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An Introduction to WOE Second Edition (WOE 2.0) by famiong

1. This guide is written based on WOE 2.0 on my current server (tRO). Currently we have only one WOE 2.0 castle available which is Himinn Castle in the Schwaltzvalt Realm or Nidhoggur Realm( Bottom Right Castle, or Schwaltzvalt Castle No 1). It can be accessible from Yuno town, one map West of Yuno town.
2. It’s very likely there will be some differences between tRO and your server due to customization on either side. I highly advice you to check with your server’s GM for confirmation.
3. At the point of writing, Gravity continues to tweak WOE 2.0. The latest changes made on iRO is weakening of the Guardians. Not all aspects of WOE 2.0 are the same on all the official servers. There are small differences among them.

What are the major differences between WOE 2.0 and WOE 1.0?
1. Castles are much larger in size.
2. Castles only have one portal which is at the castle entrance. So, there will be no pre-cast at Emperium Room or Portal Casting.
3. WOE 2.0 Guardians are much stronger. Their strengths are similar to those found at Thor Volcano.
4. WOE 2.0 castle comes with more defensive structures.
5. The Guild Leader don’t need to pay zenies to hire Guardians. The Guardians will be spawn by the Guardian Stones. However, the Guild still needs to invest in the Guardian Research Skill.
6. At the beginning of WOE 2.0, there will be no defensive structures. The Guild Leader/a Guild Member will have to construct the defenses. (So, during non WOE hours, you will not see Guardians walking around in the WOE 2.0 castle)
7. Normal WOE protocol applies - no knock back, reduce in damage, reduce in flee, cannot cast Ice Wall, etc… in addition to these normal WOE protocols, TK class cannot perform High Jump.
8. Introducing Link Flags to move quickly inside the castle for the members of the Castle Owner.
9. The old strategy of taking the emperium hostage and breaking it the last minute can no longer be applied.
10. It takes more than 2 minutes to get to the Emperium if all the castle defenses are up. Sending in a sole Assassin Cross for a last minute break will not work.

Fortress Gate
1. Looks identical to a series of Barricade, but its invulnerable to any form of attacks. It’s the first line of defence blocking any intruders from reaching the Emperium directly.
2. The only way to lift the Fortress Gate is to destroy both of the Guardian Stones.
3. You can raise back the Fortress Gate by repairing both the Guardian Stones.

Guardian Stones1. Each castle have two Guardian Stones.
2. Unlike the emperium, you can use any skills on the Guardian Stones. Examples: Heal, Kyrie Elisen, Eske, Storm Gust, Soul Breaker, Asura
3. When one of them is destroyed, an announcement will be made. And the Guardians which were spawn by that stone which is now destroyed will also vanished.
4. When both of the Guardian Stones are destroyed, another announcement informing the players that the Fortress Gate has been lifted will be made.
5. The Guardian Stones can be repaired, but only after 5 minutes after it was destroyed.
6. Any guild member can create/repair the Guardian Stone. Make sure these items are in your inventory when talking to the NPC.
7. When repairing/creating a Guardian Stone, each piece needs to be assembled in the proper order as prompted by the NPC.
8. The guild member must place the corresponding gemstones based on the visual display by the NPC. A red, blue, or green aura will need to be matched up with the corresponding color gemstones (use the yellow gemstone for the green aura). The guild member will have to match up several times.
9. When all the pieces are correctly assembled, the Guardian Stone will re-appear and the initial Guardians will spawn immediately (number of Guardians spawn will depend on the Castle Defense Level). If a step was performed incorrectly, you may loose some materials and have to start over again.
10. To continue the Guardian spawning process, the Guild Leader would have to talk to the NPC Guardian in the Emp Room (NPC Ef). The Guild Leader only have to instruct this NPC once to continue spawning of Guardians. This NPC is also able to debrief the Guild Leader on the status of the castle defenses.

Guardians1. There’s only one type. They are known as Sword Guardian.
2. As you can see they are about 5 times stronger than the Knight Guardians you used to see in WOE 1.0 (more attack power and more HP)
3. Like all guardians its a monster. So, you can buff it, Their only attack is close ranged neutral melee attack. On my server, aGhostring card and a Deviling card will substantially reduce their attack power.
4. They are by default Boss Protocol. Immune to status. Able to detect any hidden players.
5. Mi Gao card and Elder card do not work on these WOE 2.0 Guardians. However, Thara Frog cardHydra cardAbysmal Knight card and Alice card will work against them.
6. At present, the Build up the Guardian Skill do not apply to these Guardians. Even though we know them as Guardians, its coded as Boss Protocol monsters.
7. The initial number of Guardians spawned at the beginning of WOE will depend on the Castle Defense Level.
  • 0 - 30 Castle Defense Level: 2 Guardians per Guardian Stone

  • 31 - 50 Castle Defense Level: 3 Guardians per Guardian Stone

  • 51 - 70 Castle Defense Level: 4 Guardians per Guardian Stone

  • 71 - 100 Castle Defense Level: 5 Guardians per Guardian Stone

  • 8. One new Guardian per Guardian Stone will be spawned after an interval of 5, 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes respectively. After 60 minutes of successfully defending the castle, the defending guild will have anywhere between 14 to 20 Guardians.
    9. In a situation when there is more than 2 Guardians per Guardian Stone, once a Guardian dies, it will have to wait for the next spawn time before it can be re-spawned. However, when there is only 2 Guardians per Guardian Stone and they got taken out, they will respawn immediately. (i.e. at any one time, there should be a minimum of 2 Guardians per Guardian Stone)

