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THE BUILD: “Seraphim” – Arch Bishop Build

This Guide was taken from  http://www.deesrojournal.com/

Ragnarok Online Arch Bishop Build
Please take note that this build has not been tested or made. This guide is just based on the perception of what a character can and can’t do which may or may not work in-game. You have been warned.


Arch Bishops in renewal got many new skills that help support bigger parties. AoE buffs, cast time reductions and a whole lot stronger heals. It invaluable to have a good Arch Bishop in your guild. If your reading this guide it might be you that your guild is looking for.
Build: WoE, PvP & PvM
Codename: Seraphim

archbishop build THE BUILD: Seraphim   Arch Bishop Build
thanks to Yhiel Cuaresma for the SS

The Breakdown:

Full Support Arch Bishops should get all AoE buffs which are: ClementiaCantocandidus and Praefatio. These skills will cast buffs on your party members that are in range instead of buffing them one at a time.
Secrament is the main reason Arch Bishops are so popular. What it does is it reduces fixed cast times by 50%, which is pretty sick if you ask me. In Renewal cast time is now split into two parts: fixed cast time and variable cast time. Variable cast time can be reduced by stats (DEX & INT) while fixed cast time can only be reduced by Secrament.
You will want to get Lauda Agnus and Lauda Ramus once the balance patch hits. This two skills will dispel negative status ailments especially the infamous Howling of Madragora.
You may also want to get Clearance to dispel many positive or negative buffs on foes or allies(post balance). Very useful to take off Rune Knight’s Rune buffs.
During guild clashes you will have to spam Sanctuary and Pnuema to keep your team alive as you stay in the back. Cast Oratio if you feel that some hidden units got through. Oratio is pretty much a Maya Purple with a duration.
Playing an Arch Bishop is pretty fun especially if you like supporting.

The Build:

Pre-Balance Patch
  • VIT 110
  • INT Max
  • DEX 110 + 10(bless)
  • LUK the rest goes here
High points of VIT is needed to maintain high survivability. INT is maxed to get 3-14k Heals along with lots of SP. DEX points are at a decent number to cast fast.
Post-Balance Patch
  • VIT 110
  • INT Max
  • DEX 110 + 10(bless)
  • LUK the rest goes here
Same build. The post balance patch doesn’t affect Arch Bishop stats.

The Equipment:

  • 2x Glorious Ring (Increase 5% Heal effectiveness for Heal and Sanctuary each)
Item Buffs you can use:
Food buffs (+30 VIT,INT & DEX), Increase HP PotionIncrease SP Potion, Soul Scroll(increase max HP & SP for 30 mins), Cranial Scroll and Immune Scroll.
By stacking Heal effectiveness equips you are able to keep your guild alive in guild clashes with Sanctuary.
Be sure to bring Potions to heal yourself since no matter how strong your heal is you won’t be able to out heal certain burst damage skills.

Dee’s Comments:

The Full Support Arch Bishop build is a very honorable role to play since you step back from PKing to keep your guild alive. The Ratio for Arch Bishops in the guild is usually 1:7-10 depending on what server you play. Any guild is as good as their support role players!

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