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FAQ of Ragnarok and Common Terms

FAQ of Ragnarok
This interview was a test of my patience and I decided to write a guide based on all the little things new players don’t know about woe and RO in general (yes, this was an actual interview with an actual player).
Interview with a Newbie
New Player: how to join guild?
New Player: :S
Sonja: Apply
New Player: wait second pls
Sonja:  Most serious woe guilds have a guild website and an application process
Sonja: Apply in the guild forum’s Application section
New Player: wht is /bm for?
New Player: understand
New Player: understand
New Player: dont*
Sonja:  /bm makes your letter keys into hotkeys
Sonja:  so F1 bar becomes z x c v b n m
Sonja: the bottom row of letters
New Player: ´hmm
New Player: hmm
Sonja: to talk while in /bm use space bar or enter to open the chat
New Player: hoo
New Player: ok
New Player: ^^
Sonja: and then press enter when done
Sonja:  to end/start battlemode press /bm
New Player: why cant you be frozen or stone cursed?
Sonja: hmm?
New Player: frozen or stone cursed?
New Player: cant
New Player: why
Sonja: Marc card stops frozen
Sonja: ED card stops SC
Sonja: ED = Evil druid
New Player: hmm
Sonja: you leave people who SC/Freeze because it takes longer to unfreeze/SC than it takes to die and come back again
Sonja: plus people that do Freeze/SC are probably wearing GR (ghostring)
Sonja: and won’t be killed except by asura when frozen/SC
Sonja: Frozen turns armor property to water
Sonja: Stone curse turns armor into earth
Sonja: negating the ghost property
New Player: lol beret for wht?
New Player: thats good?
New Player: i though wasnt
Sonja: beret is for overall reduction of damage from demi human source
Sonja: 10%
Sonja: (Angelic tiara and Baahls are better - 15%)
Sonja: depends on class though
Sonja: only HW, Champ, and Creos can sacrifice survival enough for stat helm
Sonja: read the Paradox War of Emperium guide
Sonja: since you’re intent is to pump int as HW (no not dex) int
New Player: and dex
New Player: ho
New Player: ok
New Player: evil tiara wht do ? dont remember—
Sonja: it’s for melee people
Sonja: ET doesn’t apply to magic
Sonja: look up the donates on feelro.nu
Sonja: …
New Player: i saw
New Player: to champ wht i need?
New Player: morpheus equip
Sonja: it’s all in the Paradox Woe Guide
Sonja: no.
Sonja: not morph
New Player: no?
Sonja: not in woe
New Player: hmm
New Player: ok
Sonja: maybe a couple pieces
New Player: xD
Sonja: read the dang guide
New Player: ty for help ^^
Sonja: there’s a whole champ section
Sonja: yw
New Player: thx a lot
Sonja: *peace sign*

Other FAQ of Ragnarok not covered in the Interview:
Q: How do I make a guild?
A: You need an Emperium and then you type in /guild “Guild Name”

Q: How do I use a custom emblem for my guild?
A: This can be tricky if you don’t know what to do. First, the Emblem must be a 24 x 24 pixel image in the .bmp (bitmap) format. In the RO folder, make a folder named Emblem. Put the Emblem you want to use into the Emblem folder. In game open your guild information screen, click the edit button, and select the emblem you want to use. For help on how to create a cool looking emblem read this post at the RO Empire Forums.

Q: How do I delete a guild?
A: First, only the current guild master can break a guild. Expel everyone from guild and then type in /breakguild “Guild Name”

Q: How do I leave a guild?
A: Open the guild screen with Alt G. Find your name in the List of members, right click your name, choose the option to leave guild. It will ask you for a reason, it’s common courtesy to tell them why you are leaving.

Q: Where do I level (class here) at (number) level?
A: Read my leveling guide, I get tired of repeating myself.

Q: How do I get to (such and such) dungeon?
A: Read my Map Access Guide.

Q: What does ks mean?
A: KS is kill stealing. This is more than just rude, it’s illegal on many servers. Some servers have the command @noks

Q: What is a bot? Is botting allowed?
A: Lazy players set up programs to run their character to hunt or do other tasks. Botting is illegal on most servers.

Q: Heal, Zeni, Items please?
A: No, get it yourself everyone else has to do it. Here’s a link to my Money Making Guide.

