bonus damage for Sonic Blow, or Bard Link, which cancels out the movement speed reduction when playing a song. Also, according to Celestial, Soul Linkers do beautifully with Esma against, well, everything down there!

Spells like Crimson Fire Blossom, Dragon Fire Formation etc; works well against undead mobs since the're weak to fire. Water Escape Technique is also good as it lowers the mobs movement speed, preventing the mobs from overrunning you.

Madness Canceller, and shoot away! Holy Bullets is a must I guess. Fullbuster for single target attacks which do decent damage, and Desperado when mobs appear!

Taekwon/Star Gladiator:
Enchant your attack with holy property and melee. If you have warmth of the [insert skill here], and you've memo'd the place, then use it. Pretty good.

SP Song for the win. Increases everyone's sp! Also vulcan arrow helps.

Super Novice:
Bless and Increase agi is helpful when a priest is out of SP. Also, Super Novice can use bolt spells, which is pretty good too. Having a cart allows carrying of more Blue Gems etc; in case the others have no space in their inventory/is overweight.

4. Taking on Nameless Mobs
Well Nameless mobs consist of Undead, Shadow and Demon.
Lets start with the easier ones:

Ghoul - Probably the easiest mob in the dungeon, its a joke. Seriously. Any holy enchanted weapon/holy elemental weapon should be able to take it down. Only thing annoying is that it can poison you, but meh, green herbs should do it.

Hell Poodle - Fairly easy, although the sonic blow might hurt a bit. Its also annoying in a sense that it'll interrupt Wizard's cast, allowing the harder mobs to fight back. Then again, its easy to get rid off. Once again, holy enchanted weapon works.

Flame Skull - Lol fireball. Another annoying mob that can actually 'run' to you, if not too careful, you'll actually get killed by it. Also annoying as it'll interrupt wizard's cast. Immaterial arrows should do the trick, or a ghost property weapon [Rare imo], or Soul Strike.

Ragged Zombie - This thing actually kills people. Double strafe hurts. Pneuma does the trick though. Fire spells and holy enchanted weapons do the trick. Will also mess up your cast so its better for someone without a casting time to take it out.

Now for the harder ones:

Zombie Slaughter - Its sonic blow is enough to one hit classes with low base hp, like wizards/hunters. Knockback spells like Jupitel Thunder/Charge Arrow should keep it away from you. Poison/Darkness attack hurts, but I've only seen slaughters sonic blow me, so meh. Fire spells/Holy enchanted weapons should do the trick once again.

Banshee - Crazy resistance, its annoyingly hard to take down because of its resistance to almost every element, therefore wizards are pretty useless fighting Banshees because the'll die first. Evil Land is like a damaging sanctuary so casters should get out of the area. Soul Strike of Darkness hurts too so try not to get close to it, let the tankers do the job. Wide Curse, I hardly see it using it but if she uses it, lol at you. Holy elemental weapons/spells should do the trick. Magnums Exorcism comes in handy too.

Necromancer - A pretty decent mob with excellent exp. It can summon 2 Zombie Slaughters, which is really annoying thanks to sonic blow and painful melee attacks. Necromancers can also use Thunderstorm, which can one hit most people, try to avoid it when you see the AoE circle on you. He has reflect shield so if you're low on hp, don't melee it. I hardly see it meteor storm, so meh. Quagmire slows your movement/casting speed, so get out of it. If I'm not wrong, he has a skill [I think Critical Wound] which prevents you from being healed, so when you see yourself glowing green, don't tank, because priests can't heal you. A combination of AoE spells like Storm Gust/Meteor Storm/Magnum Exorcism and single target spells like Double Strafe should do the trick. Just be careful of the Necro's AoE. Thats all.

Special mentions:
MVPS like Fallen Bishop/Beezelbub.
Obviously, run away before it kills you. I've never seen Bishop before but Beezelbub can one hit a whole party with that insane AoE skill, Hell's Judgement or something. Basically when you see a chonchon like monster in abbey03, run. Don't stop, run. You don't want to lose experience over some crappy fly right?

5. Death

5.1 - Why you're dead
You messed up and therefore you're dead like the above screenshot. You're dead probably because of the following reasons:
- Beezelbub came across you, and you shortly die in a few seconds.
- A Necromancer spawned on you, used its AoE before it could be stopped, the Zombie Slaughters sonic blow everyone, priests can't outheal, everyone dies.
- Lag
- You run headfirst into the mob, disregarding anyone's advice that you're a Wizard.
- Afk
- List more reasons here.

5.2 - What to do?
Now that you and your party is dead, you have the following options:
- One of your party member was smart enough to fly wing away, and has a yggdrasil leaf. Obviously you resurrect the Priest first so he can resurrect the rest.
- Regroup in Prontera, because your party might be lacking a key member, like a Banshee Killer or something.
- Wait for another Nameless Party to pass by, and ask for resu pls!1!
- Or, if your party member fly wings away, but has no leafs, get him to buy one from that shop in abbey03, its pretty pro. I've always seen him there in all the nameless parties I've been. Its called Blah?
- One of you restarts back to Prontera, get a 100 fly wings, and fly wing all the way back to abbey03, and then resurrect the Priest.
- Thats about it.

6. Extra stuff:

6.1 - Usable Items:
Be sure to at least carry these things if you can afford them:
Grape Juice [When you don't have SP and theres no Professor with you, you can't possibly have an SP Break during a mob attack rite D:]
Yggdrasil Leaf [When you somehow survive when everyone else, including the priest, is dead. Resurrect the priest so he can resurrect the others.]
Fly Wings [To warp around in case you encounter Beezelbub and you can't escape it by walking.]
Butterfly Wing [Important so you won't lose experience! Like example if you see your party getting overruned, and you can't do anything, butterfly wing away to avoid losing experience! But you'll get kicked out of the party for doing this and plus, you're an ass. Used to warp back to town when your party leader is tired, people have to go and you need to reorganize your party etc;]
Merchant with a cart Double client a merchant incase of emergencies, like when you run out of arrows or something. Pretty useful, but double clienting might lag you.]

6.2 - Equips in Nameless
Equips don't really matter in Nameless, since based on my experience, I'm only using a Rod[4], thats it. But anyway, if you'll like to reduce the damage from the mobs in Nameless,
a Hodremlin carded shield would work. Skeleton Prisoner card is nice too, giving extra 10% Exp from Undead enemies. Really, its not neccesary, but lol feel free to +4 your equips to reduce more damage, so you won't get one hit'd by Sonic blow/Thunder Storm, which is happening to me alot. Also, bathory card helps to prevent Necromancers from giving tankers the undead status, bathory also reduces Thunder Storm damage and nulifies Banshee's Soul Strike. Pretty pro if you can get your hands on one.

6.3 - Camping
Basically camping means the whole party stays at a certain spot while the tank(s), usually a Lord Knight/Monk/Champion, run around the map dragging mobs. Although I've not tested out this method, mini says camping in Abbey01 is a great way to obtain Wool Scarfs + Tidal Shoes, which are really pro equips which give +10% Maximum HP when equipped together. So, feel free to use this method when hunting stuff, since Abbey03 has more mobs with experiences (Lol necromancers).

Kudo's to Slayerdon for the guide!

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