Monday, October 12, 2009

How to record your game

I. the Program

If you want to record something, you have many programs to do that. I advise you to use Fraps

II. How to use

Install it where you want and open it. you have to see that:

Open it. you see this:

Go to movie tab:

Now, you have to select one key who will start and stop the recording.
the fps is the future quality of the video, but warning, if you chose an high FPS, your video, even short, will be very very heavy.

After, you choose where you want to save your movie.

PS: when you recording YOU HAVE TO PLAY IN FULL SCREEN MODE otherwise you cant record anything.

Means to know if you'r recording or not:

if you click in F12, you can see that:

if you click again, he can change his place,
if you click again, he can go.

when the number is yellow, this means you are not recording at this time.

when the number his red, this means you are recording at this moment.

The number correspond at you capacity when you are recording. when you're recording, the lesser the number means the more lag your game will become. So, if your number is close to zero, better not record anymore because it will only cause you to lag so much.

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