Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to Summon MVPs??

Ever had a bad day because everyone's been killing all the mvps because they timed it? Do you want to have a bigger chance in getting thos Awesome MVP card? Well, what most people don't know is that you can actually do that with the prof's ABRACADABRA!

Now, The best thing to do is to have 2 players, because then you can dispell eachother once you get annoying skills like steel body or trick dead. (If you do it alone, you'll have to relog a lot to get rid of it.

Here is a simple mini-guide to Hocus Pocus!

1. Make a sage with abracadabra level 8. and yes, leave it at level 8.
Because for every 2 levels or something, you get a new "????" skill. Once you get it to level 8, the "class change" skill adds. So, if you max it (10), you'll have another chance with that skill. And thats "Level up" (And you won't need that..) So. If you leave it at level 8 there's a slightly bigger chance you'll get "Class change" instead of something else, when you get the "????" skill.
Then, each time you use the skill it will cost 2 yellow gemstones. To make it down to 1 gemstone/skill, you have to get bard/dancer duet with the gemstone song, OR slot a mistress card in one of your headgears. Both works. You can buy yellow gemstones at the npc in Ostia.

2. How?
Basicly you just spam it untill you get the "????" skill, be careful once you get it. Because if you click it away, it's gone. So you should always have a monster close to use it on, what I normally use are mushrooms summoned by a Creator. And remember, it wont always be "class change", there's also "Taming monster", "fortune", "death" and "monocell". But if you're lucky~ :3

A smart move is to have a champ on the map, and asura the MvP you get, unless its ghost. Then just fill it up with SP and log it out at the same place when you're done.

3. Where? Try find a small map. (Since many MvP's enjoy teleporting) I usually do it on the sunken ship map myself, because it's so small. (And it got a kafra on it for items). You can do it inside buildings but you will have a difficult time when it teleports. Try doing it on less populated areas.

Anyways, this is a nice way to summon some rare mvp's, I do it a lot on every server I play on. It's fun when you're 2, then you can chat and stuffs while you're doing it. :3 Hope you find the guide useful.

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  1. its useful but its hard to find good map sunken is quite popular for us hahah


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