    Barricade 1. There’s a total of three barricades blocking the path of any intruders between the Fortress Gate and the Emperium.
    2. Made up of a series of Barricades preventing anyone from crossing it until its all destroyed. You can cast over the Barricades.
    3. Unlike the emperium, you can use any skills on the Barricades. Examples: Heal, Kyrie Elisen, Eske, Storm Gust, Soul Breaker, Asura
    4. They too can be repaired/created, but only by the Guild Leader of the guild controlling the castle. Make sure these items are in your inventory when talking to the NPC (Control Device).
    Trunk (30)
    Steel (10)
    Emveretarcon (10)
    Oridecon (5)
    5. Each component needs to be added several times to the barricade in a random order. You’ll have to pay attention to the specific text que’s in order to properly rebuild the barricade. Barricades must be repaired in order, starting with the one closest to the Emp Room (NPC: Control Device No 3)
    6. Once you use all the pieces correctly, the barricade will re-appear. In most cases if you use the incorrect items the rebuilding process will end then and you will have to restart.

    Link Flags1. There are three types of flags as far as I am concern.
    - The two flags outside the Castle, which will teleports you directly to the Emp Room.
    - At the back of the Emp Room, there’s a row of ten flags. Each of this flag will teleport the user to a location somewhere inside the castle. I will call these “Link Flags”
    - Any other flags foundinside the castle (besides those ten behind the Emp Room), will teleport you only to the EmpRoom. Some have your Guild emblem on them, others don’t. They both work the same.
    2. Only Guild Members of the Castle Owner can use any of these flag.
    3. Where does the Link Flags lead you to?
    LF-01: First and Second Guardian Stones.
    LF-02: Zones 1-1 and 1-2 (between the entrance and the Guardian Stones)
    LF-03: Zones 1-3 and 1-4 (between the entrance and the Fortress Gate)
    LF-04: Zones 2-1 and 2-2 (in front of the First Barricade)
    LF-05: Zones 2-3 and 2-4 (between the First Barricade andthe Second)
    LF-06: Zones 3-1 and 3-2 (between the Second and Third Barricades)
    LF-07: Zones 1-1, 2-1, and 3-1
    LF-08: Zones 1-2, 2-2, and 3-2
    LF-09: Zones 1-4 and 2-4
    LF-10: Convenience Center (Kafra employee and NPC Steward for Treasure Room)

    4. Convenience Center - It even comes with a nice green garden for you to relax during a fierce battle. There are no flags inside the Convenience Center, so the only way out is the portal which led you in the first place. And where does this portal lead to? Nope… not the emp room,… it will be as if you were entering the castle from the outside. So, yeah… it will be like walking thru the only portal in the castle - at the entrance. (better tell your hunters to remove traps… )

    Castle Announcement
    The 1st Guardian Stone has been repaired successfully
    The 2nd Guardian Stone has been repaired successfully
    Both Guardian Stones have been erected, bolstering this stronghold’s defenses
    When a Guardian Stone is constructed, an initial number of Guardians will spawn immediately depending on the Castle Defense Level. When both Guardian Stones are erected, the Fortress Gate will also be erected (Invulnerable to any form of attack)
    The 1st Guardian has been summoned from the Gate House
    The 2nd Guardian has been summoned from the Gate House
    The 3rd Guardian has been summoned from the Gate House
    The 4th Guardian has been summoned from the Gate House
    The 5th Guardian has been summoned from the Gate House
    An additional Guardian will be summoned by each Guardian Stone in five intervals - after 5 minutes (1st Guardian), 15 minutes (2nd Guardian), 30 minutes (3rd Guardian), 45 minutes (4th Guardian) and finally after 60 minutes (5th Guardian). The Guild Leader will have to speak to the NPC in the Emp Room to begin the spawning of Guardians.
    The 1st Barricade has been reconstructed
    The 2nd Barricade has been reconstructed
    The 3rd Barricade has been reconstructed
    Barricades has been erected. Some announcements may refer to them as 1st Fortress Gate, 2nd Fortress Gate and 3rd Fortress Gate.
    The 1st Guardian Stone has been destroyed!
    The 2nd Guardian Stone has been destroyed!
    All of the Guardian Stones have been destroyed!
    When a Guardian Stone is destroyed, all Guardians summoned by that Guardian Stone will also be lost. When both Guardian Stones are destroyed, the Fortress Gate will also be lifted giving access to any intruders to the 1st Barricade.
    The 1st Barricade is destroyed
    The 2nd Barricade is destroyed
    The 3rd Barricade is destroyed
    When the 3rd Barricade is destroyed, the intruders will be able to reach the Emperium.
    The Emperium has been shattered
    The castle has been captured by a new owner.
    Rebuild this stonghold’s Guardian Stones and Fortress Gates to secure your guild’s new aquisition
    With each new owner, the castle defenses will have to be reconstructed.

    Guild DungeonsWhat is a castle without a dungeon? Two new dungeons are introduced - Arunafeltz Guild Dungeon (Rachel) and Schwaltzvalt Guild Dungeon (Yuno) which are only accessible to members of the Guild who are controlling the castles in these realms. All other Guild Dungeon setup applies.
    Schwaltzvalt Guild DungeonCobalt Mineral
    Heavy Metaling
    Hell Apocalypse
    Kublin (MVP)
    Unfortunately, I was not able to access the Schwaltzvalt Guild Dungeon due to a current bug with the NPC on my server. So, I thought, maybe I could leave you with some information about Arunafeltz Guild Dungeon instead. The Arunafeltz Realm or Valfreyja Realm is located two maps south of Rachel town.
    Arunafeltz Guild Dungeon
    Beholder Master
    Banshee Master is a Shadow property monster. Shadow 206? I think it should be a negative 200 (just ignore). Banshee Master is weak against Holy.
    Kublin (MVP)

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