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A guide to Critical SinX's

Surprisingly enough, an Assassin (Cross) doesn't need that much base LUK to begin with. It's mostly in the gear.

Let's see now.

- You do defense-ignoring damage.
- You have high attack speed (and flee, which comes with the attack speed)
- You also have a decent amount of perfect dodge due to the equips/stats.
- Your overall survival/damage is improved as well (as LUK affects everything; i.e. a jack-of-all-trades stat)
- You can put points into other stats, as you won't need much DEX (as Crits are Flee/DEF ignoring attacks)

- You'll have poor HP/Defense (Unless you plan on upgrading your equipment really high, which is a waste for a PvM build such as this one)
- You'll only be able to dish out damage to one enemy/monster at a time, rather than being able to mob effectively. (Unless, of course, you plan on going with Meteor Assault...which isn't too useful, except to stun enemies for a second or two)
- Most of the gear is really annoying to get to make this build actually USEFUL in a real scenario (Which means, anything other than smacking Porings)

Possibly the most important aspect of a Critical build is the armor.

Morrigane's Belt[0] - Dropped by Kiel D-01, ATK +5, CRIT +3
Morrigane's Pendant[0] - Dropped by Kiel D-01, ATK +5, CRIT +3
Morrigane's Helm[0] - Dropped by Hydro(lancer), LUK +2, ATK +3
Morrigane's Manteau[0] - Dropped by Thanatos (Memory/MVP), LUK +2, P. Dodge +8

---> The added bonus of having the entire set at hand is STR + 2, LUK + 9, CRIT + 13, ATK + 18, P. Dodge + 13
---> However, you may swap out the Belt[0] and the Pendant[0] for 2x Goddess of Fortune's Cursed Brooches, which give +6% to overall CRIT, but with a 0.5% chance to Curse yourself. I would recommend against it, because the full Morrigane's set makes Crit builds a LOT more useful.


You can go double-dagger OR katar here, it really doesn't matter.

For ideal ASPD, katar is the way to go. (Ideal ASPD being 172+)
You can go with something as simple as a carded Jur[3], or high up with a(n area) status weapon like an Inverse Scare. I would personally use a Specialty Jur[4] (even though they're quite difficult to get, and very expensive) because of the level of the weapon (1) meaning it can be +10'd easier than a high refine of a Jur, along with the added slot. Although...this also causes you to bleed by chance, so a Jur/Specialty Jur is debatable.

Next up: Double-Dagger!
Sure, you'd have to crank your AGI a fair bit more to reach optimum ASPD (I'm talking 165+ when wielding two dagger-type weapons)

You know, I wonder what an Ice Pick would do for a double-dagger Crit build...High VIT targets: Not only would you IGNORE the def by doing critical attacks, the attacks themselves would be stronger because of enemy VIT. Or something like that, never tried it out myself.
Anyhow, let's see now: The main advantage of having a double-dagger build is that you can have a LOT more status-inflicting going on with crits. (i.e. two daggers, four slots each, something as simple as a Main Gauche[4] will do, along with different status cards and good ASPD). Not only that, but having two daggers and having Left/Right hand mastery increases your damage significantly as well. High-damage/card ratio daggers can be used, such as a simple Damascus or Gladius (preferably Gladius, higher number of slots and nearly the same damage). The other thing to do can be an elemental main-hand weapon, along with a carded offhand weapon, or even better, two double/triple/quad carded weapons along with an outside Endow Scroll/Sage Endow to optimize your damage further.

You may want to use 2x Fortune Swords, as this build can also be used back and forth with a Perfect Dodge/Flee build, mainly since two Fortune Swords give +10 LUK and +40 P. Dodge. Of course, they can be swapped using hotkeys to another weapon for attack, then back while searching for mobs/fleeing them.

Weapon Cards:
These aren't too hard to obtain or use, as what you want is +%ATK cards, or +ATK cards. That is to say, the former is things such as Hydra Cards (+20% to Demi-Humans) and the latter is things such as Zipper Bear Cards (+30 ATK). Actually, the latter is JUST Zipper Bear Cards (as Andre and Skeleton Cards...just suck, +20/+10 ATK is nothing compared to +30 ATK).

- The advantage to having +%ATK cards such as Hydra, Skeleton Worker or Minorous is that you can do a LOT more damage, almost up to double of your original damage (stacking cards correctly and whatnot). But that comes at a cost: you are limited to what you can fight.
- However, +ATK cards (See Zipper Bear Card ) can be used in almost any situation, and they help your damage a fair bit as well in said situations, in comparison to the +%ATK cards.


The most important part, besides gears of course.

A regular build, I presume (Damn, times have changed) would revolve around a lot of LUK. But with the implementation of the Morrigane's Set, there is no more need for nasty 7x LUK ruining all your other stats.
Instead, something along these lines:

110+ STR (The Crits make up for the loss of STR: compared to 120/130 in other builds)
70+ AGI if going Katar, 85+ AGI if going Double-Dagger (High ASPD is needed if you want effective Crits/Status Crits), 90+ AGI if you want a LOT of Flee
A decent 30-40+ VIT because you won't need the points in DEX like other builds
5? INT for half-assed SP recovery
Lol you don't need DEX when being able to ignore Flee and DEF. However, get 15-20 to be on the safe side (that is BASE DEX, In comparison to the other stats, which have +Blessing or +Increase Agility buffs)
You can go for anywhere around 20-40 base LUK (considerably less compared to old builds with 70-80 BASE LUK). Depending on your playstyle, you may find it helpful to have more or less LUK than the amount I'm thinking of here. There's a pretty cheap resetter here, go play around with it and see what suits you best by trying it on some low-end monsters.



Thief: Improve Dodge 10, Double Attack 10, Hide 5+
Assassin: Katar Mastery 10, Enchant Poison 5/6/10, Cloaking 10
Assassin Cross: Advanced Katar Research 5, Create Deadly Poison 1, Enchant Deadly Poison 5
Optional: Steal, Right/Left Hand Mastery, Meteor Assault (See prerequisites), Poison React, Venom Dust/Splasher, Sonic Blow/Grimtooth if points left over.

Double Dagger:

Thief: Improve Dodge 10, Double Attack 10, Hide 5+
Assassin: Right Hand Mastery 5, Left Hand Mastery 5, Enchant Poison 5/6/10, Cloaking 10
Assassin Cross: Create Deadly Poison 1, Enchant Deadly Poison 5
Optional: Steal, Meteor Assault, Katar Mastery, Advanced Katar Research, Poison React, Venom Dust/Splasher

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