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THE BUILD: “Death Shadow” Shadow Chaser Build

This Guide was taken from  http://www.deesrojournal.com/
Ragnarok Online Shadow Chaser Build
Please take note that this build has not been tested or made. This guide is just based on the perception of what a character can and can’t do which may or may not work in-game. You have been warned.


Shadow Chaser is one of the most annoying classes in-game. That is a compliment. The Shadow Chasers are a class with game breaking debuffs that are called Masquerades and Paint Skills. If they get into Masquerade Range, a good Shadow Chaser can also strip you of all your gear making you very vulnerable. Chasers are a pretty hard job to play correctly, which is what this guide is for.
Build: WoE, PvP, PvM
Codename: Death Shadow
Shadow Chaser Ragnarok Build THE BUILD: Death Shadow Shadow Chaser Build
credit goes to Josef Martin. thanks for the SS

The Breakdown:

You obviously will max only 3 Masquerades: Masquerade GroomyMasquerade Ignorance and Masquerade Weakness.
Masquerade Gloomy will dismount any class that has a mount which is especially good against the Rune Knight’s Dragon. Rune Knights lose the ability to Dragon Breath when they lose their Dragon.
Masquerade Ignorance basically is a skill Silence that can’t be cured until the duration is over. Use Masquerade Ignorance when a class is distracted by other jobs to disrupt their skill use. Use in combination with Close Confine to seal the kill for your team.
Masquerade Weakness is your initiating skill after you flying kick to an enemy. This skill removes both Weapon and Shield for a duration. This is an awesome skill to take down tough Royal Guards that rely on their shield to use their skills.
You will have to get at least level 5 Reproduce to copy Flying Kick. This is your mobility skill. Use this to blink from enemy to enemy while casting Masquerades on them. You can also Flying Kick on your teammates by shift clicking.
The other paint skills you should get are ManholeChaos Panic and Dimensional Door as a perquisite to Feint Bomb.
You may or may not get Strip Accessory. It is very useful to take their Accessories off since most of them don’t even notice. Pretty good skill to get rid of those Accessory reliant skills.
Use Shadow Formation strategically since it can now be dispelled by RuwachSight and other revealing skills once the balance patch hits.
The Shadow Chaser’s role in WoE is to disable the opposing guild’s front line by taking off their dragons and shields making it easier for your team to take them out. Fire Traping can only do so much not to mention it leaves you pretty exposed which is why it is not advised. I suggest getting Storm Gust lvl 1 to freeze enemies than getting Fire Trap or any killing skill.
Your main role is to disable and cripple. Leave the killing to the PK jobs.

The Build:

Pre-Balance Patch
  • AGI 70
  • VIT 120
  • INT 100
  • DEX 110
  • LUK the rest goes here
High points of VIT is needed to maintain high survivability since you will most probably be in the front line of the fights. INT is there for frozen immunity while the AGI and DEX is for anti-masquerade and masquerade chance respectively.
Post-Balance Patch
  • AGI 70
  • VIT 120
  • DEX Max
  • LUK the rest goes here
Drop the INT since you won’t be using it because you still get frozen now even with 100 INT. DEX is maxed to get the best possible chance to Strip or Masquerade a character.

The Equipment:

Item Buffs you can use:
Food buffs (+30 AGI,VIT & DEX), Increase HP Potion, Soul Scroll(increase max HP & SP for 30 mins), Cranial Scroll, Immune Scroll, Battle Scroll.
These equips will keep you alive enough to masquerade the enemy. If you are going to get Extremity Fisted then use Shadow Formation as a bailout skill to kill them. When you’re in trouble to get killed Shadow Formation is the skill to go to.
The Marine Sphere Accessory is mainly for enemy Shadow Chasers. Use Magnum Break to get them out of stealth if you see their foot prints.

Dee’s Comments:

This Build focuses on the primary role of the Shadow Chaser which is to Strip and Masquerade to minimize threats which is what they are made for.

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