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"Hammer & Tongs" Razer's Forging guide

Hammer and Tongs


Welcome to Razer's guide to forging in anthemRO. The "Hammer and Tongs" Guide is here to educate you in the art of RO Forging. H.A.T in short is for the forger's HAT hehe. This guide will not discuss how to level a blacksmith, since we are a private server one can level a smith with battle builds and then re stat into a forger build. This guide will discuss a forger build and other important postulates. First off this guide has a few images so it will take 1-2 Minutes to load.


1] Forger Builds, job levels and Gears.
2] How to buff yourself before Forging (What works , what doesnt)
3] Forging the Elemental stones and weapons
4] Points and Ranked smiths
5] FAQ
6] Full ingredient list of forgable items(Taken from RO empire)

1] Forger Builds, job levels and Gears

As most of you may already know forging depends on your total luck and dex stats. So its essential that you try to invest all your points into luck and dex. Each Luck and dex adds 0.1 % success to forging. And each job level adds 0.3% to your forging success. Hence you can guess that you need a high job and base level for maximum success. This is why you should preferably use a 99/70 Whitesmith for forging , however if you dont have one its not a problem. At any time keep base dex= base luck = base level. So at lvl 90 you will have 90 dex and 90 luk. If you till have enough points left - put them in dex.

For forging it is essential you take forging skills. Level 1 of them is needed atleast to forge that item, Example : Forge Dagger. However you need level 2 and level 3 as well for more success while forging. Oridecon research skill is needed to raise the success for forging level 3 weapons like Damascuses, Fists ,Clatmores , Lances etc. Weaponry Research raises success rate by 10% diffrential at level 10 of that skill. Ten Elemental ores like "Wind of verdures" can be transmuted into "Rough Winds" if you have the skill " Enchanted Stone Craft" at level 1 or above . You should max it since level 5 means higher success.

"Iron Tempering" skill raises the success to refine an iron ore into pure iron. Level 1 is good enough

Tip: Iron ore can be bought at the Pet food NPC found in alberta(41,45) and prontera(217,210)

"Steel tempering" skill raises chance to mould 5 irons and 1 Coal into 1 steel . Try to max this one.

Skill set for a pure Forger:
Lvl 10 Weapon research
Lvl 5 Oridecon research
Lvl 1 Iron tempering
Lvl 5 Steel Tempering
Lvl 5 Enchanted stone discovery

Lvl 3 Dagger making
Lvl 3 Spear making
Lvl 3 1 Handed Sword making
Lvl 3 2 Handed Sword making
Lvl 3 Claw making
Lvl 3 Axe making
Lvl 3 Mace making

For making iron, steel and pure Stones you need to double click a mini furnace which are buyable at the blacksmith NPC in prontera and Alberta ( See Screenies). We will discuss actual forging later ahead.

Gears: You should wear gears that give you more dex and luck.
These are the set of gears you must use.

If a low budget player:

Hat : Gamblers Hat(+5 luck)/ Apple O Archer(+3 dex)
Armour : Baby leopard card armour(+3 luck)
Weapon: Excalibure(+10 luk , -1 dex) or Fortune sword(+5 luck)
Shoes: Gargoyles(+5 dex) Bunny slippers. Bunny slippers give additional 3 luck
Garment: Stemworm(+5 dex)
2 Sting gloves(5 dex each) if not then 2 zerom clips(3 dex each)

If a high budget player:

Hat : Kaho ( +20 dex)
Gryphon middle face gear: ( If you are a 99/70 Ws - you can put in 23 str and get 4 more luck)
Armour : Baby leopard card armour(+3 luck)
Weapon: Excalibure(+10 luk , -1 dex) or Mjolnir (+40 dex) [Put in 3 drop cards if you are insane lol]
Shoes:Gargoyle(+5 dex) Bunny slippers. Bunny slippers give additional 3 luck
Garment:Stemworm (+5 dex)
Shield : Zealotous ( Adds 2 or 3 luck I think)
Celeb Rings (+5 dex, +5 luck each) or Sting Brysingamen (+9 dex, +5 Luck each)

Make sure you have an Anvil in your etc inventory. Anvils dont stack so do not use 2 anvils - Just use the best one that you have.

Normal Anvil = 1% success added
Gold anvil = 2% success added
Oridecon Anvil = 3% success added
Emperium Anvil = 4% success added.

Emperium anvils are only obtainable through Old blue or Old violet boxes. While the other 3 can be purchased in Geffen's Smithery shop and also be obtainable through OBB and OVB.

[2] Forging Buffs

1] It is advisable to request a priest to pass you bless and constantly keep using the skill Gloria while you are forging. Gloria gives +30 luk while bless gives you 10 dex. Gloria wears off fast so your friend has to spam it

2] You can also ask a Paladin in your party to use Gospel level 5 , This allows you to get a +20 luck , +20 dex bonus 1 minute
sometimes.(Note that the both of you must be in a same party)

3] Stand near your guild leader if your guildleader has the +5 dex skill as a Guild skill , this gives you +5 dex bonus.

4] Reset your stats and ask a high level Gypsy to marionete control you. After she does, Add your stats , wear your gears and then take other buffs. (Note that the both of you must be in a same party)

5] Eating stat foods which raise your dex and luck for 30 minutes is a good idea. For example I use +10 luck and +10 dex foods before major forgings.

6] Use a box of gloom - obtainable if you wear a Cloud hermit card and kill plants. Box of gllom uses level Attention concentrate which raises your dex by 1-3.

Ok now the myth busters - you probably DO NOT Need all the buffs discussed above. Especially in case of VVS Forging where the maximum success rate is 50%. Let me explain this. No matter how much luck/dex you get. You maximum success is 100%. Now come to last calculations , Each star crumb deducts 15% from success(Not 10% as mentioned in some other guides on the net) and the elemental stone deducts 20%. Making it a total of 50%. Hence you need not over buff yourself. No matter how good you are , it will always be 50% maximum in case of Level 3 VVS Weapons.

