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THE BUILD: “War Machine” – Mado Mechanic Build

This Guide was taken from  http://www.deesrojournal.com/
Ragnarok Online WoE Mechanic Build
Please take note that this build has not been tested or made. This guide is just based on the perception of what a character can and can’t do which may or may not work in-game. You have been warned.


The Mado Mechanic is one of the most under played WoE Character despite its awesome potential. It is slowly gaining popularity due to specific skills that dominate the WoE scene. From masters of brute force to masters of steel, fire and ice ,this build will overshadow the smith tree. This Build focuses on controlling pushes and defending choke points.
Build: WoE & PvM
Codename: War Machine
screenValhalla758 THE BUILD: War Machine   Mado Mechanic Build
Dee's WoE screenshot

The Breakdown:

Your main skills will be Arm Cannon and Cold Slower. You will be using Arm Cannon to Push and fend off Pushes. For now it is ground targeted, so use it to your advantage. Cold Slower is your Crowd Control Ability. When you find yourself under Magic Strings I suggest you spam this like crazy over your enemies and watch them drop.
Your Defensive Skills will be Neutral BarrierStealth Field and the Front and Back Slides. Neutral Barrier can block any ranged skill except AoE Magic. Stealth Field is used to hide crucial units in WoE like Guard Stones or Emperiums from breakers. Use your slides to avoid getting mobbed and fall back when you have to.
The Balance Patch will fix bugs that greatly boost Hovering and Pilebunker. Hovering will let you avoid getting trapped by Vacuum Extreme and hit by Windmill along with many other skills. While Pilebunker will dispel many acolyte and swordsman job skills. Royal Guards will hate us indefinitely lol.
Use Elemental Shift lvl 1 (fire convert) during clashes to avoid getting Dragon Breath raped.
Suicidal Destruction is what makes a Mado Mechanic.  This will take out anything in a 9 x 9 radius that has an HP of anything from 120k (with a proper build) and below. Useful in situations when enemies are regrouping. Dive in with Neutral Barrier on and let one GO!
A good Mado Mechanic knows when to use Suicidal Destruction. It is very rarely used as a last resort skill because you should be using it when you are in advantage and in disadvantage.
An Advantageous situation is when you are winning a counter push with your guild and the enemy front line is weakened. Lead the front and get into the back line enemy units and use Suicidal Destruction to get rid of a big chunk of their army.
In a Disadvantageous situation is when you are defending a castle and you’re defending units are getting thin. To buy time for your allies, you flag back behind the enemy and use Suicidal Destruction on majority of their units. Their front line may get through but their survival rate is lessened because you just killed their reinforcements.
A good Mado Mechanic should know how to play every situation.

The Build:

Pre-Balance Patch
  • STR 105
  • VIT 120
  • INT 110
  • DEX 65
  • LUK the rest goes here
High points of VIT is needed to maintain high survivability. DEX is kept at a decent amount for spamming skills like Arm Cannon and Cold Slower while a great amount of INT is needed to take down characters like Rune Knights, Royal Guards and Suras.
Post-Balance Patch
  • STR 105
  • VIT 120
  • INT 70
  • DEX 105
  • LUK the rest goes here
You get more DEX now due to Suicidal Destruction is now influenced by cast time reductions with INT and DEX. You will also have to lowe INT because it doesn’t give frozen immunity anymore. A decent amount is needed anyway for Suicidal Destruction.

The Equipment:

Item Buffs you can use:
Food buffs (+30 STR,VIT,INT & DEX), Increase HP PotionIncrease SP Potion, Soul Scroll(increase max HP & SP for 30 mins), Cranial Scroll, Immune Scroll, Battle Scroll.
By stacking Demi Human resists and Neutral resists you can survive most Extrimity Fists at full HP even in big fights due to Neutral Barrier.
The Errende Ebecee Accessories is for auto procing Pnuema to defend against ranged attacks just incase you lose Nuetral Barrier. A very good skill to have when diving into enemy ranks for Self Destruction.

Dee’s Comments:

This build is my personal build for Mechanics that choose the pure MADO path. When the balance patch hits us we will be buffed even more which will be game changing for us.

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  1. A well written guide, but the downside is after bursting the MADO, a decent agi will be need for spamming HSCR.


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