Q: I shared my equips with this random person and now I can’t find him, what do I do?
A: Don’t fall for scams. Don’t share stuff with people. If you do share with others you can try to screenshot the deal and chat, but it’s all up to the GMs of your server. Report the person, and if you don’t have a screenshot then you’re screwed.

Q: How do I auto-follow?
A: The character you wish to auto-follow with must have /nc turned off. If you turn it off you will have to start auto-followtwice. Hold shift and right click the person you wish to auto-follow, a small triangle will appear over their head and you will follow them. Remember if it doesn’t work: turn off /nc and click twice to autofollow.

Q: How do I stop lagging so much?
A: There are a few ways to reduce lag. Use the command /effect to turn on and off your effects. Use the command /aura to simplify auras. If these don’t work you can go into the RO Folder > Setup.exe. The Setup has options for sprite detail and texture. Turning these down will help reduce lag, but make the characters blotchy and ugly.

Q: The ground went white, can I fix it without relogging?
A: Yes, use the command /lightmap to fix it.

Q: What do these mean: B>, S>, T>, A>, N>, R>, AFK
A: Buy, Sell, Trade, Auction, Need, Recruiting, Away From Keyboard

Q: How do I create (such and such item)?
A: There is a specific skill you need based on class and specific items to use as ingredients. Follow the instructions in theRMS Creation Database.