Note: There are some myths that level 1 Weapons and level 2 Weapons have lesser deduction from star crumbs, these may be true. Lvl 1 VVS Weapons have had a steady success of 70% with me.

3] Forging Pure Elemental stones and Weapons

This was the section you were pehraps waiting for so here it is.

1] Stone forging: As discussed above you must have "Enchanted stone discovery" skill at lvl 1 or 5. Take your buffs. the maximum success possible for pure stones is 95% (Gravity's defines max) meaning you will still break the stones once in a while.

Step [1] : Make sure you have 10 of the stones raw ores. Double click a furnace
Step [2] : Make sure you are buffed

Step [3] : Click OK , depending on your success rate you may get a "Success" fanfare over your head, lose 10 ores and get 1 pure stone or if unlucky you will get a "Failed" sign over your head and lose your 10 ores

Weapon Forging

Before anything first collect the items for the weapon you want to make . A complete list of weapons with pictures can be found at this Link

These items must be in your etc inventory. To initiate forging you must know the weapons level for example a VVS pike is a level 1 weapon so you must buy 1 iron hammer from the Smith NPC as in the picture.

Ok now lets take an example:

1] Make sure you have your forge gears on, you are buffed.

2] Lets say you want to make a VVS Fire Lance.

3] You will need an Oridecon hammer, 2 star crumbs, 1 Flame heart, 3 evil horn, 12 Oridecons, 3 Rubies .

4] Double click the Ori hammer (It will get used up- for the next weapon you will need to buy a new one) and select lance from the list.

5] You see this Window , If you click On now - You will end up with a Regular Lance - which no one will ever buy.

6] Placing the flame heart in the first slot can be achieved by dragging the flameheart from your inventory into the slot. If I click ok I will end up with a fire Lance. (See next Pic)

7] Each star Crumb adds 5 Seeking damage to the weapon. Seeking damage ignores flee and defence. Meaning a monster which you would normally miss would get 5 damage per star crumb. This is useful to stun uber flee sinx in pvp using bash from a Knight or Sader. You dont need a phreeoni weapon Lol. If I click Ok now I will get a "Very Strong Fire Lance" (See next pic)

8] I drag and drop another star crumb into the last slot and now I am ready to click ok. Now I will get a VVS Fire lance and 10 Forging points.

9] However remember it not always success you will break a lot, its all random luck. Also do not the order of the placing items in the slots is not important. You can place flame heart last and the star crumbs first if you like to do that. If you had placed another star crumb instead of the flame heart you wouldve got a "Very Very Very Strone Normal Lance" and 10 Forging points.

10] For level 1 Weapons like pikes use "iron hammers" , For level 2 Weapons like stilletoes use " Gold Hammer" and for level 3 weapons like fists,lances use "Oridecon hammer".

Caution: You cannot throw in more then 1 Elemental stone in the forge. Example if you have placed a "Flame heart" , you cannot place a "Rough Wind" or another "Flame heart" in the weapon. You cannot place any other thing except star crumbs and 1 Elemental Stone in the slots . Dont attempt to put in other stuff :p If for any reason you want to stop the forge mid way. click cancel instead of ok. Your ingredients will not be used however you will still lose the hammer you used to start the reaction.

4] Points and Ranked Smith

As the screenie above shows I recieved 10 points on the forging , you can recieve them too by forging only level 3 VVS or VVVS Weapons. You accumalate those points by forging a lot and eventually you get to be ranked when you have enough points. The top 10 blacksmiths can be found by typing "/blacksmith" in game and entering. To be a ranked smith you must accumalate more points then the person last in this list. Regardless of the rank number your weapons will now gain a fixed damage bonus. So it doesnt matter whether you are 1 or 10. the bonus damage will be the same. The bonus is "10" more seeking damage to all your weapons in exstence. Even the ones you forged before you were ranked. So in some sense your weapons gain 2 more Verys prefixes lol. Your VVS Wind Fist will be like a VVVVS Wind fist in layman terms. however do not your weapons will lose this bonus if you are kicked out of the rankings. Also dont be fooled by hotshot high rankers who claim their weapons do more damage as compared to lower ranked smiths - they are fooling you.

Apart from forging , points can also be earned by doing this:

1] Make any level 1 Weapon forged by a +10 weapon using Weapon Refine to gain 1 Forging Point
2] Make any level 2 Weapon forged by a +10 weapon using Weapon Refine to gain 25 Forging Points
3] Make any level 3 Weapon forged by a +10 weapon using Weapon Refine to gain 1000 Forging Points

Do note in case of level 3 weapons , it is not easy and it will cost you 20 - 60M zeny to make a weapon +10. Its better to forge 100 weapons and sell them instead, not only will they earn yoy more then a single +10 weapon, they will getyou 1000 points in total.

5] FAQ ( Will be updated)

Q] My good friend ingame tells me he is high ranked and his weapons will do more damage then a weapon made by the guy at 6 th rank, is he correct?
A] No, all ranked weapons do same damage

Q] Will I lose my anvil after Forging?
A] No, you wont lose it . You only lose ingredients and the hammer.

Q] Can a smith put fire on my existing Claymore ?
A] No, Smiths make things from scratch , However a sage can do this for you and the Fire buff will last for 30 minutes.

Q] At what level can I start forging?
A] 70 and above , Job 35 and above. (As a regular smith)

Q] Help, No one buys my VVS Elem stuff?
A ] Make it cheaper

Q] Help, I sell cheap stuff , stil people dont buy em?
A] The demand for that weapn must be low, Hold on to it for some time.

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