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Perma-Novice Guide

How to build a Perma Novice and all, etc etc etc.

Basically like a thief. Get high AGI, so you can dodge the monsters (Vit isn't worth ****** since you don't have HPs anyway.), get Str and Dex so you can damage them...

Suggested final build:

Str: ~80
Agi: ~100 (Matyr card FTW, HP bonus stacks with the other HP cards and +1 Agi)
Vit: ~20
Int: OMG 1
Dex: ~50
Luk: OMG 1

(Might lower to 40 Dex and less Vit for 90 Str.)

How to level and build yourself, and WHERE to level:

When you start, do the Training Grounds. 350 Novice Potions are AWESOME. Obviously, get 9 AGI, 9 Str and 9 Dex.

Get a damn Sword. Dagger is gay. Sword is sexy. You look more manly. Or get a dagger if you want more ASPD. I use Sword, I can hit 183 ASPD when buffed.

As you level, first, get 20 Str, then 20 Dex, then 30 Agi. Then you can get Str to 30, Agi to 50, Str to 40, Dex to 25, Agi to 60, Str to 50, Agi to 70, Dex to 30, Str to 60, Agi to 90, Str to 70, Dex to 40, Agi to 99, Str to 80, Dex to 50, And put the rest in Vit, since you don't have enough for another ATK bonus and DEX is way high enough already.

As to where to level, I'm noob with places so here's where I leveled;

Level 1-15; Training Grounds.
Level 15-20~25: Culvert, various floors. (I suggest 2.)
Level 20-60: Metalings.
-------PRO TIP: Hit a Metaling, and Trick Dead really fast. That way, he can't attack you back. Also works on Myst Cases... And any monster that isn't aggressive. (But you don't have infinite SP, so get items or stick to MEtalings.)
-------PRO TIP 2: As you hit level 50, you can use the Angelic Set. HIGHLY recommended. +900 HP and 100 SP. But watch out as you can't solo Vagabond Wolf, and it gives the Garment.
Level 60-70: If you can get a Marine Sphere Card, go and mob Male Thiefbugs in Culvert 3-4. But if you don't have Marine Sphere, or you hate when you always run out of SP, just stick to metalings, or go to Toy Factory. (With Flee, Myst Cases aren't too bad.) In the good old days I would go in Geffen Dungeon but they added ****** flies.
Level 70-80: Leech plx. It's the worst levels. (Except past 95) You can try Soils, but Mantises are annoying.
Level 80-90: HIGH ORCS! By then you should have enough flee. But don't forget to bring Pots. Whisper Card is a good idea as well.
Level 90+: I did Seals. THey miss more than anyhting.
Level 95+: Try getting someone to leech you, because it's really long now. Something like 0.1% per kill, and you can't mob, and one kill takes 10 seconds. Or you can be really patient. Or you can just stop and brag that you got there and are almost as good as Noviceman.

Now for equips.

Get the Angelic Set, you need HP and SP.

The equips:
Head: Fantasm Angel's Kiss. (Succubus or Incubus Card; wichever one goes in hat.)
Middle: Angled Glasses, Evil Wing Ears, Purple Glasses (Bought in Lighthalzen, 1 def.)
Lower: Anything is as bad as anything else. Baby Pacifier ftw.
Armor: Nightmarish Angelic Protection (Succubus or Incubus, the one that doesn't go in the hat.)
Shield: Cranial Angelic Guard (Thara Frog Card)
Robe: Mocking Angelic Cardigan (Whisper Card)
Shoes: Green Angel's Reincarnation (Matyr Card)
Accessory 1: Blast Novice Armlet (Marine Sphere Card)
Accesory 2: Poison Novice Armlet (Poison Spore Card)


Either get a Sword or a Dagger. Dagger hurts less on Large monsters, and the best Dagger you can get is Cinquedea 2s. It has 110 Atk I believe.

BEst sword would be Star Dust Blade (1 slot). 140 Atk is good for a Novice, and there's a slot. Pretty much the best sword around. (Unless you get a 4s Sword for specific killing. But that'll be wasted later on.)

My weapon: +7 Bloody Star Dust Blade (Hydra Card LOL).

Now, the bestest stuff you could get, would be the Incubus/Succubus combo. But that's a lot of work.

Well that's enough babble since nobody's gonna really use this anyway. =D


Random lolpic:

Reduced: 76% of original size [ 500 x 371 ] - Click to view full image

HAX, PvP strategies.

Swordman class: They gotta be low level, or have low dex. You gotta be lucky, that's all.

Archer Class: They have to be VERY low level, else you won't even get to them.

Acolyte Class: Almost sure to outheal you.

Mage Class: Easiest class to own. Just trick dead on their skills. They become annoying wih Frost Diver and lots of Dex, so when that happens, just wait until you die.

Thief Class: Again, just hope they're low level, and have low dex. But their AGI will be a pain in the ass mostly.

Merchant Class: I dunno, I'm guessing they're like Knights or Assassins. BUt I assume with more DEX.

Whatever other classes: Dunno Ninja and TK and that stuff.

LOL Lazy guide end.

Well that's that.

For the record, I did beat some Monks, Knights, Crusaders, Wizards, Sages, Assassins, Rogues, Blacksmiths and Alchemists in duels on *Other Server*. No Priests though. I WONDER WHY?

this guide is by noviceman

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