Most Common Terms:
NPC: Non Player Characters, they open a pop up dialog box when you click on them with pre-set responses or set items they sell. You can also sell items to an NPC to make money. There are useless filler NPCs with no purpose, Quest NPCs which will open a dungeon or give you a needed item, Vending NPCs which buy and sell goods, informative NPCs, and basic game mechanic NPCs. The basic game mechanic NPCs are Healer, Town Warper, Dungeon Warper, Stylist, Class Change, Resetter, Platinum Skill NPC, etc.
Town Map: Maps that have Kafra and many other NPCs and no aggressive monsters. (Do I really have to define a town?)
Field Map: The World Map shows Field Maps only. To access a Dungeon, you must first travel through the correct field map in most cases (there are some short-cuts but it costs zeni).
Dungeon Map: This does not appear on the World Map. The entrances are accessed via Field Maps. Though usually “underground,” this is not always the case.
Drops: Items that the monsters “drop”. If your server does not have @autoloot 100 automatically set, the monster will drop your items on the ground. If you want to change the percentage of dropped items you keep to 50%, type the command @autoloot 50. I suggest keeping all your drops and then sell everything, except for: Equipment, Healing Items, and Cards.
Equipment: An item that can be worn by your character, found in the second tab of your inventory Alt E. Alt Q will bring up your “gear” or “equip” screen. Gear can be obtained by killing the right monster or buying from another Player or NPC.
Healing Items: An item in the first tab of inventory that can be consumed to heal hit points or spell points. Certain special “consumables” can increase a stat or give a skill your class might not have. For example, Authoritative Badges provide the Priest buff Increase Agility.
Card: An item in the third tab of inventory. It can be put on to a specific kind of equipment to enhance your skills, stats, or provide an additional bonus.
Epic Fail, Phail, FTL: For the Loss. Basically, “You suck” in internet lingo.
FTW: For the Win! Basically, “You rule” in internet lingo.
Powned, pwn3d, pwnd, pwnt: I believe this was derived from power and owned, it means, “You just got your butt kicked.”
Noob: A new player that many experienced gamers look down on. They will often make many mistakes at crucial moments and fail to listen to organized commands.
Pro: Power gamers who play their game with almost religious faith and on a daily basis. They will usually - but not always - have little to no real life social skills.
IRL, irl: In Real Life
Emp: The Emperium of the Castle must be defended or the castle will be taken by an enemy guild. It has only one real location in game despite that it takes up four spaces. Only cast safety wall on the top right space of the Emp. Sanctuary and Slim Potion Pitcher will heal the Emp.
Emp Room: The inner most room of the castle which contains the Emp. Usually the bulk of the defense is set up in this room.
Spawn Point: The spot next to a portal on the map where your character appears. You can abuse the spawn point if you know how.
Precast: The ledge or area furthest from the Spawn Point from which High Wizards and Creators can “cast” on enemies. The idea is to kill them as soon as they enter the room, on the spawn point.
AoE: Area of Effect, a skill that hits more than one square or target.
WoE: War of Emperium. A battle to hold a castle against enemies to obtain the treasures in the treasure room.
Alphabetized Terms and Abbreviations
1337: Leet, meaning pro, awesome, or amazing
AD: Acid Demonstration
Aggro: Aggressive Monsters attack without provocation
Alde: Aldebaran Town
Alt + F4: Closes the program
Alt Tab: Used to switch windows
Alt: Alternate Character that is not your main class
Amp: Amplify Magic Power, Wizard Skill
Assu: Assumptio, Priest Skill
Ayo: Ayothaya Town
BB: Bowling Bash, Knight Skill
BBL: Be Back Later
BF: Best Friend OR Boyfriend
BGM: Background Music
BL: Base Level
Bot: A Character that is controlled by a botting program, illegal.
BS: Blacksmith
Buff: Cast on a character to improve their abilities
Bwing: Butterfly Wing
Char: Short for character
Cya: see you later
DC: Disconnect
EDP: Enchant Deadly Poison, Assassin Cross Skill, uses up a Poison Bottle
Ein: Einbroch Town
Elu: Elunium, item used to upgrade armor
Endow: gives the target weapon an elemental property
Farming: repetitive action in the game which yeilds needed items or ingredients
FS: Full Support
FUBAR: Fouled Up Beyond Recognition
Fwing: Fly Wing
FYI: For Your Information
GD: Guild Dungeon
GH: Glast Heim Dungeon
GL: Good Luck
GM: Game Moderator (enforces rules and runs events) or Guild Master (creator of the guild and leader)
GT: Grimtooth
GTB: Golden Thief Bug
GTFO: Get The F*** Out
GTG: Got To Go
GvG: Guild versus guild
HJ: Hell’s Judgement
HP: High Priest, Hit Points
HW: High Wizard
IDC: I Don’t Care
IDK: I Don’t Know
IMO: In My Opinion
JL: Job Level
JT: Jupitel Thunder
L/I: Leave Information
L/N: Leave Name
L/O: Leave Offer
L2P: Learn To Play
Lex: Lex Aterna, Priest Skill
LK:  Lord Knight
LMAO: Laugh My Arse Off
LMFAO: Laugh My F***ing Arse Off
LOD: Lord of Death
LOL: Laugh Out Loud
Looting: Stealing another persons items that dropped on the ground
Lou, LY: Louyang Town
LOV: Lord Of Vermillion
Lvl: Level
Mag: Magnificat, Priest Skill
MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
Mob Training: Dragging aggressive monsters to another player to kill them, illegal
Mob: A group of Monsters
Mobbing: Collecting a large group of monsters and then killing them all at once
MVP: Most Valuable Player
Nerf: Something that makes a character weaker, a deliberate change to the server.
OBB: Old Blue Box
OC: Overcharge
OCA: Old Card Album
OMFG: Oh My F***ing God
OMG, ZOMG: Oh My God
OPB: Old Purple Box
Ori: Oridecon, used to upgrade level 3 and 4 weapons
Plox, Pls, Plx, Plz: Please
PvM: Player versus Monster
PvP: Player versus Player
Quag: Quagmire, Wizard Skill
RO: Ragnarok Online
ROFL: Roll On the Floor Laughing
Sac: Sacrifice, Paladin Skill
Sanc: Sunctuary, Priest Skill
SB: Sonic Blow, Assassin Skill
SBK: Soul Breaker, Assassin Cross Skill
SG: Storm Gust, Wizard Skill or Stargladiator
Sin: Assassin Class
SinX: Assassin Cross Class
SL: Soul Linker Class
Slim: A special potion that is made by a creator, lighter than regular potions
Slotted: An item that has a space for a Card
SP: Magic Points, Mana, consumed when you use a skill, regained over time
Spam: There are three ways to spam. One is to use an item repeatedly. Second is to repeat the same or similar thing over and over in chat.  Last is garbage mail or advertisments via mail.
STFU: Shut The F*** Up
SW: Safety Wall, Priest, Prof, Wizard skill
Tank: Player that takes the damage for a party or another player
Thx: Thanks
TK: Taekwon class
Trans: A char that has leveled up to 99/50 and Transcended to Novice class to play a 2-1 or 2-2 class
TU: Turn Undead, Priest Skill
TYT: Take Your Time
Valk: Mini Boss called Valkyrie, or High Level MVP called Valkyrie Randgris
W8: Wait
Wb: Welcome Back
Wiz: Wizard Class
Woot: Shout of excitement of happiness
WS: Whitesmith Class
WTF: What the F***
XP: Experience


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