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THE BUILD: “SkullCracker” – Royal Guard Build

This Guide was taken from  http://www.deesrojournal.com/
Ragnarok Online WoE Royal Guard Build
Please take note that this build has not been tested or made. This guide is just based on the perception of what a character can and can’t do which may or may not work in-game. You have been warned.


The Royal Guard is one of the most improved jobs in Renewal. From taking a step back in support in pre-renewal the Royal Guards can now break out of their supportive roles and be offensive beasts when needed. This Build focuses on balancing the Offense and Support skills of the Royal Guard.
Build: WoE,PvP & PvM
Codename: SkullCracker
royal guard build ragnarok guide THE BUILD: SkullCracker   Royal Guard Build
thanks to Ronald Sta Ana for the screenshot

The Breakdown:

On Offense, the skills you’ll be using are Pinpoint AttackBanishing Point and Overbrand. Basically what you want to do in a one on one situation is use Pinpoint Attack to jump right at your opponent, spam 2-3 Banishing Points and then use Overbrand. If your party dies (which might probably be your fault) and the enemies mobs you, dive into them and spam Overbrand to take some of them out.
Pinpoint Attack is obviously your initiating skill. It breaks their gear and has an awesome blink strike effect. I personally would use lvl 2 or 3 (helm and shield) since most people have indestructible armor these days. Get levels 2-4.
Banishing Point is basically your harass skill. Usually used to line up Overbrand where the target gets knocked back to a wall for additional damage or just to take down poorly geared characters. Max it.
Overbrand is you main skill. Be sure to combo it with the above skills to ensure high damage and beware that it has a LONG cooldown. Practice and Master how to always get 3 hits.
Inspiration is an AWESOME skill. It can be used now with the above skills to great effect, until the post balance which will require a certain EXP to cast. Then it’ll be useless for anything other than PvM. Get it now then reset later.
You should have Sacrifice. There is nothing more lousy than finding a Royal Guard without it. Preferably use Sacrifice on nukers like Warlocks, Sorcerers and Hells Gate Suras. Sorcerers are the best job to sacrifice because they have a low possibility of getting Guillotine Fisted due to Blinding Mist. Warlocks are second especially if they have Comet which is a very powerful wide range nuke. Hells Gate Suras fall to third in hierarchy because they utilize their low hp to increase Hells Gate damage, which if dispelled might get them killed.
One needed Paladin skill is Battle Chant. Just ONE level to get rid of Masquerades of Shadow Chasers that affected you. Beware thatOblivion Curse can still affect you if you have less than 125 INT. Use food to attain that or use Inspiration.
A good Royal Guard should focus on Support first and Offense second. Keeping your party ALIVE should be your number one priority.

The Build:

Pre-Balance Patch
  • STR 110
  • VIT 110
  • INT 90 + 10(bless)
  • DEX 100 + 10(bless)
  • LUK the rest goes here
High STR and decent DEX is there to increase Overbrand damage while AGI is skipped due to already spreading our stats thin between 4 stats.  VIT is you primary defensive stat, which should be enough to tank medium to high Extremity Fist damage. The use of Inspiration will further boost your stats and nullify skills like Oblivion Curse from Guillotine Crosses.
Post-Balance Patch
  • STR 110
  • AGI 70 + 30(foods)
  • VIT 115
  • DEX 100 + 10(bless)
  • LUK the rest goes here
You lose frost immunity so I believe its best to just drop the INT. Get at least 70 total AGI so you can use +30 AGI foods to get you up to Sleep Immunity and not to mention the small delay on skills on when on Magic Strings. VIT is increased a wee bit for more survivability.

The Equipment:

Item Buffs you can use:
Food buffs (+30 STR,AGI,VIT,INT & DEX), Increase HP Potion, Soul Scroll(increase max HP & SP for 30 mins)
By stacking Demi Human resists and Neutral resists you can survive most Extrimity Fists at full HP with Inspiration.
The Whikebine Tres Accessory is for those pesky control click characters that just like to hit lock you. This divests them of their armor which is probably the most crucial equipment for survival.

Dee’s Comments:

This build gives you a good balance of Offense and Support which is what the class is all about. When post balance patch comes(which nerfs almost all RG offensive skills), all those Pure Offensive Royal Guard bandwagon Players will have to accept this hybrid role or play another Job.

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