Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ragnarok Job Guides: Introduction

I have been playing ragnarok for more than 5 years. Of course, I have been first introduced to Ragnarok Online itself where you "Pay to Play". Well, after 2 years of playing ragnarok online, I quit because someone hacked my account. However, I quickly found out that ragnarok truly is addicting. So I started out playing in private servers.

What are the benefits of a private server?
  • It's free
  • It's usually more updated then the regular Gravity online Servers(except for iro and kro)
  • They DO NOT allow bots or have great anti-bot systems
  • You level up quickly so you save a lot of time
  • You can test skills and items
  • And lastly THERE ARE COUNTLESS SERVERS TO CHOOSE FROM! So, you could actually find one that suits your needs or wants or whatever.
Given these benefits, I have played in about 15 private servers so far. I will soon be discussing some of the servers I recommend because I believe they are well worth playing. Now, I will be sharing with you guild which helped me grow as a player in all characters. Don't worry, I will be posting a lot on war of emperium and pvp strategies, character builds, and Tips and Tricks. I hope you will keep in touch as I give you quality guides I made myself and those which I got from friends. Keep in Touch!

For more guides and Tips and Tricks I hope you continue to visit Ragnarok Job Guides!

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