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THE BUILD: “Auramancer” – Maestro Build

This Guide was taken from  http://www.deesrojournal.com/

Ragnarok Online WoE Maestro Build
Please take note that this build has not been tested or made. This guide is just based on the perception of what a character can and can’t do which may or may not work in-game. You have been warned.


The Maestro, the life of a guild. Having a good Maestro on your team is very crucial to victory. The Maestro is the core of any attack and defense with his buffing auras and his player disrupting skills. Few have yet to play the bard class properly. Let me enlighten you!
Build: WoE,PvP,PvM Support
Codename: Auramancer
auramancer build THE BUILD: Auramancer   Maestro Build
Screen shot from Ruzz Czar

The Breakdown:

Main Skills or “Auras” I like to call them are Magic StringsSong of LutieImpressive Riff from the Bard skill tree and Windmill Rush andSiren’s Voice from the Maestro skill tree. Default Magic Strings whether it be offense or defense while using Song of Lutie in pre-Castle portal and pre-Emperium situations. Impressive Riff should be used when breaking the Emperium.
Use Siren’s Voice if you feel you’re in danger to get killed. If you die, then your guild chances for taking or keeping the castle drops drastically. Especially if you’re the only Maestro in the guild other than the Classical Pluck Team.
Other skills you should max are Music and Voice Lessons: to maximize performance skills, HarmonizeGloomy ShynessDeep Sleep Lullaby and Despair Song for debuffs and disables.
Harmonize can be used as a -30 stat debuff to wreck food reliant builds. Best used outside castles when they are regrouping. Instant Cast builds will hate you so much.
Gloomy Shyness can be used to buff RKs and RGs while also used as a debuff for ASPD classes. When a Guillotine Cross is on your Emperium use this on them to debuff their ASPD by 40%.
Deep Sleep Lullaby is an AoE disable which is useful to single out and to set up a take down on a certain target. Awesome skill to have to set up kills in open space battles.
Despair Song can be to trap down enemies similar to Ankle Snare which is very crucial when defending choke points. Be aware that it can also trap allies, so use it wisely.
Keep in the middle of your guild all the time. Keep Alive!

The Build:

Pre-Balance Patch
  • VIT 100
  • INT 120 + 30(foods) + 10(bless)
  • DEX 150 + 30(foods) + 10(bless)
  • LUK the rest goes here
High INT and DEX are used to get maximum Cast Delay and Cast Time reductions. Our build focuses on Magic Strings which is the centerpiece of this build. AGI is purposely left out to avoid being tempted to use Severe Rainstorm. Which should be left for the Wanderers since they have much more use for the AGI stat than us. Leave AGI for the Classical Pluck Maestro which needs the added defense.
Post-Balance Patch
  • VIT 100
  • INT 120 + 30(foods) + 10(bless)
  • DEX 150 + 30(foods) + 10(bless)
  • LUK the rest goes here
Same Build as above. Even if we lose the 100 INT frost immunity we still need the INT for Magic Strings. Getting slightly lower INT may be doable to get more LUK for Howling of Madragora resistance.

The Equipment:

  • TOP – Gemini RWC Hat (50% resistance to Sleep & Stone if VIT >= 80)
  • MID – Gemini Elven Ears (50% resistance to Sleep & Stone if VIT >= 80)
  • BOT – Hankie in Mouth (3% less damage from Demi Humans)
Item Buffs you can use:
Food buffs (+30 VIT,INT & DEX), Increase HP Potion, Soul Scroll(increase max HP & SP for 30 mins)
Dual Gemini Headgears will give us immunity to both Sleep and Stone which are very crucial to resist if you want to stay alive. Golem 3x Fabre Violin should be your default weapon when using your Performance Skills. Using Combat Knife to Flash performances is an awesome trick to stack buffs.
Berserk Guitar is used for Emperium Breaking which will give you automatic 193 ASPD. Get an Royal Guard to Sacrifice you so you don’t die.
The Errende Ebecee Upgrade Clip is for auto casting Pnuema. It is very useful in clashes where you can dodge Dragon Breaths when the skill procs. The Smokie Upgrade Clip is for Hiding when you’re in sticky situations.

Dee’s Comments:

This build is for the PURIST Maestros that want to play the role Maestros should play which is mainly supporting. If you want to PK then this build isn’t for you.

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